Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Morning G20 Link Dump

Good morning everyone. Today is going to be a fun and interesting day. I am up early and getting ready to head to work so this post will be brief. Needless to say I missed a great opportunity to capture OCAP (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty) in action yesterday. They will be back today so things will be tense. OCAP caused a riot back in 2000 at Queens park so they are major instigators. Anyway on with the links sans comments by me at this time.

G20 protesters clash with Toronto police

Photo Essay: Riot Police Contain Crowd

Summit showcases "Canuckistan" (yes, that's the real title of the article)

Thousands expected Saturday in biggest summit protest
Organizers concerned labour march will be hijacked by those seeking confrontation with police

First ‘secret law’ arrestee plans Charter challenge
Lawyers say law’s creation is reminiscent of a ‘police state’
(there's that "police state" argument again)

Walkom: Dalton McGuinty provides rallying cry protesters
Once the erosion of rights begins, it is hard to stop

I think that's enough reading material for now. I will try and update later tonight after I get home...IF I make it home. Might get trapped downtown.

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