Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Missed Protest

Well there was a protest scheduled at Allan Gardens yesterday afternoon. After a bit of digging and searching I finally found out that the time was set for 2 PM. Come on, don't these leftist dirt bags have real jobs? I found the schedule on the website that I posted last night and most of the stuff is during the afternoon through the week.

After I got off work I headed down to Allan Gardens hoping to catch at least the end of the protest. Nope, by 4:30 they were done, cleaned out, and gone. Oh well, one missed opportunity. The big ones are scheduled for the weekend and I will be at ground zero for those ones. I thought that they may have moved to other locations. Like where the security fencing is set up down town, Dundas Square, or Queen's Park.

Along the way the police presence was pretty visible. Standing here, standing there. Either in pairs or large groups. I noticed that they seemed to be placed in certain strategic locations. Sorry nutbars, you will have to work at figuring that out yourselves. I am sure that you already have. It's not like the police and security forces have gone out of there way to be secretive about it. An ounce of prevention comes to mind.

Well I did ask one officer if he knew if there were any protests going on and he just told me about the one at Allan Gardens. Damn, no luck it seems. So I made my way up to Queen's Park to the nearest subway entrance at the time. My luck turned a bit. At least for something of interest. At College and University, on the north east corner, there's a memorial to fallen firefighters.

The interesting thing was the security fence around it. You can tell it's a security fence. No construction, restoration, or gates into it. Just a straight fence.

Well my curiosity was piqued at this. I wondered if any other statues/memorials/sculptures were similarly blocked off. Queen's Park was just there so I wandered up. Nothing. No fencing around the War Memorial, statues, or sculptures. Curiouser, and curiouser. I continued wandering north towards Bloor to see what else I could see. Sure enough I found another memorial fenced off. This one? The Ontario Police memorial.

Unfenced Queen's Park statue...

Hmmmmm, fascinating. If I didn't know any better I would think that the people setting this stuff up thought that these two memorials would be special targets for the protesters. Pictures snapped I continued up to Bloor and Museum station. Method to my madness here, you see I have walked this area a few times and know what to look for. Except for the OPP and firefighters memorial, all other sculptures in the immediate area were unfenced. Well, it looks like things will be very interesting this week, especially on G-Day.

See? My eyes are open.

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  1. Excellent blogging. I'm glad your eyes are open.