Friday, July 30, 2010

Will The New Quislings Please Stand Up

Okay, this I can't believe. Or, perhaps I can. On August 5 of this year a play is opening called "Homegrown". What's the subject of the play? Part of the case surrounding the "Toronto 18". Yes we have a play that's taking a look at one of the terrorists from the series of arrests back in the summer of 2006. The worst part is that the play is a form of propaganda stating that one of the convicted terrorists, Shareef Abdelhaleem, was set up and got a bum deal.

Hello, McFly, he was CONVICTED!!! That means he was found guilty. All the whining, whinging, and complaining about everything afterwards is just a person trying to weasel out of getting caught. The worst part about the play is that some one decided to produce it.

Here's a hilarious quote from the writer, Catherine Frid, of this "semi-autobiographical" piece of drivel:

“I am extremely pro-Canadian,” she says. “I am an ambassador of Canada everywhere I go, but you know, we maintain the strength we have as Canadians by looking at some of the stuff we do and deciding whether it’s fair. That’s what this play is about; it’s about one person, but it’s also about what he has undergone under the guise of fighting terrorism, which may well be orchestrating it.”

It's people like this that enable terrorists all over the world. Fighting terrorism is fighting terrorism. It doesn't enable it, it stops it. I hope that this play opens up to horrible reviews and is shuffled off the stage. We don't need this kind of drek. Unfortunately I think that this play will open to rave reviews, and go on to be the new cause du'jour.


Thanks to one of my friends, he sent me the link to the judges decision on that whole entrapment defense. Best line? "The accused was the antithesis of an impressive witness" ---Judge.
HT Kenneth for this new link

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