Wednesday, June 23, 2010

G20 Morning News compilation

Morning everyone. Just trolling the local news and stuff seeing what made it onto the wires. First off here we have the local print and video news from CTV following the protest yesterday. I don't know how to embed their video on my page, so you will have to go to their page. I think their report of the protest was a little over blown. Then that's just me.

Now in other news, "Police make G20 related security arrest":

A security-related search warrant has led to the arrest of a man in midtown Toronto.

Elderwood Avenue, near Bathurst and Eglinton, has been locked down as police investigate and search the suspect's residence. A 30-year-old man was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon. Police have now revealed that his arrest is related to G20 security.

A bomb disposal unit was on scene but police have not released any information on charges.

The investigation in the area will last until at least Wednesday morning and could span until Thursday.

Two command posts have been set up in the area.

Things are getting quiet downtown here. All the sane people are taking off and quite a few businesses are closing up in preperation for the weekend.
"G20 to turn Toronto in[sic]a ghost town":
There are no tumbleweeds rolling down Bay St. just yet but the signs are everywhere: downtown Toronto is set to become a ghost town once the G20 takes over.

The summit is just days away and while protesters and police are beginning to flood the downtown core, the well-heeled and pinstriped are starting to flee.

Big banks have already kicked in their contingency plans, emptying their Bay St. towers as employees work from home or satellite locations. At the Bank of Montreal, about 20 per cent of its approximately 6,000 downtown workers are already offsite, with as many as 75 per cent expected to stay away Thursday and Friday.

Erika Degroot, a 36-year-old financial adviser, noticed a surprising change while taking the GO Train to work Tuesday.

“I got a seat this morning,” she said. “That’s rare.”[snip]

And the activists in their own words:

Part 1

Part 2

More to come during the day perhaps. Stay tuned.

Update on the police story this morning:
T.O. man charged with possessing explosives in G20 probe News Staff

A 37-year-old man has been arrested and charged with possessing explosives after police raided a north Toronto home Tuesday as part of a G20-related investigation.

The suspect faces a total of six charges, including intimidating a justice system participant with threats and by watch and beset. He has also been charged with attempting mischief.

ISU spokesperson Const. Michelle Murphy told she could not explain the charges because they deal with evidence in the case.

"To protect the integrity of the investigation, further details will not be released," says a news release issued Wednesday morning. "This investigation is part of the Toronto Police Service's ongoing effort to ensure a safe and secure G20 Summit." [snip]

As well and unrelated:
No Subways Between St. George & Union Stations

Now this story from the Toronto Star, I don't know if it's serious or tongue in cheek:
G20 fashions for the militant and fabulous
Wear the wrong thing, get tear gassed

Another story about the use of sound cannons:
Lawyers in court to stop police from using sound cannons during G20

Civil rights groups will be in a Toronto court today, hoping a judge will stop police from using controversial sound cannons during protests.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the Canadian Labour Congress are seeking a court injunction.

Toronto police have purchased four sound cannons, which can emit piercing noises similar to a smoke detector.

The civil rights groups say the devices can permanently damage hearing.

Police say they will use them to broadcast pre-recorded messages to protesters.

The two groups say they hope the judge will issue a ruling this afternoon.

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