Friday, August 6, 2010

Reason Eleventy why the western provinces hate Quebec

One big thing up here in Canada are "Equalization Payments" from the federal government to provincial governments. It was supposed to balance out provincial budgets from "have" provinces to "have not" provinces. For some strange reason the one province that seems to benefit the most from this is Quebec. Quebec has gotten a lot of federal service contracts, and other plum jobs.

Here's how it breaks down now according to this editorial by L. Ian MacDonald:

Quebec feasts on equalization payments:

We need new rules on equalization, and the proof of it is in the Quebec model.

Equalization is supposed to allow the six recipient provinces to provide “comparable services” to the four donor provinces.

But Quebec, which received $8.3 billion or 60% of all equalization transfers in the last fiscal year, provides services as a have-not province that are nowhere available among the haves.

There is no other province where publicly funded daycare is available for $7 a day, when its total cost is seven times that, $49 a day.

This is why Quebec, with only 20% of the daycare-age kids in the country, has about half the daycare spaces in the country. Thanks, Alberta.

There is no other province where university tuition fees are $1,800 a year for undergraduates, allowing Quebec residents to attend McGill, the country’s most renowned university, for about half what it would cost to attend the University of Alberta, the biggest donor province.

Quebec tuition fees have been frozen since 1995, which was in another century. Thanks, Alberta.

There is no other province where half the cost of private secondary schooling is subsidized by the provincial government, which is kind of Quebec’s little secret. The rest of Canada hasn’t heard of that one yet. But when my daughter attended Sacred Heart School for girls in Montreal for five years, the $7,000 annual tuition fees were matched by the government. This is why about 25% of Quebec secondary students attend private schools, as opposed to a national average around 10%. Thanks, Alberta.[snip]

Why does he keep on saying "Thanks, Alberta"? Well Alberta used to be a "have not" province until the big oil fields started really producing. It's the only province in the past decade that hasn't had a out of control deficit. They don't have a provincial sales tax. As well over the past few years the provincial government has been mailing out money to it's citizens as cash bonuses due to all the oil tax revenue it's been pulling in.

Quebec has always screamed for special rights. In fact some of them are enshrined in our constitution. Of course they don't seem to get enough and want more and more and more.

Quebec is also one of the only provinces that have a secessionist party that's ruled the province and at one time the Bloc Quebecois, the federal secessionist party, was the official opposition in the parliament. I think enough is enough and they need to be removed from the public teat that is the rest of Canada.


  1. Alberta sounds like my kind of province....

    speaking french is overrated anyway

  2. J'aime ça, j'aime ça :)

  3. merci Alberta...we did the same thing for you for 50 years in the past........

    1. You don't know what you're talking about. Equalization only started in 1957 and Alberta has been a constant contributor while Quebec has been a constant recipient. Quebec has consistently been a "have-not" province and has received $146 billion from ROC.

  4. Hi, I'm one of your english canadian brother living at Montreal, Quebec. I'm getting used to reed those kind of comments...Alberta paying for us the daycare, scolarship and more! Does someone know that in Quebec we pay more taxes to cover our healt system, scolarship and yes...Daycare! It's a choice we did and we are paying for it. If other want the same then go claim you want to pay more taxes. Google it...14.98%(Quebec) comparing to 5%(Alberta). I also tought to move over Alberta to save taxes... but I have kids...going to the daycare and yes, maybe one day they gonna go to university. Anyways, I don't want them living in one of World's most polluted place...Thanks Alberta!