Monday, June 7, 2010

Unions, Left Wing Organizations, and Concern Trolls

Well I am going to finish this off tonight and start getting some research done on the next scheduled big event here in Toronto. I saw quite a few flags and banners at the protest. There were Palestinian, Turkish, and later on Irish flags (had to look that one up when I got home). There were a few other flags being waved as well. One was a Greek flag for some odd reason. If you know the history, you will know why it was odd.

Anyway, I know for a fact that if I belonged to a major union I wouldn't want them showing support for a bunch of terrorists. Or at the least have someone display my unions support. Seriously, how many union members know that their union is showing the flag like this?

The two union flags are a little hard to read, being backwards and all. The one on the left belongs to CUPW, or Canadian Union of Postal Workers. The other is CUPE or Canadian Union of Public Employees. I know that the majority of CUPW members aren't very left wing. At least mostly. So I wonder what they would say about this? CUPE I don't know what there members are like. Do they endorse this sort of thing?
Here's another picture of two union flags. One is a "local" flag versus a generic flag.

Left wing organizations always show up at these events. Seem to like revolutions judging from history. Anyway the Communist party showed up, the Trotskyist League, Bayan, and Migrante as well. Those last two were new to me. So I did a little digging on the net. Bayan is one of those groups that tries to help migrant labour. The site seemed serious and legit, no political message apparent. Unless you dug deep. Mention of "Big Corporations" hiring migrant labour to bust unions. Yep, a leftist organization. Migrante is just as bad. There last big event was May Day. May Day is celebrated world wide by unions and communist parties alike. It was a major festival in the former Soviet Union.


Finally "Trolls" and "Concern Trolls". These are internet definitions. A troll is essentially some one who tries to out argue and raise such a ruckus most topics get disrupted. A "Concern Troll" is a sub-species of troll that tries to make an argument while not being loudly argumentative and bringing in "feelings". Well I was on the JDL side of the street, we got a few of the former, and one of the later. The first one was wearing a keffiyeh and Palestinian flag hat and scarf and walked by the counter protesters shouting at them and raising all sorts of ruckus. The police quickly surrounded him and moved him away from the JDL. The concern troll, wearing a keffiyeh as well with a shirt showing a map of Lebanon and Arabic script. Walked by and was shouted at by the counter protesters. He acted shocked and outraged that he, a Canadian for 40 years, would be subjected to such verbal abuse. Outrage, outrage, outrage.
(Troll and then Concern Troll)

Here's how I knew the second guy was a concern troll. I have been living here in Toronto now for over a decade. I have been all over the city. The only time I seem to see the keffiyehs come out is at demonstrations. It's almost a flag in itself.
Anyway you also got the usual people driving by honking support for both sides. As well as people filming the protest as they drove by.

I saw some drivers get mouthy with the police when they were told to "cease and desist" with shouting and honking. Lucky for the drivers the police were too busy to cause any traffic issues. (I did see a few officers write down plate numbers though)

anyway that's the last post of the protest and counter-protest. I will wave you out with flag shots. Keep your eyes open and on watch.



  1. You go, Phil! Keep your head down, mate....

  2. Great job, again. You seem to have taken to this. :)

  3. LoFlyer: No, I keep my head up. It's like hockey, if you keep your head down you don't see what's coming and will end up on the boards.

    Erik: Thanks, I have let a lot of this stuff simmer under the surface occasionally letting it boil over. I just had to find the right medium to find my "voice".