Monday, June 21, 2010

G20: Monday Links and Plans

Well it looks like things are starting to move out there. Places are starting to lock down and move items that will be considered damageable in the down town core. There's a protest planned downtown at a park called Allan Gardens. Police were doing a sweep earlier this morning. The protest is planned for this afternoon. I will wander down after work to see what is going on. I hope to see some stuff going on.

Finally for today, a news article with a small list of the players probably involved in the protests coming up. Small names, big names, and rabble rousers. The funniest group has to be The Zeitgeist Movement. May have to do some research on them just for grins and giggles.

Keep your eyes open and heads up. Don't want to be boarded by accident.

UPDATE: Just learned from a good source that some molotov cocktails were found when a person of interest was followed back to a staging point. No link, at the moment just hearsay. I do consider my source to be reputable though.

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  1. Hey there PaladinPhil - y'all be careful out there now, heah?! Those damned anarchists will show up at nearly any event orgainized by someone else - and they are VIOLENT folks,too.
    Oh and uh, this is realwest!!