Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Not The Sixties Anymore

I saw this news article just now and had to comment on it:

War resister wins another shot at permanent residence
Federal Court of Appeal rules in favour of Jeremy Hinzman.

War resister sounds so much better then deserter doesn't it? During the sixties and seventies there were a large amount of draft dodgers and deserters that came to Canada during the Vietnam war. I am not sympathetic to their cause either. At least though they had no choice in the matter and didn't want to join up.

This case I think is entirely different. Jeremy Hinzman joined the American military entirely of his own volition in a time of peace. When his country went to war he decided that he didn't want to. That's desertion plain and simple. Trying to crouch the argument as "humanitarian" dirties it. He didn't want to do the job and bailed. In the old days that was a shooting offence, in fact it's still on the books in most western military nations as the ultimate punishment.

The fact that our Federal Court of Appeal thinks that Immigration should rethink their original denial is completely off base. Yes Mr. Hinzman should be deported, and of course he will face punishment at the hands of the American military when he returns. The only reason he will face punishment is because he decided to take off and leave. I am sure that he could have arranged something else rather then go to war. These are modern times and there are more solutions.

What most of these American deserters and war protesters tried to do at the beginning of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars was paint them as the modern equivalent of the Vietnam war. Fortunately it mostly failed. I say send this coward back to face his punishment. He made a choice joining the military, he made a choice to desert his comrades in a time of war, he should face the responsibility of his choices.

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