Thursday, July 1, 2010


Maple Leaf Donut

Today is the 143 year of the founding of Canada as a separate nation. It's been a long path we have trod from being a French then British colony. I can say with out a twinge that I am proud to be Canadian. Today as I look out over the world I see some of my fellow citizens complaining about what it has become. Yes there are some issues with what our politicians have done over the years. Yes it's not exactly the same country I remember growing up. Regardless, I am Canadian.

Not many countries can you experience temperatures of -45 degrees celsius or 30+ degrees celsius in the same location in a year. I can travel long distances without seeing a major city. I can live in a major city and experience all sorts of cultures. Each one unique, and each one uniquely Canadian. I may not like hockey or rye whiskey. I do enjoy beer, grilling food, and camping in the wilderness that's not far from the major cities. I meet new people every day. Old Canadian stock, or other people that have come here for a new life.

Can we make things better? Of course we can. It just takes a little work on all our parts. Is my view of what Canada is supposed to be correct? Yes, and so are other peoples views. Canada is constantly changing, we must be on guard for the change we need and want. We must constantly strive and watch for those that would take it from us. No matter how bad things get, I am still proud and always will be.

Happy Canada Day everyone.


  1. Happy Canada day! If it makes you feel any better, both the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific have been buying up American railroads willy-nilly for the last two decades....

    /I for one, salute our Canadian Overlords...

  2. Great photo! Have you tasted one of those donuts? They look so pretty.