Friday, July 30, 2010

Will The New Quislings Please Stand Up

Okay, this I can't believe. Or, perhaps I can. On August 5 of this year a play is opening called "Homegrown". What's the subject of the play? Part of the case surrounding the "Toronto 18". Yes we have a play that's taking a look at one of the terrorists from the series of arrests back in the summer of 2006. The worst part is that the play is a form of propaganda stating that one of the convicted terrorists, Shareef Abdelhaleem, was set up and got a bum deal.

Hello, McFly, he was CONVICTED!!! That means he was found guilty. All the whining, whinging, and complaining about everything afterwards is just a person trying to weasel out of getting caught. The worst part about the play is that some one decided to produce it.

Here's a hilarious quote from the writer, Catherine Frid, of this "semi-autobiographical" piece of drivel:

“I am extremely pro-Canadian,” she says. “I am an ambassador of Canada everywhere I go, but you know, we maintain the strength we have as Canadians by looking at some of the stuff we do and deciding whether it’s fair. That’s what this play is about; it’s about one person, but it’s also about what he has undergone under the guise of fighting terrorism, which may well be orchestrating it.”

It's people like this that enable terrorists all over the world. Fighting terrorism is fighting terrorism. It doesn't enable it, it stops it. I hope that this play opens up to horrible reviews and is shuffled off the stage. We don't need this kind of drek. Unfortunately I think that this play will open to rave reviews, and go on to be the new cause du'jour.


Thanks to one of my friends, he sent me the link to the judges decision on that whole entrapment defense. Best line? "The accused was the antithesis of an impressive witness" ---Judge.
HT Kenneth for this new link

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Sodium Recommendations for Health Canada

Well, it looks like they are looking at more regulations. A group apparently has recommended new low levels of sodium (or salt) for use in processed foods and restaurants across Canada. This is to reduce hypertension and cardiac diseases. It sounds wonderful, but do we need more regulation to ensure our health? After all, shouldn't we be responsible for what we eat?

Besides, is this low sodium health craze really important? Or is it something that should have a closer look. There have been studies that came out recently that have suggested that a low sodium diet may be pointless or detrimental to long term health.

I don't know about you folks. The less the government regulates the better.

NDP Leader Spouts Idiocy

Well, the Toronto Sun published a guest editorial last night from the Ontario Provincial NDP leader Andrea Horwath. I don't know why they did, unless it was to show how this person thinks. The editorial was about how OPG plans to ship used nuclear parts over the great lakes enroute to Sweden for recycling.

Nuke plan to ship waste on our lakes

The Ontario government has a responsibility to protect our drinking water:

Bruce Power’s plan to transport school-bus sized radioactive steam generators overland from its nuclear plant near Kincardine to Owen Sound, and then by ship through the Great Lakes to Sweden for recycling is a very troubling one.

Forty-million people rely on the Great Lakes for drinking water. But starting this fall, Bruce Power wants to transport 32 of these 100-tonne vessels, each containing 5,000 radioactively-contaminated tubes, through Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

The plan to ship radioactive steam generators through our waterways comes as a big, nasty surprise. After all, Bruce Power promised in its 2005 Environmental Impact Statement they would not even transport the steam generators on public roads — which they will have to do to get them to Owen Sound.

Recycling the metal from the steam generators in Sweden will also lead to radioactive materials finding their way into scrap metal for unrestricted commercial use — something that is not allowed in North America.

Bruce Power says the risks of a shipping accident are minimal — but it doesn’t mention two similar-sized turbines were accidentally dropped into Saint John, N.B.’s harbour in 2008 (luckily, they were not radioactive).

They also don’t mention two vessels have gone aground so far this summer — one in the St. Lawrence Seaway and another in the Thousand Islands area — along the route to be taken by the ships carrying the generators.[snip]

This is just the first part of the whole editorial. I won't subject you folks to the rest of it. It brings up a whole lot more boogey men in relation to the nuclear industry. Most of them false.

She talks about the safety of shipping on the great lakes and brings up two freighters running aground in two areas. One thing she talks about is the safety of our drinking water. Somehow I don't think that radioactive steam generators would do much to contaminate the great lakes. Considering in order for them to do any contamination they would have to have their shipping containment vessels breeched and be completely immersed in water. When was the last time a lake freighter actually sank?

Here's the website about safety of the St. Lawrence Seaway/Great Lakes system. Now everyone knows about the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald in Lake Superior. It was made popular in the song sung by Gordon Lightfoot. I have searched online looking for information about more modern freighter vessels sinking in the great lakes and at this time I haven't come up with anything. Therefore this worry is overhyped. It can still happen, but I don't really see it being one of those everyday occurences like car accidents on the highway.

One other thing that Horwath brings up is an accidental exposure to alpha radiation by group of workers. Nuclear plant workers on site actually. Yes it can cause problems, but here her ignorance shows once again. There's three types of radioactive emission from least injurous to most. Alpha particles, Beta particles, and Gamma rays. Alpha particles are so low energy they can be stopped by of all things, a sheet of paper. Gamma rays are typically the most deadly. Decontamination would have been done and the workers monitored. Yes the person responsible for monitoring the situation was probably disciplined.

I am sure that OPG is doing everything they can to reduce any issues with transportaion of the old steam generators. They have to go somewhere, you can't just have them pile up on site.

You have to realize that Nuclear energy has been the whipping horse for most of these left leaning politicians ever since the 60's. Nuclear weapons are bad so therefore nuclear energy is bad as well. I could go into further details on the topic of nuclear energy, but this isn't about that.

Ms. Horwath is just trying to whip up her followers into a raving froth along the usual tangents. It would be nice if I actually saw a NDP leader, or Liberal for that matter, show that they have done some actual research before they start screaming, ranting, and raving about anything. Especially when it comes to environmental causes.

Friday, July 23, 2010

G20 Protester In Court Yesterday

Okay, I know that this is a little late. I got busy yesterday with a bunch of stuff.

Alleged G20 Ringleader in Court:
An alleged organizer of a rampage on an occupied police scout car and a smashing session that broke windows at several Yonge St. businesses will have to wait for bail until at least next week.

Kelly Rose Pflug-Back, 21, of Norwood, Ont., is charged with six counts of mischief.

Pflug-Back briefly appeared in the College Park courthouse Thursday wearing a dark green sweatshirt and a blue jean skirt and smirking at those in attendance.

She surrendered to police in Peterborough a day earlier.

Okay, so she turned herself in and is just accused right? Well this young person, don't know if I can call her a lady, seems to have a history...

In January, Guelph Police charged Pflug-Back with assault after she allegedly disrupted the Olympic torch run as it passed through that city on Dec. 28, 2009.

A group of protesters stopped the run and during a tussle between the two groups, the torch bearer was knocked to the ground, according to Guelph police.

While police arrested a 19-year-old woman at the scene, Pflug-Back was rounded up a few days later and charged with assaulting one of the RCMP officers guarding the torch.

Pflug-Back claimed she was assaulted during the relay but Guelph Police dismissed the complaint saying there wasn’t enough evidence back up her claim.

Nice person. But that's not all. Blazing Cat Fur has also found some interesting stuff and has some screen caps from her Facebook page. A real piece of work and makes you wonder about our "higher" education system.

Iran, Haircuts, and a Canadian Connection

This story here is just priceless.

Is there a Toronto link to Iran’s haircut policy?

Even if you work in the heart of Canada’s advertising industry, it is unlikely you have heard of the Advertising and Marketing Association of Canada. That’s because it doesn’t exist.

Well, that’s not quite true. It seems to be active in Tehran.

At an Iranian news conference earlier this month the association’s head, Afshin Nemati, helped spread word that Iran’s government is cracking down on unacceptable haircuts on men. He took questions on news clips shown around the world, explaining what sorts of haircuts will be acceptable in that country.

Nemati claims to live in Toronto and his business website states he has a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from York University.

But that’s not true either. York does not offer a Doctor of Business Administration, and its registrar’s office has no record of Nemati... [snip]

It seems someone in Iran is trying to create some astro turf and using Canada as a set up. Interesting article and I suggest you read the whole thing.

Especially considering that Iran has accused us of Human Rights violations over that whole G20 mess....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

And People Wonder Why I Despise Liberal Governments?

I was browsing news and comments and ran across this opinion piece in the Toronto Sun by Christina Blizzard:
McGuinty gets McSneaky

One of the big hullabaloos the past week is the repeal of the "Eco Tax" which was a "service fee" placed on a wide range of goods that was supposed to be collected by stores and distributors across Ontario. One of the problems with it was that it was a hidden fee and there wasn't really any guidelines to what got hit with it or why certain products were and others were not.

One of the things in the opinion piece caught my eye and jumped out at me. I will quote the relevant section here:
Watch for licences, testing and other sly ways to whack unsuspecting folk with extra costs.

The public safety ministry recently implemented a test for people who want to be security guards. As of April 15, new applicants must successfully complete accredited training and pass a test prior to a licence being issued. The cost? $60. And every time you fail the test, you have to pay $60 to re-take the test.

Starting in July, all existing licensed security guards and investigators will have to pass a test before they can renew their licenses.

So here you’ve got people wanting to become security guards — often a minimum wage job — who’ve got to work almost a full day just to pay for the test.

She got it partially right. Unfortunately she doesn't have the full story. Two years ago the license fee for Security Guards was increased from $30 to $80 a year. This was part of the new legislation that the provincial government enacted. There are a number of reason why this was started and I won't get into it here. Yes people working in the front lines of security have to take a test. What she didn't mention is that there is a training requirement as well. Usually up to a week minimum which on the low end will cost future guards about $250 before they take the test. Most security companies won't cover that cost for new guards. The reason why is the new licenses are no longer tied to companies but to the individual guard. Why would a security company pay for a guard to be licensed and trained just to have them go to another company?

She does have the right figures for most guards starting pay scales. So in order for a guard to get a job in the security field he will have to fork out a minimum of a weeks wages before he even gets hired. Things aren't looking up for the common person.

One more reason added to my long list of why I distrust and despise Liberal governments. They always seem to hit me in my pocketbook no matter how hard I work or try to whittle down my expenses. Oh, and one more thing. I have to be tested as well. I work the day shift so in order for me to take the test I have to schedule a day off to write it. So I will be taking a double hit in my pocket book just to keep my license.

Mandatory Long Census Form Gone, Outrage Ensues

Well it seems the Conservative government has opened a can of worms. Big political news over the past few days is about the axing of the mandatory long census form which asks all sorts of personal questions. Okay, it's not gone, just now voluntary. This means that you will get a form (60% chance) and fill it out if you want to. What's the problem? Well it seems that a whole bunch of special interest groups are seething over this fact. Why are they seething? This would mean that they wouldn't get the free government statistics to support their special interests.

Actually I think they are missing a few key points here. We are supposed to be moving away from discrimination. So why do we need to pigeon hole everybody with this census? I don't know what the short form is like, probably basic information that most people give out on a regular basis. Does the government need to know my religious practices? Not really. Does it need to know my age and place of permanent residence? Definitely. So what's the big deal about the long form?

Well some bureaucrat in Ottawa thinks it's such a big deal he's resigning in protest over the decision.

Head of StatsCan Munir Sheikh resigns :

By Jennifer Ditchburn And Heather Scoffield, The Canadian Press

OTTAWA - Canada's chief statistician resigned Wednesday over the Conservative government's decision to axe the long-census form, part of a spiralling political crisis that has pitted Stephen Harper's cabinet against the provinces, dozens of national organizations and now its own public service.

Throughout the day, rumours had been brewing that long-time bureaucrat Munir Sheikh was preparing to resign as he met with Privy Council officials in downtown Ottawa. Sheikh had abruptly cancelled a town-hall meeting on the census with anxious Statistics Canada employees earlier in the day.

Finally, in the early evening, Sheikh posted a news release on the Statistics Canada website. The 62-year-old career bureaucrat made it clear that he could not defend the government's directive to take the 30-year-old long-form census to a voluntary survey in 2011.

"I want to take this opportunity to comment on a technical statistical issue which has become the subject of media discussion. This relates to the question of whether a voluntary survey can become a substitute for a mandatory census," Sheikh wrote.

"It can not. Under the circumstances, I have tendered my resignation to the Prime Minister."

Sheikh said he would not discuss the advice that he and the agency had given Industry Minister Tony Clement on the census issue, but it was clear that there was a deep divide between the civil service and the Conservative cabinet over the issue.

Resignations over matters of principle are exceedingly rare in the federal bureaucracy, where senior executives are bred on the concept of fearless advice and loyal service to their political masters. [snip]

Funny thing here is the last sentence of the last paragraph of the snippet I posted here. "Loyal service to their political masters". Most bureaucrats aren't loyal to the Conservative government. Well, only if they have been appointed by the current party. Most of them are fighting the government tooth and nail over every little thing. Which is what this is about. The decision about the long census form is stepping on the toes of the bureaucrats and every little "rights" group that benefits from it. What ever happened to being racially "colour" blind?

I hope the Conservatives stick to their guns on this issue. And if I receive the long census form next year, I may fill it out, I may not.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 10 G20 Protest

Okay, I know this is a little late getting posted but I was on vacation at the time and more focused on other issues. Like relaxing and beer. I think the leftist moonbats will be milking the police action at the G20 protest on June 25-27 till the end of the year at least. Here are some pictures that I snapped while I was up to something else(only reason I got the pictures was that I was walking through the area for fun and stuff).

July 10 protest
July 10 protestJuly 10 protest
July 10 protest
July 10 protestJuly 10 protest
July 10 protestJuly 10 protest

The whole purpose of this rally was to protest the police "brutality". Of course I don't think the police were brutal enough. I was walking down the street taking pictures and was talking to a small Jamaican lady I happen to know. Well talking wasn't exactly it, more like listening. She was ranting and raving about how the protesters didn't have a clue. According to her, in Jamaica the police are very brutal. Brutal like shoot first then sort out the criminal suspects, brutal like using billy sticks for normal situations. She was calling the protesters everything but...well you know. The best part was when she stopped suddenly and her eyes grew wide with shock and she said, "Oh my god! Am I becoming right winged?"

I assured that she was becoming "Conservative". Well, after that she continued to rant before we went our separate ways. She did have a good point though. Most of the protesters didn't have a clue to how good we have it here in Canada or most of the western world. They are allowed to gather in large groups, complain about how mean the government is, then go off to their air conditioned apartments where they make their vegetarian curries that they made from all the variety of spices they found in places like Kensington Market, Little India on Gerrard or even other pockets of ethnic culture.

Yes, the modern day moonbat has no clue to what we are missing out on.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Canada's New Fighter Aircraft

Well, it's about time. The Federal Conservative government is ordering replacements for our out of date fighter aircraft. The new F-35 stealth fighter is on line to replace our fleet of CF-18's which were purchased from 1982 to 1988. That's over 20 years that the CF-18 has been in service. It still is in service only because of a much needed upgrade to its sensors and avionics.

Of course the opposition parties are screaming over the $9 billion price tag and untendered maintenance contracts. Personally I think they federal Liberals and NDP should be told to go pound sand. They are typically whining about the costs and the current economy, and how we can't really afford them. I think that not purchasing the new generation of aircraft is a mistake that we will regret in the future.

One thing that most people aren't aware of is that Canada was one of the partners in the development phase of the F-35. That means we have money in the game from the very start.

Of course things can go badly. Remember when the Progressive Conservatives ordered replacement helicopters to replace the elderly Sea Kings? For those of you that didn't follow that story here it is in a nutshell. The Mulroney government decided to replace the Sea Kings with a new helicopter. They didn't send it out to tender, they just picked one that would do the job. Well the PC party lost the next election and one of the first things that the Chretien Liberals did was cancel the contract. Well that cost money. Not to mention lives. In the period that the contract was canceled, aging airframes and increasing maintenance may have been factors in several crashes that caused deaths of Canadian soldiers. The Liberal government seemed to dither and hem and haw about which aircraft they would buy to replace the Sea Kings. A new helicopter was finally selected and they are going into service now. Over ten years since the original problem was noted and acted on by the Progressive Conservative party.

Now we are facing replacement of another aging aircraft. I just hope that the Conservative party remains in power long enough that we have an iron clad contract. We need to replace military equipment as the times and conflicts change. There's nothing more embarrassing than going into battle with equipment that is older than most of your troop base. Trust me I have seen this and experienced it in my time. It also seems that whenever the Conservatives are in power the military gets modernized and upgraded. Liberals? Military budgets are the first item on chopping blocks.

Keep your fingers crossed people.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Feeding the Haters....

Here's a good comment piece from David Harris in the National Post:

David Harris: Canada feeds the haters

Businesses damaged. Cars aflame. It’s been two weeks and we’ve yet to take responsibility for Toronto’s G20 rioting. We should, because we laid the groundwork for it.

For years, our neglect, denial and self-censorship have prepared the conditions for this kind of mess. We citizens have elected, appointed and rewarded those who have all but telegraphed the message that it is open season on public order, peace and stability.

Toronto’s civic leaders and police management set the stage for the summit riots by advertising their self-paralyzing tendencies. Remember 2009, when the city signalled its willingness to be victimized by masses of Tamil Tigers’ terrorist supporters who flouted the law by blocking public thoroughfares? Ordinary citizens saw their constitutional right to free movement impinged, and had to get out of the way. Police high command met its own short-term convenience by refusing to act as police. This dereliction clearly had the support of city government. There were no consequences for Metro police and city managers who facilitated this lawlessness and public constraint. Meanwhile, society said little, and adversaries watched and took note.

Read more:

He brings up a lot of good bits and snippets of information and incidents in recent history. Unfortunately this has been going on for decades. Remember back in the 80's when the political correctness craze was starting to get really out of control? The jokes that were made? Well the joke is now on us. Most people haven't noticed but the dictionary has slowly been modified. It's almost a "1984" type scenario where we are coming up with a modern version of "Newspeak". Like George Orwell stated in the novel and in some of his essays, if you control the language, you control peoples thoughts.

This is what is happening here in the Western world. Journalists and activists are modifying the language we hear in news stories and conferences. Simple pointed words to describe situations are changed or expanded to give a new meaning. An example would be calling terrorists militants, one example used in David Harris's essay. You also see it all around in other settings. One broad example is the word justice. You no longer see justice as separate. It's no attached to other words i.e. "social justice", "climate justice", "gender justice"

What does this do to our thinking? We are no longer allowed to simplify actions or beliefs to their fundamental values. Through the new Newspeak we must look at complicated root values, buzzwords, and fuzzy thinking. We can no longer look at things as black and white when they are, we must look at the shades of gray until there is no more black and white.

Yes there are occasionally shades of gray. Not all the time, and especially not in certain events that happen. The trouble with our language being modified is that we no longer think properly. It's become and issue when people become upset when they are confronted with stark unvarnished truth of facts. They become frightened and lost when their world view is held up to a mirror and they don't like or understand what they see.

Then there are others that when confronted with the hard cold truth attack those that bear it. They scream they yell and try to drown out the messenger. It's hard sometimes. In fact when it happens to me I feel like the mythic figure of Cassandra.

Very rarely will you actually meet someone that will open their eyes to what's going on. It's worth it though to bring someone to the truth. Even if eventually they disagree with you. Anyway, read the article. Hopefully your eyes may be opened a bit if they are not already.

HT: Lumpy Grumpy and Frumpy.

Omar Khadr: Damages From Lawsuit?

Okay, I saw this story the other day and I have been looking for more information. Bear with me here, it's going to be a long rant. First off the story:

Omar Khadr seeks $10-million in damages from Ottawa
OTTAWA -- The Canadian government could be on the hook for a multimillion-dollar payout to Omar Khadr, after the Supreme Court of Canada appears to have strengthened his hand in a long-standing civil lawsuit by declaring his charter rights were violated.

The Guantanamo Bay detainee, in a damages suit launched six years ago, has recently bumped up his claim to $10-million from $100,000, court documents show.

The federal Justice Department acknowledges in separate court records that Khadr’s maltreatment by a Canadian official, who questioned him in Cuba while knowing he had been softened up through sleep deprivation, could play a role in the outcome of the lawsuit.

Read more:

Okay, let me get this straight. Omar Khadr had his charter rights violated by Canadians while he was incarcerated in an American detention area after being picked up in Afghanistan where he's accused of killing an American Special Forces medic. Got that? Good, because it only gets better and better. I don't know how much the rest of the world knows about this "child soldier", but what we hear in Canada is unreal. Here's a clip from CBC talking about the incident in question with video of the Canadian interrogation:

Alright following it? Here's where my ire and blood pressure reached a boil. Guess how long he spent in Canada? Ready? From what I can gather less then six years of his life. Yes he was born here, yes he visited here, Mr. Khadr spent the majority of his life in Afghanistan or in Pakistan with his father. What was his father doing in that area of the world? It's said that he worked with a few NGO's (non govermental agencies), but he was really working with Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and the Taliban. This was just before and after the Soviets packed up and left and there was a large power struggle in Afghanistan.

The article "The Good Son" paints Omar in a gentle light, almost. How can you white wash the way he was brought up and how he finally acted? There are hints here and there in the story about how he could possibly end up.

What I find infuriating about the whole Khadr clan is that when things got tough they ran back to Canada. Omar's father was injured by a land mine in Afghanistan. He comes back to Canada for medical treatment. Omar's father is eventually killed in Afghanistan, and his wife and children live here in Canada on welfare. I know that whole "sins of the father" shouldn't really apply here, but the more I hear about the family the more I believe that they are all cut from the same cloth. They aren't Canadians, they don't want to be Canadians, but they sure do enjoy our benefits without paying into it all their lives.

Omar himself is still incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay, still awaiting trial. He has lawyers here in Canada fighting for HIS RIGHTS!!!!! I swear to all that's above that his family has proven time and time again their connections to terrorist organizations. Why the hell are we even considering his Charter Rights? Does he even know what they are? Or is it just another convenience that his father taught him to use when times got rough.

I hope the government ignores the Supreme Court of Canada's ruling in this matter. People screaming about rights being violated don't understand a damn thing. As well, Omar Khadr falls under the Geneva Conventions definition of an unlawful combatant. He's lucky that he's getting a military trial.

Some more information that I stumbled across before this post went up. Apparently Mr. Omar Khadr has fired his lawyers, again. This has to be one of the most convoluted cases going. Not because of the facts, just because of all the screaming and recriminations about how evidence was gathered. Two more things, sleep deprivation isn't torture. If it was there would be a hell of a lot of soldiers lining up for a class action suit.
Secondly this paragraph is a load of obfuscation:
Khadr is the son of the late Ahmed Said Khadr, who purportedly raised money for al-Qaida and was a close associate of terrorist mastermind, Osama bin Laden.

There has been a lot of documented sources that state that Ahmed Said Khadr did raise for Al Qaeda. One of the sources being Al Qaeda themselves. The following links give a bit more background on this whole sordid saga.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Not The Sixties Anymore

I saw this news article just now and had to comment on it:

War resister wins another shot at permanent residence
Federal Court of Appeal rules in favour of Jeremy Hinzman.

War resister sounds so much better then deserter doesn't it? During the sixties and seventies there were a large amount of draft dodgers and deserters that came to Canada during the Vietnam war. I am not sympathetic to their cause either. At least though they had no choice in the matter and didn't want to join up.

This case I think is entirely different. Jeremy Hinzman joined the American military entirely of his own volition in a time of peace. When his country went to war he decided that he didn't want to. That's desertion plain and simple. Trying to crouch the argument as "humanitarian" dirties it. He didn't want to do the job and bailed. In the old days that was a shooting offence, in fact it's still on the books in most western military nations as the ultimate punishment.

The fact that our Federal Court of Appeal thinks that Immigration should rethink their original denial is completely off base. Yes Mr. Hinzman should be deported, and of course he will face punishment at the hands of the American military when he returns. The only reason he will face punishment is because he decided to take off and leave. I am sure that he could have arranged something else rather then go to war. These are modern times and there are more solutions.

What most of these American deserters and war protesters tried to do at the beginning of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars was paint them as the modern equivalent of the Vietnam war. Fortunately it mostly failed. I say send this coward back to face his punishment. He made a choice joining the military, he made a choice to desert his comrades in a time of war, he should face the responsibility of his choices.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Maple Leaf Donut

Today is the 143 year of the founding of Canada as a separate nation. It's been a long path we have trod from being a French then British colony. I can say with out a twinge that I am proud to be Canadian. Today as I look out over the world I see some of my fellow citizens complaining about what it has become. Yes there are some issues with what our politicians have done over the years. Yes it's not exactly the same country I remember growing up. Regardless, I am Canadian.

Not many countries can you experience temperatures of -45 degrees celsius or 30+ degrees celsius in the same location in a year. I can travel long distances without seeing a major city. I can live in a major city and experience all sorts of cultures. Each one unique, and each one uniquely Canadian. I may not like hockey or rye whiskey. I do enjoy beer, grilling food, and camping in the wilderness that's not far from the major cities. I meet new people every day. Old Canadian stock, or other people that have come here for a new life.

Can we make things better? Of course we can. It just takes a little work on all our parts. Is my view of what Canada is supposed to be correct? Yes, and so are other peoples views. Canada is constantly changing, we must be on guard for the change we need and want. We must constantly strive and watch for those that would take it from us. No matter how bad things get, I am still proud and always will be.

Happy Canada Day everyone.