Friday, August 13, 2010

Ford: City Council Corrupt. Miller: Prove it....

Well, well, well. Councilor Rob Ford, front runner in the mayoral race, has slammed the city council as corrupt. Gee, really? You could have fooled me.

Miller slams 'irresponsible' Ford:

Paul Moloney
Urban Affairs Reporter

Rob Ford took a tongue-lashing Thursday from outgoing mayor David Miller and a chorus of councillors and candidates, who chastised him for his unsupported allegations that city hall is corrupt.

“If there’s a single piece of evidence or even a hint of something that Councillor Ford thinks is improper,” he should take it to the city’s auditor general and integrity commissioner, Miller told reporters. “And if there is a problem, I want to know about it,” he added. “I want to run a clean city hall. That’s why we have all the integrity officials there.”

Ford was quoted in a local newspaper as saying that the recent award of an untendered 20-year contract to Boardwalk Pub operator Tuggs Inc. “stinks to high heaven.”

He referred specifically to closed-doors discussions, called “in camera” meetings: “These in camera meetings, there’s more corruption and skullduggery going on in there than I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Miller has stayed out of the campaign fray on principle but said he made an exception Thursday because Ford’s comments were “about the integrity of this council.”[snip]

Rob Ford has been the watch dog on council for a few years. He has gone through council budgets and highlighted all sorts of mis-spending by other councilors.

The one thing Ford brings up is the Beaches contract for "The Boardwalk Pub", great place, great view, been there a few times in the summer. There appears to be a little skullduggery involved with the way that the contract was awarded.

Now here's a story I heard years ago when I was working in the Beaches. It's all rumour, hearsay, and gossip. I have no facts to back this up, just observations and tales from a few people I knew that lived in the area a long time.

The pub I worked at was opened sometime in the late 80's early 90's. Not sure about the exact date. The owner was approached by the local councilor and asked if he would like to make a "donation" to his campaign fund. The owner told him not only no, but hell no. That's when all the problems started. He had liscencing issues with the city. When those were cleared up other issues arose. One issue involved a noise complaint. There was a store beside a patio with an apartment that overlooked the area. Two people moved in and within days there were numerous noise complaints about the patio. The noise the tenants were complaining about was about the bar patrons chatting loudly. This patio had no speaker set up so there wasn't any noise from that. This is also in the summer by the way, when most Beaches pubs and restaraunts make their coin.

Well the city issued an injunction on the patio saying that it had to be shut down at 11:00 PM from Sunday to Thursday. There was another patio on the east side that was also closed down at 11:00 PM 7 days a week due to the fact it fronted onto a residential street. So here we go. 5 days a week both patios have to be shut down at 11:00 PM, that means all the patrons must go inside to the seating and bar area. Depending on the night and the temperature it hampers peoples relaxation.

Well the owner fought the injunction and was still fighting it when I was working there. He even went as far as to hire sound engineers to record sound levels in all areas of his property.

Oh and those tenants that originally complained? Funny about that, as soon as the injunction was levelled on the bar, they moved out.

So is there corruption in the city council? You bet. Most of them know how to cover their asses and get away with it.

This year I urge all my fellow Torontonians to vote. Vote Ford for mayor, because we need a lot of fixing done after what Miller and his stooges have done to our city.

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