Sunday, June 6, 2010

Anti-Israel Protest June 5, 2010

Okay, I am a little behind on things today. I was really burnt out physically and mentally by the time I got home yesterday. All I can say was that I knew about the level of hatred out there, but to see it and hear it in person puts it at a whole other visceral level. I was wandering back and forth on the north side walk looking for pictures capturing images of signs and posters from the protesters. I caught bits and pieces of the speeches from the speakers and I swear that if I heard any more I would have to invest in ant-acids. It was vile. The signs I have seen before. But seeing rank, upon rank of them was a new experience. Even the protest I saw last weekend wasn't as bad it seemed. Any way here are some of the signs I saw.

I see the bearer of the "Hands Of Gaza" sign hasn't fixed it from last weekend.
Once again a Hezbollah banner was brandished at the JDL counter protestors.
Here's a larger Hezbollah flag on a black background. Black is significant in Islam since black flags are war flags.

I had to get the picture of the male holding the picture of Ayatollah Khomeni. And these activists are supposedly for peace? They seem to be waving a lot of terrorist banners and enablers. Anyway, I will be working on another post later tomorrow as well.
Eyes open out there folks.


  1. Hi Phil,

    Why are the protesters lines up outside the ROM? Is that some sort of Sekret Zionist Headquarters?

    The black flag isnot merely a "war" flog, but the banner of jihad. The Hezbollah logo is especially charming. These are not "peace activists", they are war supporters, for the other side.

  2. I will add you to my blogroll of thought criminals

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone. And thank you for adding me on BCF. We all need to hang together.

  4. Excellent stuff, PP. keep up the good work!