Wednesday, August 4, 2010

David Suzuki Spouts Off

Well, I remember when David Suzuki's "The Nature of Things" was required viewing for anything science and nature related back in the day. I don't doubt that he is a good geneticist. When it comes to the environment though I tend to have my doubts. His latest article for Science Matters is an ongoing attack against Climate Change Deniers. He attacks big oil, "bad science", and other talking points on why Anthropogenic Global Warming exists.

He states the usual global warming boogey men like rising sea levels, shrinking arctic ice and glaciers, extreme weather events. The usual fear mongering from the cult of AGW.

Lets check out the rising sea levels shall we? Here's a good debunking on sea level rise from the web site Watts Up With That? In that post he has an animation that merges two pictures from modern era and 1861 in La Jolla California. Minor changes, but no rise in sea level.

Now how about those receding glaciers? One major example that has been used is the location of Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya. With all sorts of great animations as it is one of the most photographed mountains in Africa. Yes the glaciers have receded. Is it due to global warming? Actually no. The glaciers have been receding due to the deforestation on the mountain slopes. Once again back to Watts Up With That? for a article all about the issue on using Mt. Kilimanjaro as an example of global warming.

Okay, so I am using one web site at the moment to debunk Dr. Suzukis slanders. The main reason is that Anthony Watt uses sources to prove his points and documents and reviews. He will also admit when he has made a mistake.

Now let's look at the golden standard all AGW scientists use for panicking about global warming. The IPCC . Now what's wrong with this? How about the last paper they put out on the "catastrophe" of global warming. Well there seems to be a lot of mistakes and errors. Not just one or two, but pages and pages of improper science and reviews. So much for peer reviewed scientists only contributing to the IPCC research.

Now, I am not a denier of global warming. It does happen, and has happened. How many people know that grapes were grown by the Roman Legions in England just south of Hadrians Wall? How many people know about the Medieval Warming Period? Then there are the little ice ages like the Maunder Minimum. Mann's Hockey Stick graph has been proven to be a fraud. It ignored documented history from the past like the MWP and the Maunder Minimum and tried to show a static climate until the 20th Century. Anyone here remember the fears from the mid to late 70's of the coming ice age? Or the colder then normal years during the early 40's?

Climate change happens. Blaming mankind for the current round of temperatures though seems to be hubris written large. Blaming "big oil" for all our modern problems is just foolish. Saying that the "deniers" are being funded by big oil is just as bad. There's a lot more to this climate change drive then we can see. I may go into more detail later on. Or I may not. We must question science all the time. No science is ever settled.

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