Friday, June 25, 2010

Sound Cannon Update: BANNED!

Well, here we go the protesters won their fight in court against the "Sound Cannon":

Injunction Granted, Judge Sides With Protesters On Sound Cannon Ruling

Protesters have won a temporary injunction banning authorities from using sound cannons as a crowd control device during the G20 summit.

Justice David Brown ruled that there was a real chance that the controversial long-range acoustic devices, or L-RADs, could cause hearing damage.

However, Toronto Police can use the devices for communication purposes or "voice function." As well, the OPP can use the alert function at more modest decibel levels and distances.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the Canadian Labour Congress filed a court injunction earlier this week calling for a ban on the devices, which emit ear piercing blasts. The groups claim the blips can cause permanent hearing damage and fear police will use them as weapons against protesters.

Authorities insist they will used to broadcast messages in large and noisy crowds and insist the sound blasts are harmless if set to proper decibel levels and are used at a safe distance from protesters.

Toronto Police purchased four L-RADs last month.

There will be another hearing before October 30 to decide when the temporary injunction will end. At that time, Toronto Police may be able to adopt the standards of the OPP.

I have nothing to say on this.

Update: Oops, not totally banned. That's what I get when I am in a rush to read something and post it. Still the judge did side with the protesters on the whole volume setting.

Update 2: Okay, here's where I got confused and re-read the first article. The one I linked to said, "Injunction Granted, Judge Sides With Protesters On Sound Cannon Ruling". Now I went to another news site and their headline says, "Judge OKs sound cannon use". So the confusion isn't just me I guess. Still, I must learn to look before leaping.

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