Thursday, July 22, 2010

And People Wonder Why I Despise Liberal Governments?

I was browsing news and comments and ran across this opinion piece in the Toronto Sun by Christina Blizzard:
McGuinty gets McSneaky

One of the big hullabaloos the past week is the repeal of the "Eco Tax" which was a "service fee" placed on a wide range of goods that was supposed to be collected by stores and distributors across Ontario. One of the problems with it was that it was a hidden fee and there wasn't really any guidelines to what got hit with it or why certain products were and others were not.

One of the things in the opinion piece caught my eye and jumped out at me. I will quote the relevant section here:
Watch for licences, testing and other sly ways to whack unsuspecting folk with extra costs.

The public safety ministry recently implemented a test for people who want to be security guards. As of April 15, new applicants must successfully complete accredited training and pass a test prior to a licence being issued. The cost? $60. And every time you fail the test, you have to pay $60 to re-take the test.

Starting in July, all existing licensed security guards and investigators will have to pass a test before they can renew their licenses.

So here you’ve got people wanting to become security guards — often a minimum wage job — who’ve got to work almost a full day just to pay for the test.

She got it partially right. Unfortunately she doesn't have the full story. Two years ago the license fee for Security Guards was increased from $30 to $80 a year. This was part of the new legislation that the provincial government enacted. There are a number of reason why this was started and I won't get into it here. Yes people working in the front lines of security have to take a test. What she didn't mention is that there is a training requirement as well. Usually up to a week minimum which on the low end will cost future guards about $250 before they take the test. Most security companies won't cover that cost for new guards. The reason why is the new licenses are no longer tied to companies but to the individual guard. Why would a security company pay for a guard to be licensed and trained just to have them go to another company?

She does have the right figures for most guards starting pay scales. So in order for a guard to get a job in the security field he will have to fork out a minimum of a weeks wages before he even gets hired. Things aren't looking up for the common person.

One more reason added to my long list of why I distrust and despise Liberal governments. They always seem to hit me in my pocketbook no matter how hard I work or try to whittle down my expenses. Oh, and one more thing. I have to be tested as well. I work the day shift so in order for me to take the test I have to schedule a day off to write it. So I will be taking a double hit in my pocket book just to keep my license.

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