Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Cost of Illegal Immigration: Tamil Edition

Well it looks like the figures are out and the cost to taxpayers, Ontario ones at the least, is going to be in the millions.

Tamil migrants could cost Ontario taxpayers millions:

By TOM GODFREY, Toronto Sun
Ontario taxpayers may get hit with millions of dollars worth of welfare and legal aid payments for the Tamil migrants who arrived in B.C. by ship, lawyers and aid workers say.

Members of the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) said about half of the 490 migrants have family members in Toronto and want to be near their community for legal and social support as they pursue refugee claims.

Congress lawyers are trying to have the refugee cases heard in Toronto.

The claimants will be eligible for work permits, welfare payments, partial health and dental coverage and subsidized housing while their claims are being heard, Toronto lawyers said.

Carole Simone-Dahan, of Ontario Legal Aid, said the Tamils can apply for aid if they’re claimants in Ontario and are financially eligible.

Some immigration lawyers estimated it could cost taxpayers about $22 million in legal aid for lawyers to represent the migrants.[snip]

Yep, come to Canada. Jump the line, and get everything paid for while you just wait to get your hearing. Lawyers? No problem. Need money and a place to live? Not a problem. Are you paying attention yet Canada? This is what happens when our Immigration Board doesn't do their job. How come it takes years for a immigration/refugee hearing to be resolved? Why does someone that isn't even a citizen or worker qualify for welfare payment?

And what are the over papers saying about this whole mess?
Opinion piece from the Toronto Star: Tamil boat not a crisis.
Um, yeah sure.

The Globe and Mail editorial: Consider each Tamil refugee case on merit.
First merit: they tried to bypass the normal procedures....

The National Post editorial: Our broken refugee system.

All I am going to say on this today.

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