Friday, August 27, 2010

Mexico's Crime Problem

Well, skimming through the world news I found this article:

Car bomb explodes in Mexico where 72 bodies found

I read it and thought about linking it on one of the blogs I follow on a daily basis. The American Southwest is experiencing a large illegal immigrant problem. This has been in the news as Arizona passed a bill that called for crack downs on illegal immigrants that were causing problems on their borders and in their cities. Unfortunately the American federal government isn't doing their job and has actually sued the state government over this law. Too many details to get into at the moment, but there are many reasons for what's happening down there.

We do have an illegal immigrant situation up here in Canada as well. Not as bad mind you since we have two oceans and a large country to our south. Illegal immigrants still manage to slip in here though. Aided no doubt my such groups as "No One's Illegal".

The reason why I decided to bring this up was one of the paragraphs near the end:

Others at the shelter were stunned by the massacre but undeterred — like 35-year-old Belizean Wilber Cuellar, who said he has been deported six times from the United States and once from Canada, where he worked at a chicken packing plant.

This border jumper has been deported SEVEN times and still keeps coming back. What does it take to seal borders against people like this?

Part of the issue in the story was that the Mexican drug cartels are trying to recruit these illegal immigrants for running drugs. As well they attack police, politicians, and anyone else that tries to stand up to them. Mexico is starting to fall apart, and it's going to be interesting when it does.

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