Friday, June 25, 2010

G8/G20 Friday Afternoon News Links

Okay, this will be it for me for today. Tomorrow I will try to get a post in before I have to head to work downtown. It's a little quiet out there right now, but there is stuff going on. I can feel it in my bones.

First off I will lead with the G8 summit in Huntsville.

G8 demonstrators take to downtown:
HUNTSVILLE - As world leaders landed in cottage country Friday, their look-alike demonstrators took to downtown Huntsville in all shapes and sizes.

A day after donning giant heads of the G8 leaders while clad in pregnant suits, Oxfam demonstrators hit the Huntsville dock beneath the downtown bridge Friday dressed as giant-headed G8 tourists.

Actor and Oxfam ambassador Bill Nighy was on-hand, calling on the leaders to fork over $20 billion to fight poverty as part of a promise made five years ago.

It's "not complicated stuff," said Nighy, fresh off a trip from Kenya. "We can do this stuff."

World Vision demonstators took to the stilts with their G8 masks and stuffed "Pregnant with Promises" bellies.[snip]
I read the rest of the article. Pretty quiet and no major incidents. I didn't expect much up there.

U.S. regulatory reform deal gives Obama pre-G20 win:

[snip]The G20 club of rich and emerging economies banded together at the height of the financial crisis and committed trillions of dollars to fight a deep recession. Its united front is widely credited with averting an even deeper downturn.

But as economies slowly heal, disagreements are piling up over the next steps and G20 unity is fraying, unsettling investors who fear splintering could undermine the recovery.[snip]

Doesn't sound as good as the headline does it? Well it's a summit and we will see what happens by the end of the weekend.

Meanwhile back in Toronto....

Protesters vow to disrupt G20
TORONTO -- Anti-G20 protesters vow to disrupt this weekend's summit in a bid to communicate their message and get the attention of world leaders.

About a handful of organizers from different groups were at Princes' Gates, at the CNE, on Friday to talk about a "Justice for our Communities" rally at Allan Gardens later today.

"We will make it damn hard for them (G20) to do their business as usual," said Liisa Schofield, of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty. "It is not business as usual for us."

Schofield said buses carrying activists from Montreal and Ottawa will be joining the downtown protest.

She said a tent city with more than 40 tents will be erected at an undisclosed location and activists plan on staying there tonight.

"Our parks are public and we plan on staying in our tents," Schofield said.

Organizer Adonis El-Jamal said protesters may not follow a temporary law to keep five metres away from a G20 security fence.

"We can't tell activists what to do'" El-Jamal said. "Our protest will carry on as normal."

Syed Hussan, of Toronto Community Mobiliztion Network, called the law change "unfair and absurd."

"People are being criminalized before the law can be challenged," Syed said.

He refused to outline the route of the protest or the distance involved.

We will see what happens kiddies, we will see.

And here's the protesters plans of actions for today and the weekend. At least the ones that they are listing publicly. I am willing to bet that there is more going on in the shadows.

I think that should do if for now. I have things to do this afternoon, relaxing being one. Hopefully I will be home tomorrow evening with pictures of what happened downtown. I will be safe, and strive to keep safe no matter what happens.

I will be on watch

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