Thursday, August 26, 2010

Liberals are at it again

Well, if all else fails, attack, attack, attack. The federal Liberal party is on the attack against the Harper minority government again. I can't summarize it properly since it's the usual screed from the left.

Opening paragraphs:

The Harper government has adopted a deliberate strategy of hiding information from Canadians in order to advance a right-wing social and justice agenda, Liberals charge.

Liberal MP John McCallum pointed Thursday to two recent examples to prove the point: The government's decision to scrap the mandatory long-form census and its refusal to release a favourable report on the effectiveness of the long-gun registry.

So, the Conservatives are trying to advance a right wing agenda? Big surprise, they are CONSERVATIVE! The Liberals did the exact same thing when they were in power, except a lot worse for the rest of us.

Next point they bring up about the "Mandatory Long Census Form":

McCallum said the decision to turn the compulsory long-form census into a voluntary survey is "one of the most visible examples of one of the most fundamental shortcomings" of the Harper governemnt[sic].

He said it's aimed at robbing federal, provincial and municipal governments of the reliable data they need to deliver progressive social programs, skewing "the picture of what Canada really looks like" because low-income and minority Canadians will be less likely to fill out a voluntary form.

The move to a voluntary survey has been widely denounced by some 300 groups, including statisticians, social scientists, economists, religious groups, educators, doctors and town councils.

Notice who's complaining about it the most? These groups gain more from the census then anyone else. They get all this info packaged up for them nice and simply with out a single penny out of their pocket. They are screaming that they are losing their crutch to foment their agendas. Now if they don't like the info from the census they would probably have to pay for it. Good luck with that. Lefty loves free stuff.

Now about the long gun registry:

Opposition parties maintain the government has been sitting on the report for six months and wants to keep it hidden until after a crucial Sept. 22 vote on Tory backbencher Candice Hoeppner's private member's bill to scrap the controversial registry.

According to the CBC, the report concludes the registry is cost effective, efficient and "an important tool for law enforcement."

"Clearly the Conservatives want to prevent parliamentarians and Canadians from seeing important information about the cost and effectiveness of the long-gun registry before an important vote," McCallum said.

This was a registry that was supposed to, originally, be paid for by the licensing fees paid by the long gun owners that ended up costing billions rather then the millions the Liberal government promised us. I don't know how it is effective in reducing crime since most firearm offenses are being done by handguns. Liberals love to spin and spin and spin.

Besides, how open was the Chretien government when the Liberals were in power?

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