Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Omar Khadr Trial

Well the Omar Khadr trial has started and there was an opening statement by his defense lawyer.

Omar Khadr no war criminal, defence says:

By The Canadian Press

GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba - Omar Khadr's lawyer has told his trial that the Canadian was a scared, bleeding and blinded child who is not a war criminal.

In his opening statement, Lt.-Col. Jon Jackson said Khadr never threw the grenade that killed an American soldier in Afghanistan.

He said the 15-year-old was only in the compound that fateful day in July 2002 because his father had sent him there.

Khadr, Jackson said, has waited eight years to tell his story.

The lawyer said the defence will show Khadr only confessed to throwing the grenade because he was scared to death of his interrogators.

The government in its statement described Khadr as a trained al- Qaida terrorist.

Well, let the left wing apologists sing forth about poor Omar Khadr. Personally I think the whole family are unabashed terrorist supporters. Canadian citizens by convenience only. Why do I say that? Like I have said before, I don't like using Wikipedia that often. Usually because of wrong facts, how some articles are edited to make certain people better sounding.

For example this article on the family. Specifically this statement:
In their 2008 report concerning Mahmoud Jaballah, Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) mistakenly stated that Omar and Abdulkareem attended "training camps", which they did not.[18]

Unfortunately the link to the CSIS pdf report is no longer available online. There is also no documentation supporting that statement. The youngest son as well is a real piece of work.

The Khadr family, keeps repeating like a bad pizza.

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