Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Palestine House Protest: Who Else?

Well Palestine House was the main organizer for the protest. They weren't the only group on site though. I saw all sorts of flags and banners flying. I have gone through some of my pictures and blown them up a bit so people could see better on some of them.

Two flags that stood out were the Communist Party of Canada. I have to admit that I am very right wing and grew up in the Cold War era with the Soviet Union as the "Boogey Man". That may mean I am a bit biased but there it is. Anything that the Communists attach themselves too has too be against my world and culture.


As well there was the Neturei Karta. You have to see them to believe them. Most people that know about the protests know of them. Their signs say it all.


I also saw a native warrior flag. Those guys seem to pop up here and there. In my mind they have always been a little suspect.

And how can we forget Medea Benjamins foul group, Code Pink the Canadian chapter.


That's it, but one final item. One of the protesters had a yellow banner on top of their Palestinian flag. Upon closer examination I saw that it was a Hezbollah banner, a banned terrorist organization here in Canada.

Near the end of the protest the person had taken it off the flag pole and brandished it at the JDL counter-protesters across from them.



We are watching, and we are all paying attention.


  1. Great photos Phil!

    Nice to see the usual creeps hanging together: CPC-ML, Code Pink, Hezbollah... birds of a feather.

  2. Hey Phil - this is realwest - GREAT photos and I really like the layout here!