Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time To Plan An Albertan Vacation.

Environmental groups tick me off. Why? Mostly because of their sanctimonious attitudes. Holier then thou beliefs and how they are living "greener". What did they do this time? Well they are targeting Alberta over the Oil Sands Project.

Controversial oilsands ad could hurt tourism:

By Renata D'aliesio
Desire to travel to Alberta plummeted after potential tourists watched a short video depicting jarring images of toxic tailing ponds, oil-covered ducks, and aboriginals worried about their health as result of oilsands activity, a new survey reveals.

The controversial Rethink Alberta video, created by coalition of mostly U.S. environmental groups, was shown to nearly 4,000 people in Canada, the United States and Britain as part of an Angus Reid survey.

Before watching the video on YouTube, 49 per cent of American respondents and 54 per cent of Britons said they would definitely or probably consider travelling to Alberta destinations such as Calgary, Edmonton or the Rockies for a holiday.

After viewing the advertising campaign, however, only about one-quarter of Americans and Britons said they would still consider visiting Alberta.

"The findings are devastating," said pollster Mario Canseco of Angus Reid. "If enough people use ... social media networks to get the campaign going, it could certainly affect the way people in the U.S. and the U.K. feel about Alberta and hurt the tourism industry."

The Rethink Alberta initiative was launched in mid-July with a video, website, and billboards in four American cities. The group's YouTube posting has been viewed more than 18,000 times. The antioilsands campaign is expected to expand into the United Kingdom.

The Alberta government maintains the ads are riddled with misinformation about the oilsands' environmental record.

Premier Ed Stelmach has gone on a public relations offensive to counter the ads' damaging claims, unleashing a $268,000 marketing effort -- paid for by Alberta taxpayers. He also played up the bitumen bounty's nationwide economic benefits at last week's meeting of premiers and territorial leaders in Winnipeg. [snip]

Personally I think you can tell the way the author of this article leans with the empasised part in the last paragraph. Emphasised by me that is. Of course the government is going to pay for tourism ads. It's what most governments do. There's a lot of disinformation about the oil sands. Almost all of it from the environmental groups that scream about it.

Where are the oil sands? Northern Alberta near Fort McMurray. Here's the Wikipedia article on the oil sands(yeah I know, it's Wikipedia. Have your salt shaker ready for some of the claims). The map of the area showing the extant of the oil sands deposit is illuminating. Also keep in mind that this stuff is just sitting there underground easily reached by digging with backhoes. Therefore it would be considered an environmental hazard all on it's lonesome even if we didn't try to exploit it.

Anyway. There's a video at the link that the environmental groups put out targeting Alberta. If I could afford to, and hadn't already used up my vacation time, That's where I would be headed. It's a great province, great people, and amazing scenery. Also it's one of the few provinces in Canada, if not only one, that has zero to a minor deficit. With no HST or PST. Gotta love it.

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  1. I love Alberta. I'd be headed there right now if I had the money or the time.

    Envirommunists don't care how many people are hurt so long as their moral vanity is served.