Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Queer G20 Callout Protest

Well I lucked out. The rain was fierce during the day, but by the time I got off work and headed downtown it had stopped. Where was I going? To a protest. Down at Yonge and Queen where the alphabet sexually confused community were organizing a rush hour street blockage/protest. Yes they planned it for rush hour on our city streets. At least it was publicized in advance for those of us who pay attention and watch. I got down there in good time while they were setting up on the north east corner.
I took the opportunity to start documenting the action, or at this time lack of it. I estimate that there was about 50 people to start with, maybe 75.

It wasn't hard to miss them. They were carrying signs, guys dressed in drag, and hot pink all over the place. Well they waited to get started, made nice with all the media that were covering it. At one point I think there were more spectators then there were protesters. Any way they got started and marched down Queen St. West.

They took their time, shouted slogans the usual. One incident I missed, I was caught in the log jam of media and spectators, happened just west of Yonge street. Apparently someone was hit and arrested by the police and hauled off. That's what I heard from one of the protesters that was giving his eye witness account to a lot of media. I don't know what happened to cause it, I will be keeping my eyes on the news and will update what happened on the morning news post.

Anyway, they kept walking to Bay street and stopped in the intersection blocking traffic doing their small pieces of street theater. Made a few speeches and then moved on after about ten minutes of this.
Slowly they wandered down Queen street, eventually making it to University Avenue where they blocked off the north bound lanes for some major street theater.

They had someone in one of those requisite puppet heads of Stephen Harper, our prime minister, who was pantomining all sorts of disgust and such. They appeared to have some technical difficulties with their portable stereo and ended up doing a acapella of "Harper Don't Preach". I am assuming from the off key singing that it was a parody of Madonnas "Pappa don't Preach".

For some reason they are under the impression that Harper is taking away womens rights and squashing the gay community. One of the many things that I don't understand. After this small bit of bad street theater they made their way onto the center island and took up position on the base of the South African War Memorial there. I watched for a bit longer taking a few more pictures before calling it a day and going home.


Over all as protests go I think this one was rather lame. All it did was annoy the rush hour commuters and did nothing. The police were out in force though and were well co-ordinated in directing traffic and keeping things in order. I hope that this is the worst of it. A forlorn hope I know, the worst is yet to come.


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  1. Hey Phil , I have been watching your posts and quietly supporting your efforts since you started this beautiful blog and I love your laid back approach to anarchist stupidity. Please keep up the great work.