Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Military Deserters No Longer Welcome

Hurray, hallelujah, rejoice. Finally a government has stepped forward and made a decision about military deserters. Oh, I am sorry. I mean "Conscientious Objectors". There are a few Americans, according to one group 40, that are in Canada fighting for refugee status. I say send the cowards back to face justice. Apparently the Conservative government feels the same way.

Ottawa to make Canada less inviting for U.S. deserters:
OTTAWA — The Conservative government has given immigration officers tough new marching orders for dealing with military deserters seeking refuge in Canada, painting them as criminals who may be inadmissible.

The Immigration Department is leaning on officers to give a more critical assessment in new cases and telling them to report more often about existing files.

The department recently issued a bulletin to field officers saying flight from military service in another country may make certain refugee claimants inadmissible.

The new directive points to existing provisions of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act -- sections that bar refugees from Canada on the "grounds of serious criminality" -- in order to make the case.

"Desertion is an offence in Canada under the National Defence Act," says the notice, issued July 22.

"The maximum punishment for desertion under section 88 of the (National Defence Act) is life imprisonment, if the person committed the offence on active service or under orders for active service. Consequently, persons who have deserted the military in their country of origin may be inadmissible to Canada."

The bulletin stops short of imposing a flat ban on deserters entering the country and instructs immigration officers to seek guidance from regional advisers when dealing with deserters applying for permanent residence. It also tells them to notify the department's case management branch when any new refugee claims are filed or high-profile ones are updated.

Critics charged the Conservatives were singling out deserters and discriminating against them.

Officials in Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's office were not available to comment, but a department spokesman denied deserters are being treated any differently and other cases also merit close scrutiny. [snip]

There's a lot more in there to read. Unfortunately there's a few parties in government that want to let these cowards stay. Pay attention folks, these are the people that we don't want here or governing us.


  1. Good....about damn time. Fuck them if they decide to weasel out of the commitment they made while signing up for an ALL-VOLUNTEER military. They should not be coddled like the petulant, spoiled children that they've shown themselves to be...

  2. Great news! Thanks for posting this!