Thursday, July 8, 2010

Feeding the Haters....

Here's a good comment piece from David Harris in the National Post:

David Harris: Canada feeds the haters

Businesses damaged. Cars aflame. It’s been two weeks and we’ve yet to take responsibility for Toronto’s G20 rioting. We should, because we laid the groundwork for it.

For years, our neglect, denial and self-censorship have prepared the conditions for this kind of mess. We citizens have elected, appointed and rewarded those who have all but telegraphed the message that it is open season on public order, peace and stability.

Toronto’s civic leaders and police management set the stage for the summit riots by advertising their self-paralyzing tendencies. Remember 2009, when the city signalled its willingness to be victimized by masses of Tamil Tigers’ terrorist supporters who flouted the law by blocking public thoroughfares? Ordinary citizens saw their constitutional right to free movement impinged, and had to get out of the way. Police high command met its own short-term convenience by refusing to act as police. This dereliction clearly had the support of city government. There were no consequences for Metro police and city managers who facilitated this lawlessness and public constraint. Meanwhile, society said little, and adversaries watched and took note.

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He brings up a lot of good bits and snippets of information and incidents in recent history. Unfortunately this has been going on for decades. Remember back in the 80's when the political correctness craze was starting to get really out of control? The jokes that were made? Well the joke is now on us. Most people haven't noticed but the dictionary has slowly been modified. It's almost a "1984" type scenario where we are coming up with a modern version of "Newspeak". Like George Orwell stated in the novel and in some of his essays, if you control the language, you control peoples thoughts.

This is what is happening here in the Western world. Journalists and activists are modifying the language we hear in news stories and conferences. Simple pointed words to describe situations are changed or expanded to give a new meaning. An example would be calling terrorists militants, one example used in David Harris's essay. You also see it all around in other settings. One broad example is the word justice. You no longer see justice as separate. It's no attached to other words i.e. "social justice", "climate justice", "gender justice"

What does this do to our thinking? We are no longer allowed to simplify actions or beliefs to their fundamental values. Through the new Newspeak we must look at complicated root values, buzzwords, and fuzzy thinking. We can no longer look at things as black and white when they are, we must look at the shades of gray until there is no more black and white.

Yes there are occasionally shades of gray. Not all the time, and especially not in certain events that happen. The trouble with our language being modified is that we no longer think properly. It's become and issue when people become upset when they are confronted with stark unvarnished truth of facts. They become frightened and lost when their world view is held up to a mirror and they don't like or understand what they see.

Then there are others that when confronted with the hard cold truth attack those that bear it. They scream they yell and try to drown out the messenger. It's hard sometimes. In fact when it happens to me I feel like the mythic figure of Cassandra.

Very rarely will you actually meet someone that will open their eyes to what's going on. It's worth it though to bring someone to the truth. Even if eventually they disagree with you. Anyway, read the article. Hopefully your eyes may be opened a bit if they are not already.

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