Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lead up to the G20/G8

Well I have been busy with other things so I have been putting off posting here for awhile. Besides a lot of other bloggers, news writers, and other people have been doing this better then I can. Needless to say the city is a little on edge with what's going to be happening this coming week. Why's the city on edge? Well there's been protests planned all over the place and veiled threats. Police have been shipped in from all over the province and city to deal with what may and probably will happen. A lot of people I have heard from plan on being else where for the actual weekend of the protests. Am I nervous? A bit, actually more then a bit. I won't say why at the moment. Protection of a sort is all.

The veiled threats here actually started a month ago in Ottawa. In a shocking incident, a RBC ATM was firebombed and threats left that the same would be happening in Toronto. The good news is that the offending parties have been captured and charged. That doesn't mean the threat is over. Most anarchist groups aren't really organized and tend to copy cat a lot. Like one person caught and charged here in Toronto after marking several ATM areas with graffiti.

We may breath a small sigh of relief that these offenders have been captured and charged. These are just a few of the people out there looking to cause mischief. One blogger/reporter for the Toronto Sun, Alan Parker, has been covering a few things in the lead up to the summit here in Toronto. His one post, "Yes Virginia, there will be G20 riots." lays out some of the game plans that people are setting up. All in all the whole thing won't be pretty.

At least things are being set up, and plans have been made. The question to ask ourselves is, have we done enough? What will happen, and finally, what will the final results be? I plan on wandering around a bit during the week and looking for things to document. Stay tuned it's going to be a busy week.

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