Thursday, August 19, 2010

Final Task: Complete

I know I normally rant and rave about all sorts of items here. I thought I would take the time to share a good story for once. Read the whole thing.

Finishing what a fallen soldier couldn't:

By DON PEAT, Toronto Sun

Before Pte. Kevin McKay left for basic training, he started building a studio for his mom to work on her quilting and stained glass.

He built it while his parents, Fred and Beth, were on vacation and surprised them when they got home.

As time went on, the studio started slowly coming together but McKay didn’t have time to finish it. First came basic training. Next he was off to Afghanistan.

When he died in Afghanistan in May, days before his tour was over, the studio became one of those things the 24-year-old would never finish.

When his dad’s fellow Toronto firefighters came up to the family’s Horseshoe Valley home to pay their respects, they noticed the unfinished studio and vowed to help the fallen soldier finish his last mission.

Firefighter Dan Hjelholt, an electrician by trade, noticed the studio behind the family’s house.

“I didn’t want an unfinished project that he started for his mom to be a loose end,” Hjelholt said Wednesday. “(Kevin) had planned to take care of it.

“I wanted it to be done right so Kevin would have been proud of it.”

He said the project made sense because it honoured a fallen soldier, helped McKay’s father — Hjelholt’s first fire captain nine years ago — and gave McKay’s mom a special place to spend time.[snip]

Rest well Pte McKay, your service is done.

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