Tuesday, June 22, 2010

G20: Tuesday morning news links and information

Okay, I have been browsing the news sites online looking for information generally and specifically on what's going on and on what's happened over the day and night. I found some news about the protest yesterday and there were a few arrests and a minor occupation of a Esso gas station.
G20 protesters try to take over downtown property

Just a paragraph or two from that article reported by the Toronto Star:

About 100 protesters briefly occupied an Esso gas station and convenience store at Dundas and Jarvis Sts. Monday afternoon in the first major protest of the G20 summit.

Some came with bandanas covering their faces. Others carried signs that read “Fake lake or human rights.” Most had a legal aid phone number scribbled across their forearms in case of arrest.

The main organizers, members of a Guelph-based anti-poverty group called Sense of Security, had vowed to “take a piece of property” in Toronto’s downtown core in an attempt to bring attention to lack of housing for the poor.

But their plans were stymied when a squad of about 50 police officers, many on bikes, redirected their march at Sherbourne and Dundas Sts.

The Toronto Sun has different details on the same protest that aren't really mentioned in the Toronto Star. Go figure

Toronto gets its first taste of protest:

a few interesting paragraphs here...
As they approached Allan Gardens, Barton said police seized one-metre tall bamboo sticks he and friends brought for Mohawk warrior flags a native in the group wanted displayed.

He said they felt “intimidated” by officers.

Barton expects larger protests when the G20 meets downtown Saturday.

“If I’m going to be corralled, I’m going to try and break out by any means as long as it’s not violent against a human being,” he said.

He added that smashing corporate building windows and expensive artwork would be reasonable.

Leaving Allan Gardens, up to 75 young people briefly occupied a gas station-variety store and — after being ordered out by police — headed towards Yonge St. where they went north.

So that's the protest that I couldn't find yesterday. Real shame, but some of us have to work for a living at real jobs.

I saw this news link and wondered if it was about the "rumour" I heard yesterday morning. I read it and not related. Still, some protesters are stockpiling weapons already. Kudos to our police and security for finding it. I just hope that there aren't other stashes out there undiscovered.

Cops find protest weapons:
Toronto Police have uncovered caches of the potential weapons that violent demonstrators used in past protests, says Toronto Police Sgt. Tim Burrows.

Despite finding no links to suspects, he said “dilligent police work” during patrols throughout the downtown area where G20 leaders will meet this weekend uncovered staches of broken concrete blocks under bushes...

Something in the area, I personally think it's totally unrelated, "Shots fired from car near G20 fence":

By The Canadian Press

TORONTO - The hunt is on for a black luxury car after shots were fired early today in downtown Toronto _ near the G20 security fence.

Several off-duty RCMP officers heard the shots that were fired near King and John Streets.

Police tracked the car at high speeds before it disappeared into the west Toronto area.

No one was hit, but a number of shell casings were found at the scene.

Meanwhile, demonstrators protesting this week's summit of world leaders say they will be back in downtown Toronto today.

Hundreds of protesters shut down traffic in parts of the city Monday _ marching through the streets while officers on bicycles moved alongside, blocking side streets as they passed by. (AM640, The Canadian Press)

And on another note, A Canadian soldier was killed yesterday in Afghanistan. Our thoughts and prayers with him and his family.

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