Tuesday, June 1, 2010

JDL Counter Protest May 30 2010

On Sunday May 30th Palestine House set up across from the Prince's Gates at the CNE to protest Bibi Netanyahu's speaking at the beginning of the Walk for Israel by the UJA. The Jewish Defense League decided to show their support and show that Palestinian House that they weren't the only voices on this issue. We showed up to counter their voice.

People started showing up early, around 0830 in the morning. The protest according to their web page was scheduled from 0900 to 1100. Me with camera in hand started to document the whole affair. My first stint as a citizen journalist. I hope I did well. Following are pictures of what I saw and there will be several posts along these lines.


Of special note. The following picture shows Ali Mallah. This was shortly after the assault on Blazing Cat Fur video taping their group and banners. A little after this we were told by the police nearby to take ourselves across the street to avoid "further chances of incident".

I have much more pictures for showing and I will be getting around to them when I can. Take care and always be on guard and watching.

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