Thursday, August 26, 2010

Toronto City Council: Two Rules

Well, here's some interesting tidbits from Toronto Council.

First, What they expect from Rob Ford:
Ford unsure if he can pay back donations:

Rob Ford used council stationary to solicit donations for a charity he manages. Now council, without debate, has decided that he has to pay pack $3,000 to the donors.

Second, what they give to their own people:

Council flouts court to pay councillors’ legal expenses:

Paul Moloney Urban Affairs Reporter

Toronto City Council has decided to pay almost $140,000 to cover the legal expenses of councillors Adrian Heaps and Giorgio Mammoliti despite a recent court decision that they’re not entitled to reimbursement from the public purse.

Council also decided Wednesday night to appeal the Divisional Court ruling that found council exceeded its authority in voting to pay the money in 2008 to cover legal fees the councillors incurred defending themselves against lawsuits for alleged transgression of spending rules during the 2006 municipal elections.

Councillor Doug Holyday, who had pursued the case in Divisional Court at his own expense, said he would be speaking to his lawyer Thursday about the council decision to make “grants” to Heaps and Mammoliti “in the amount of the legal expenses they incurred.”

“The sense of entitlement here is mindboggling,” Holyday said after the closed-door vote. “To say it’s a grant now after the fact is wrong.”

However, Mayor David Miller defended the reimbursement, saying the court decision faulted council for not declaring the public purpose in making the original payments back in 2006.[snip]

Leftists. They need to go, and go now. My tax dollars shouldn't be paying for their largesse.

Joe Warmington from the Toronto Sun has a list of other councillors that have used City money for their pet projects. Where's their censures?

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