Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Green Light on the Red Light?

Well, things have been getting interesting here in the Province of Ontario. First though, a little something from a internet friend of mine Buzzsawmonkey a real wordsmith:

There she was, just a-walkin' down the street
As a commodity-ditty dum ditty do
Shakin' her ass at every man she did meet
Singin' commodity-ditty dum ditty do

They busted (busted!)
Her ass (her ass!)
And she sued then, very fast

Now you walk in Toronto almost every single day
Singin' commodity-ditty dum ditty do
Watchin' the hookers peddling themselves for pay
Singin' commodity-ditty dum ditty do

They degrade (degrade!)
Themselves (themselves!)
So they lay it on the shelf...

Yep, in thirty days if the federal and provincial governments don't appeal it, prostitution will be legal in this wonderful province.

Prostitution laws struck down

Tracey Tyler Legal Affairs Reporter

A Toronto judge has struck down Canada’s prostitution laws, saying provisions meant to protect women and residential neighbourhoods are endangering sex workers’ lives.

If Justice Susan Himel’s decision stands, prostitutes will be able to communicate freely with customers on the street, conduct business in their homes or brothels and hire bodyguards and accountants without exposing them to the risk of criminal sanctions.

The Superior Court judge suspended her ruling from taking effect for 30 days to give the government time to consider how to address potential consequences, including the emergence of unlicensed brothels.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said the federal government is “very concerned” and is seriously considering an appeal of the 131-page ruling.

Alan Young, a lawyer at the forefront of the landmark legal challenge, said it is too early to say whether Tuesday’s decision could open the door to Canada going “the way of Germany with five-storey brothels.”

But to his client, Terri-Jean Bedford, a dominatrix who was convicted in 1998 of keeping a common bawdy house, it was “emancipation day.”

“How am I going to celebrate? I’m going to spank some ass,” Bedford, cracking a riding whip, told reporters.

Bedford and prostitutes Valerie Scott and Amy Lebovitch took on the legal might of the federal and provincial governments, their battle waged on a shoestring legal aid budget and the volunteer services of expert witnesses and lawyers.

Scott said the decision means sex workers no longer have to “worry about being raped, robbed or murdered.”

Himel found Criminal Code prohibitions against keeping a common bawdy house, living on the avails of prostitution and communicating for the purposes of the trade violated the women’s Charter rights to freedom of expression and security of the person.[SNIP]

There's a lot of things in the article about the case. A lot of assumptions too. Is this right? I am divided for a number of reasons. One, the whole liberty and entrepreneurship thing. Others? Lets just say that I know a bit about the whole sex trade industry and it gives me the willies just thinking about it.

Here's this take from someone that is struggling to rescue people from the trade:

Former prostitute 'shocked' by Ont. court decision News Staff

A former sex-trade worker who now helps prostitutes trying to leave the trade, says an Ontario court's decision to strike down Canada's laws surrounding prostitution was a terrible move.

Natasha Falle, who runs StreetLight, a non-profit organization that provides support services for sex workers, and works with the Toronto Police's Sex Crimes Unit, says she was "shocked" by Tuesday's court decision to strike down three provisions of the Criminal Code surrounding prostitution.

"It was very disappointing for me that a judge would determine that this is the best solution for protecting people in the sex trade industry," Falle told CTV's Canada AM Wednesday morning.

The laws prohibited communicating for the purposes of prostitution, keeping a common bawdy house, and living on the avails of the trade.

Justice Susan Himel wrote her in 131-page decision that the laws, "individually and together, force prostitutes to choose between their liberty interest and their right to security of the person as protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

Those who wanted the laws to be quashed say they forced hookers to work the streets, instead of in the safety of their homes. But Falle says decriminalizing all aspects of prostitution is not the solution.

"I don't think Canadians understand what this means. This means, if this decision is to carry through… your next door neighbours can run a brothel right beside you. Your children could be exposed to condoms left on their driveway, johns propositioning them," she said. [SNIP]

Now that's from an insider. What's the sex trade really like? Here's this story from the beginning of September.

A woman's escape from sexual slavery

This is the part I think stood out the most for me:
Lindsay washed Brittany off, but it was becoming more difficult to separate the 24-year-old college student from the 28-year-old mother of three.

By the third weekend, Lindsay understood why Paris was so spaced out.

“It’s like you go into a trance. You don’t feel anymore. You don’t see anymore. You don’t hear anymore. You’re there to do what you need to do and that’s it. You totally lose touch of who you are,” she says.

“I didn’t feel like I was (Lindsay) anymore. I actually felt like I was Brittany. Like I didn’t know who (Lindsay) was or even how to get her back.”

The calls were getting slower. She wasn’t making as much money. Tired and shook, Lindsay wanted out.

But the next weekend was the long weekend. Geoffrey promised things would pick up and Lindsay would see how “some of my girls” pull in $3,000 a night.

She agreed to return on Friday, but said she would only pay him $60 per out-call — nothing more. He agreed.

He put her in a waterfront hotel in downtown Toronto. She could see the CN Tower from her room.

She had one three-hour call on Friday and then nothing. All day Saturday, nothing. She couldn’t get a hold of Geoffrey. She was hungry, tired and isolated.[SNIP]

I think that's one thing most people don't realize. They see movies like "Pretty Woman" or some other such film with the "prostitute with the heart of gold" trope, and think that real life is like that. Or they go to Europe where some countries have red light districts and the industry is highly regulated. Would something like that fit here in Canada, much less Ontario? I don't know. I don't think so though. We are different culturally then Europe for one thing. There is too much about this case and the strike down of these laws that needs to be thought upon.

I for one think this is a wrong decision. If it is allowed to stand, the damage to people and neighborhoods will be too much to pay for supporting someones rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Federal Opposition Parties: Bill C-308

There's something that's been flying under most peoples radar. The federal opposition parties, the Bloc Quebecois, Liberals, and NDP, have put forward a private members bill that will change how Employment Insurance will work. The Conservatives have a bill on the floor as well that will increase the amount of payments workers and employers will pay, but the opposition parties are attacking it because it doesn't do enough for what they want.

Here's a quick take down on why it's bad:

EI needs real fix, not a pogey payday

Bill C-308 would allow for a mere 45-day work year for EI eligibility

By Kevin Gaudet, Guest Columnist

he federal Liberals are joining the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois in fighting the government again over Employment Insurance (EI).

Unfortunately, they aren’t fighting the tax hike planned for Jan. 1, the one that will take more off pay cheques and out of the pockets of employers.

Instead, they are fighting to make EI even easier to get and way more expensive for taxpayers.

Private member’s bill C-308 proposes a myriad of changes, each of which would make EI both easier to access and more generous to receive. The government claims the changes would cost taxpayers anywhere from $2.3 billion to $4 billion a year.

The biggest change proposed would reduce the number of hours worked for EI eligibility, down from 420 hours to only 360 hours. This would allow for a mere 45-day work year.

The TD Bank issued a report in 2009 that estimated this change alone would cost $1 billion. But that’s not all they’re after.

The bill would make permanent the temporary change that added five more weeks of EI benefits; making it permanent at 50 weeks. Payments meanwhile would rise from 55% of earnings to 60% of earnings.

Finally, they want to change the way insurable earnings are calculated, upping it to the average of the highest 12 weeks over the last 12 months.

The bill is silent on how this expensive change would be paid for. EI premiums collected from employees and employers last year totaled $16.9 billion. A $4 billion increase in costs to the program would require a 24% EI premium hike to pay for it. Otherwise, the money would have to come from a permanent massive drain out of general tax revenue. [SNIP]

Unfortunately the opposition party seats out number the Conservatives in parliament. So what they are trying to do is force the government to pay for something that's not really needed. Or that will cause all sorts of issues.

Employment Insurance (EI) has been one of those things that's been abused more then used. People have taken seasonal jobs then taken a pogey holiday. Which can also be extended by taking sponsored training courses. The rules for getting onto EI changed back in the early 90's making it much more difficult to qualify for.

Now what the loyal opposition *cough* want to do is make it easier and pay more. Less time working, slacker qualification rules, and more money, and longer periods allowed to collect it. This will be open to all sorts abuses.

Now the funny thing is that this story has been coasting under the radar. I went to my usual lefty source for news, The Toronto (red) Star and did a search for it. I plugged in the bill number, private members bill, employment insurance, and found exactly nothing. No information what ever.

Next stop The Globe and Mail. Same type of search, nothing, nada, zilch. Now on to the National Post. Same, same. Nothing found. I went back to the Toronto Sun and found another comment article on this bill, and finally a name of the author, Bloc MP Yves Lessard. Time to go digging again...

NOTHING!!!! There is precious little out there in our big name papers about this travesty. What are we doing here sleeping? Come on Canada, it's time to wake up and pay attention to what we are not being told.

I did do a Google search on this bill by the way. Two links I will leave for your perusal. One from a business site, and another from a Union site. Most of the relevant pages I pulled up from Google were from unions supporting this mess.

CFIB Blasts Opposition MPs on “Irresponsible” Employment Insurance Bill


Employment Insurance does need to be fixed, no question about it. There are flaws in the system, some areas of Canada can get it easier then others, and so on. More stuff for me to look into. Until then, we Canadians need to pay more attention to what our government is doing. The Opposition Parties are trying to do an end run and rule by a coalition. We stood up to them when they tried this before, we need to do so again.

Monday, September 27, 2010

How do I respond to this?

I have seen a few things in my life that make me sit up and go "Huh?". Whether it's a blatant lie done by politicians, ramblings by activists, or scenes of pure hatred and stupidity. While scrolling through news links this morning I found one of those "Huh?" moments.

Statements or actions by left wing people shouldn't be surprising to me by now. Unfortunately some seem to go that extra mile and really double down on idiocy. For example this article about a photographic art exhibit in Ottawa. Here's the news article. I recommend going to see it because the descriptions don't really do justice for the images.

Controversial artist brings headlines into the playroom

Dan Robson Staff Reporter
An olive-skinned boy glares ominously, pointing a toy plane towards twin building-block towers — one with a gaping hole, burning with construction paper fire, as toy soldiers fall to the playroom floor.

A boy on a box, covered in a black cloak and hood — his fingers wired with electrodes. A nearly-nude handcuffed boy, eyes screaming in terror as a stuffed dog wraps around his waist.

Abu Ghraib, 9/11 — meet the playroom.

A new series of controversial photographs from artist Jonathan Hobin, called In the Playroom, brings the headlines into the supposedly safe, carefree space of childhood playtime.

“I want people to acknowledge the fact that kids see the scariest things that are out there,” said Hobin of the exhibit, which among other notorious events, includes depictions of Hurricane Katrina, the 2004 tsunami, and the murder of JonBenĂ©t Ramsey.

Hobin, who studied photography at Ryerson, said the photos are intended to tear down to illusion that, in a media-saturated world, children can be sheltered.

“I want people to acknowledge the fact that kids see the scariest things that are out there,” he said. “If you see it, they see it.”

The 30-year-old’s work has been praised by art lovers who have flocked to the Dale Smith Gallery in Ottawa since the exhibit opened on Sept. 17. [snip]

Here's the link to the photo gallery.

I don't know what to say about this, really. I mean using children to depict tragedies? Mind you, using a photographers eye, the images are stunning and arouse all sorts of emotions. The biggest emotion that I have felt though is disgust. This person uses a lot of myth and fallacies to create the images and sometimes promotes continuing myths and stories. As well, why use children to do this? Anyway, this is what we can usually expect for art these days.

Two more articles for your reading seething as well.

Is This Art, Or Parental Stupidity?

The kids are not all right

Friday, September 24, 2010

In Defence of the CBC?

Wow, I don't know where to begin with this one. It appears that the CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) is feeling a little threatened. There are a couple articles in the Toronto Star this morning that are written in "defence" of Canadian culture, and dispelling "myths".

Article One:
Nine Myths About Canadian Culture

It starts off fairly benign, then it goes into T.V. shows, the CBC being underfunded, etc. etc. etc..

I loved this little Myth/Fact response.

4. Fiction: They are shoving Cancon down our throats.

Fact: Canadian content regulations in radio and television have ensured there are Canadian choices that would not otherwise exist, but Canadians also have easy access to most American television, as well as all U.S. movies, music, books and magazines.

The Cancon rules are bogus. They have done more stifling of Canadian creativity then anything else. Example, a radio station has to play at least 10% Canadian content. Any other rules? No. On goes Rush, or Bachman Turner Overdrive, The Guess Who, Neil Young....See a problem yet folks? How many new groups and bands get airplay? I used to hear a few up in my home town area that got radio play on the local radio station. Anything national? Rarely. For t.v. shows it was a bit different. The CBC at one time was considered the guardian and creator of anything Canadian. A few channels now are moving into that market and are creating some wonderful Canadian shows. The CBC is trying, but now they are failing and flailing.

Now the Next article in the Toronto Star:

How to make the CBC viable in the digital age

The CBC’s $1-billion parliamentary allocation sounds like a lot, but when the amount is adjusted for inflation, the broadcaster is receiving $500 million less than it did in 1991.

Before anyone gives the CBC more money, however, we all need to decide what we want the CBC to be.

“If we are serious about having a national public broadcaster — and it’s not always clear that we are — we need to give it a clear mandate and properly fund that mandate. . .” says Alan Sawyer, a consultant in digital media. “If we are serious about it we have to go big: here is what we want.”

So, what do we want? Stursberg’s argument was that in an environment dominated by the American programming on CTV and Global, the CBC’s English service distinguishes itself simply by being Canadian. Not by being non-commercial or high-minded, but by offering Canadian versions of commercial programming formats.

The alternative is to reduce the CBC to some sort of PBS North, funded by many but watched by few.

However, the either-or argument, populist or elitist, is unnecessarily polarizing. Funded, however skimpily, by all taxpayers, the CBC needs to reach many audiences. And in English Canada, serving the entire population with a single, general-interest channel is a particularly difficult task. Canadian content is not, after all, a specific programming niche. [SNIP] (emphasis added by myself)
Whining and winging about how they aren't getting enough money to broadcast Canadian culture. Why should the CBC define Canadian culture? I think that may be a rant for another day actually, "What is Canadian Culture"....back to the topic at hand. The CBC has been the government media for generations now. Ever since it's founding in 1936 it has broadcast all manners of media to the country. In the last thirty years though, probably longer, it has seemed to become more and more the propaganda arm of the left and the Liberal Party of Canada. That's my belief anyway. Your mileage may vary.

Now the third article:

Is a national Canadian culture important? If so, what would it be?

Now we are getting to the meat of the issue.

[SNIP]Canada’s government is not as generous, but operates on the same principle. Ottawa subsidizes the cultural industries with various loans, grants and tax credits, and requires both radio and TV broadcasters to offer specific percentages of Canadian content. Some of these measures have proved highly successful, others much less so, but without them there would be no Canadian popular culture. [SNIP]

I don't believe this argument at all. Popular Canadian culture does exist and would exist even without the funding of the government. How many authors are there that are published? How many movies, dramas, writers, actors, comedians? They are there, we just have to discover them. Some of them stand out and are remembered. Others need maybe a little helping hand. But the cream will rise to the top no matter who. Funded or unfunded.

Further on in the article is where I find my stomach turning:

It is hard to find much philosophical support for cultural nationalism these days. In the universities, political thinkers are queasy about nationalism, an unease they would trace back to the Holocaust and follow forward to Bosnia.

Cultural thinkers, meanwhile, reject attempts to define, let alone mould, national identity as paternalistic and exclusionary. This leaves the stewards of cultural institutions and regulations without much intellectual grounding for their mandate.

Meanwhile, the reach of the Internet and the efficiency of digital technology are softening national boundaries in culture and communications and may erase them outright as they become the sole highway and only vehicle for all media. The digital age will recognize few of our regulations as a flood of foreign content rapidly becomes an ocean.

These university philosophers and political thinkers are trying to kill nationalism. Nationalism is a part of our cultural heritage. This sickness has been fermenting now for almost 40 years with the whole "multicultural mosaic" created by the Trudeau government. The concept where all cultures are equal, and now it means all are equal except Canadian culture.

The Toronto Star is trying hard to defend the doddering institution of the CBC. Of course like draws to like, and left to left. The CBC at one time was a needed institution. No longer. More and more Canadian broadcasting companies are creating Canadian programs. Written here, filmed here, about here. Other Canadians are starting to become modern cultural icons and making their presence known. Here's a good example. How many have seen the t.v. show "FlashForward"? An American show on the ABC channel, unfortunately canceled now. It was based upon a novel by a Canadian writer. Hows that for culture? Anyway enough of this for the day, time to relax and not get my blood pressure up.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gun Registry: The Left Starts The Spin Machine

Well, with the current death of this governments chance of canceling the LGR, left leaning writers are editorializing....

Travers: Reason barely defeats gun registry anger:

By James Travers National Affairs Columnist

Loved by some, hated by others and exaggerated by all, the gun registry has never been just about public safety. Now, in the aftermath of a rancorous Commons vote, it’s mostly about the soaring power of emotion in Canadian politics and the coming federal election.

With decisive help from Jack Layton’s NDP, Liberals rescued the registry from Conservatives last night by narrowly winning a weak argument. Backed by gun crime victims, police chiefs and metropolitan voters, Michael Ignatieff forced a nervous caucus to accept that, on balance, saving the registry Jean Chretien introduced in 1995 is worth the rural political risks.

Coming to that conclusion shouldn’t have taken so long or been that difficult. It wasn’t until this spring that Liberals finally grasped truths Conservatives have long understood. Support is increasingly measured by a party’s depth, not its width. Campaigns are won by emotion as well as reason.[snip]

So, the opposition parties "rescued" the registry from the nasty Conservatives. The way he talks you think that the registry was actually serving a valuable purpose. I still scratch my head at that one.

He goes on to spout this banal piece of opinion:
Mysteriously, they also let Harper slip the handgun hook. Conservatives are rarely forced to explain why a ruling party that makes so much of public anger at the registry is paying so little attention to the majority of Canadians who favor an outright ban on private handguns.

Last time I checked the majority of handgun crimes were committed by ILLEGAL handguns by people that were *gasp* criminals. Yes there are a few handgun crimes that are committed with registered handguns, but they are rare. Handguns are so restricted that only people that require them for other reasons i.e. target shooting competition, own them. The restrictions on owning one is so stiff that most people don't even think about it.

The handgun boogie man has been used continuously since the talk began of the LGR. It appears that 80 years of restricted access and registration with the government has done wonders for stopping crimes with them (sarcasm for those that don't get it).

Anyway Mr. Travers think that the Long Gun Registry is a good thing. The Liberals and the NDP stood up against those evil Conservatives by listening to all those victim groups that sob about how it's a good thing for law and order. Somehow I don't think so.

Gun Registry: It Still Lives

Well, I am a little late on this one. The vote was held yesterday afternoon in the House of Commons. At the time it was still up in the air and unknown what it's status would be. Well, now we know, the bill to abolish the Long Gun Registry was defeated by 153 to 151. Let the dancing begin.

Harper defeated in move to end hunting rifle control:

OTTAWA (AFP) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper's minority government was narrowly defeated on Wednesday in its bid to end controls on hunting rifles and shotguns, in a major political upset.

Parliamentarians voted 153 to 151 to defeat a bill to repeal the long-gun registry act, after a divisive debate that could have lasting repercussions come the next elections.

Still, Harper vowed to continue the fight, which has pitted advocates of gun control against a long tradition of hunting and trapping in Canada.

"The people of the regions of this country are never going to accept being treated like criminals and we will continue our efforts until this registry is finally abolished," he said.

The 15-year-old registry of 6.5 million rifles and shotguns was brought in by a former Liberal government in 1995 in response to the killing of 14 women at Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique six years earlier.

Police and victims groups praise the firearms registry, saying it has contributed to public safety.

But it is hugely unpopular in rural Canada with farmers and hunters, and critics brand it a wasteful attack on law-abiding gun owners. [SNIP]

I love the spinning of this article. The incident at Ecole Polytechnique has been the siren call of the left for more gun control. One thing that has been done is that ALL semi-automatic rifles are now considered restricted weapons. At the same level as handguns. Secondly when they talk about support from the police? The majority of the line officers don't support it. Only all the police chiefs and association supported the registry. Here in Canada most Police chiefs are practically political positions.

Anyway, the spinning, screaming, and yelling is going to be ramped up. By the way this vote was considered a free vote. Unless you were NDP or Liberal. The Liberal party didn't want to see their frankenstein monster die so they whipped their party into line and voted to keep this waste of taxpayer money.

From Iggy:
"This is an emotional issue," said Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.

"I feel now we have shown to what extent the Liberal Party is ... united on this issue," he said. "We support victims. We support emergency-room doctors and police forces."

Somehow I don't believe a single word he says.

The bright side in all this? Well lets go back to the press room....

Gun vote switchers, you're going down: Harper

Prime Minister Stephen Harper cast the defeat as the springboard for the Conservative party effort to increase support in its rural base.

"After 15 years opposition to the long gun registry is stronger than it has ever been," he said.

"The people of the regions of this country are never going to accept being treated like criminals and we will continue our efforts until this registry is finally abolished."

It's in Canada's nooks and crannies where the issue of the gun registry is most divisive, a fact not lost on politicians from rural ridings who wrestled with what to do with their votes.

Fourteen opposition MPs switched their positions and cast votes to save the register. They will face the full fury of a formidable Conservative election machine aimed at steamrolling them in the next campaign. Those MPs have already been served a sample of what awaits them. Online ads, radio spots and phone-bank canvassing was part of the pre-vote campaign to compel them to maintain their original votes.

Tory MP Candice Hoeppner, who sponsored the bill, said the eight Liberals and six New Democrats who did an about-face will pay the price at the ballot box.

"We won't give up the fight. This isn't the end, this is just the beginning."

Even as the votes were being counted, the Tory push was on.

Newfoundland MP Scott Simms had been one of the eight in his caucus who had opposed the registry up until now. His reason for switching packed an emotional wallop. He told fellow Liberals during a wrenching caucus meeting that his father committed suicide with a rifle in June.

Simms received a warm round of applause from his colleagues after he voted, and a shout from across the floor: "they won't be clapping for you when you lose your seats."[SNIP]

One more article link and then I am done on this for the day...
Tories vow to use gun registry vote as ammo

Thank you opposition parties. You have just given the Conservative Party the means to defeat you in the next election.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today is a BIG day.

Well it's here, the long awaited vote on the canceling of the Long Gun Registry. The pie in the sky program created by the Chretien Liberal government as a way to lower violent gun crimes. From where I sit now, 15 years later and 100 miles south of when it came into effect, I don't see a drop in gun crimes. In fact the amount of HAND gun crimes appears to have risen a fair amount. Oh, that's right. Hand guns have been restricted weapons since the 1930's.

The whole argument that's been raised now is that it's a women's safety issue. Those evil gun toting men are using their scary fire arms to keep their "wimmen" in line. Seriously, that's the whole gist of this article on one of the unknown votes from an NDP member from the prairies.

NDP MP target of women's groups on registry:

By Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press

OTTAWA - A rookie rural Manitoba MP will cast one of the most challenging votes of her young political career when the fate of the long-gun registry is decided Wednesday.

Niki Ashton is the sole New Democrat who has not publicly declared whether she's going to maintain her stand in favour of scrapping the registry. There appear to be enough opposition votes in favour of keeping the registry so even if she votes in favour of scrapping it, the bill itself will likely fail.

But that isn't stopping a group of women's advocates and politicians on both sides of the issue from imploring the 28-year-old MP who has long been an advocate on rural women's issues to think hard about her decision.

The women's groups say the registry is crucial to preventing violence and that women will die if the registry is abolished. [SNIP]

Fear mongering. It's what's on the side of the left mostly. Those evil guns are going to be used to kill the women. Therefore we most know who owns all these firearms. I don't know about you, but the minute people start restricting rights and freedoms, I get nervous.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ahhhh, I love our current diplomats.

Well the Iranian president addressed the UN General Assembly again. And once again, Canadian diplomats stood up and walked out in protest.

Canada boycotts Iranian leader's speech at UN:

By Lee-Anne Goodman, The Canadian Press

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Canadian diplomats at the United Nations, including Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon, boycotted a speech Tuesday by the president of Iran.

In recent years Canadian officials, along with those from other Western nations, have made a show of walking out on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad whenever he addresses the UN General Assembly.

It's meant as a form of protest against Iran's human rights record and controversial nuclear program.[SNIP]

Why this maniac is given such a bully pulpit consistently, I don't understand. He's verbally assaulted Israel, his regime supports terrorists of all stripes. In fact there could be grounds for calling the government of Iran a terrorist organization.

It's days like this that I wonder why we are even a part of the United Nations.

Mayoral Race Updates

Well, this week is off to an interesting start. A new poll has come out which places Rob Ford miles ahead of the other contenders.

Rob Ford opens huge lead in mayors race.

Yep, now the mud slinging is really about to begin. The trouble is, who's slinging what at who? I mean aside from Ford, all the other candidates seem to be opening up on each other. Even though they are attacking Ford, they also seem to be doing drive by smearing of their other opponents.

Candidates target Ford:

I mean, some of these candidates don't have a snow balls chance at all. Why are they even still running?

Even funnier is that the Toronto (Red) Star is starting to jump on the other candidates. Well except for Smitherman, who is their candidate that they are backing.

The Smell Test: Rossi’s Toronto Tunnel
Mafia-themed ads go over like stale cannoli

Some writers are still slamming Ford as much as possible. One of the blogs I read almost daily, Scaramouche, has a good take on Heather Mallicks recent "editorial" about Rob Ford.

I think that's enough link dumping for the mayoral race today. Time to go diving for other news and info to keep our eyes on.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hey Mikey, STFU!

Well, guess who has opened his big yap about our country's shameful treatment of "war dodgers". I call them deserters and traitors, but that's a different opinion. Anyway. Michael Moore, who even the Toronto Star calls left wing, says our government should accept these deserters from the American military.

Michael Moore calls Canada ‘shameful’ on U.S. war dodgers:

Colin Perkel The Canadian Press

Renowned left-wing American documentary maker Michael Moore on Thursday blasted Canada’s position on U.S. war dodgers as shameful.

Speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival, Moore said Ottawa’s refusal to allow U.S. soldiers opposed to the war in Iraq to find safe haven in this country betrays what the country once stood for.

“It is absolutely shameful how Canada has behaved toward those who have resisted this war,” Moore said.

“It’s not the Canada that we used to know.”

Moore, who has produced several acclaimed documentaries, noted Canada was sympathetic to American soldiers who refused to fight in Vietnam in the 1970s.

Draft dodgers who fled the U.S. for Canada were allowed to stay here and many became productive citizens, even after they were allowed to return home.[SNIP]

There is a difference between 1970 and 2002. Mainly the American military is a pure voluntary army. You don't join the army not expecting to go to war. That's what armies train for. So using the excuse that the Iraq, or Afghanistan war, is an illegal war is just a tissue covering.

These aren't refugees, they aren't being persecuted, they need to be shipped home and face the music.

The crying shame is that our immigration boards and refugee hearings are such a joke. They are currently on appeals, and hearings ad naseum.

Another thing as well about Mikey Moore. Not only is he a left wing windbag, his "documentaries" are more fiction then truth. Some of the best totalitarian propaganda ministers would worship at his feet for the way he manipulates the truth.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Soros Suing Sun TV....

Really, that's the gist of the headline. This whole kerfuffle is all because a organization based in the States, supported by Margaret Atwood, want to shut down OUR free speech. The up shot is that the VIP, who does have ties to the Prime Minister, had to step down due to some "inflammatory comments" he made about the online petition set up by Avaaz, another American organization.

So what's going on here? Where do these bloody leftists get the gumption to try to tell us Canadians what's right to watch, listen, and read? The irony of the whole case is that Peggy is one of the leaders of a FREE SPEECH organization. What? It doesn't apply to her home country? Sun TV isn't allowed because it's right wing "hate speech"? Apparently she's suing as well. Avaaz has also asked the RCMP to investigate their online petition because there are false names on it.

Click through the link. There's a video with an interview of one of the Avaaz idiots. Some of my sources say it looks like his back drop is Central Park in New York City.

Hat Tip: Blazing Cat Fur.

Rob Ford Faces Law Suit

Well, well, well. It appears that someone is upset about Rob Ford.

Restaurant says they are being exploited by Rob Ford (Toronto[Red] Star):

Robyn Doolittle Urban Affairs Reporter
The restaurateur family caught in the middle of a divisive election issue says they are being exploited for political gain and have initiated legal action against frontrunner Rob Ford.

George Foulidis, owner of Tuggs Inc., has accused Ford of insinuating he bribed a local politician to help his family secure a 20-year exclusive vending rights contract in the Eastern Beaches.

Often using the Tuggs deal as exhibit A, Ford has propelled his campaign into the lead with promises to end the wasteful spending and backroom deals at city hall.

In the Toronto Sun, the crusading conservative said the Tuggs contract “smacks of civic corruption” and “stinks to high heaven.” Ford is quoted to have said: “it’s confidential and I wish you guys knew what happened behind closed doors.”[SNIP]

Yeah, this was a big deal. No tenders, not open to bids for other business, and this guy is being "libeled" by Rob Ford. It is interesting that the deal was so secretive. The whole deal was just revealed in last week or so.

Whiner goes on to say...
“Everything Ford has said about us is lies. He will say anything to get elected. And in an attempt to become mayor he has publicly accused my family of corruption — and he professes to stand for the small businessman,” Foulidis said.

Foulidis said picking a fight with a wealthy mayoral candidate is not something he wants to do, but his family has no choice.

“We stayed quiet initially, but this has become one of the main issues in the mayor’s race,” said Foulidis. “Rob Ford is going out of his way to say we are no good and corrupt. If we don’t come to our own defence, than reasonable people might believe it.”

At Councillor Sandra Bussin’s urging in 2006, city council controversially voted to award the contract to Tuggs without putting it to tender, against the advice of city staff.

Actually buddy, Rob Ford has been attacking Bussin and Council for going this route. It just so happened that you were the beneficiary. I bet if this was done and some one else was awarded the contract Foulidis would be screaming to the high heavens.

I have eaten at the Boardwalk Pub. It's got a great location right by the Beaches and right off the boardwalk. As well having the other concession stands up and down the area off the beach means it's a money maker in the summer. $200,000 yearly rent? For about 4 concession stands total? Something stinks.

I wonder if this suit goes to trial what the discovery process will dig up. Knowing Ford, he won't knuckle under to this attempt to muzzle him.

Here's another article from the Globe and Mail about some details of the contract.

More details from the Toronto Sun

Exit question: If a lessee low balls his figure in negotiations won't they leaser highball their's? The first offer from Tuggs was $250,000 a year....

Tories are backing a Liberal?

Well, I opened up my news links to see what was going on in the world and Toronto. The Toronto (Red) Star had an article that practically jumped out at me.

Tories Back Smitherman:

John Goddard Staff Reporter
Ads by Google

Former provincial Liberal cabinet minister George Smitherman, trying to stop the Rob Ford mayoral juggernaut, has attracted endorsements from high-profile Tories, including Mike Harris-era cabinet ministers.

“We’re conservatives. He’s a Liberal,” begins an open letter titled “Why We Support George” that includes the names of almost 40 provincial and federal Conservatives, including former citizenship, culture and recreation minister Isabel Basset.

She circulated the email at the request of his campaign, said Stefan Baranski, a spokesman for the candidate and former Conservative communications aide who is himself a signatory. Others include Jamie Watt, a strategist and senior Smitherman campaign adviser.

“He’s tough. But he’s fair,” says the letter also signed by former ministers Charles Harnick (attorney-general) and Dan Newman (environment). He “is the only candidate who has said it’s the mayor’s job to create the climate where businesses will thrive and jobs will be created right here,” the signatories say.[SNIP]

Okay, I was seething when I read that first part of the paragraph. What the hell are a bunch of Tories doing backing a former Liberal in a mayoral race? They appear to be trying to paint him as a fiscal conservative or something. This is a man that lost over a billion dollars while he was managing the Health Ministry trying to implement e-health. I got a kick out of this sentence though:
While Conservatives often attacked Smitherman in the Legislature over his handling of the money-burning eHealth initiative, signatories including Conservative senators Nancy Ruth and Vim Kochhar lauded his work reducing hospital wait times and cutting nearly $600 million a year from Ontario’s health budget.

Oh nice, he managed to "cut" $600 million dollars. What's the total budget of our provincial health care? This years figures say it's about $46.1 BILLION!! So if my calculating is correct, he managed to shave a whole 1.2% off the budget. Now throw in how much he bungled.....$1 billion, and..awww nevermind. This is the guy that will help save Toronto and fix it's budget?

There is a spot of good news though in the story. I was getting all fired up and ready to do a name search of all the people that signed this letter. Get the war drums fired up and ready the tar and feathers. The good news is that none of these useless idiots are currently sitting members. Now, maybe I will go hunting for that letter anyway and have it spread around. The Progressive Conservatives need to take a look at their leadership. We don't need this whole "cross the aisle" bi-partianship. Especially in our mayoral race.

I may update this later if I find the letter.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

McGuinty Must Be A Nut

October 2011 can't come soon enough. Premier Dalton McGuinty(or McLiar, McSquinty) of the Ontario Provincial Liberal party (aka Fiberals). Just doesn't get it. Ontario has gone from a "Have" province to "Have Not". For all our international readers that means instead of our money being distributed to other provinces the Federal government gives us more.

What's all this about? Well back around the beginning of July the Liberals got their way and harmonized, what a lovely word, the federal sales tax with the provincial sales tax. That meant that a lot of services that carried only one tax now carried a whole bunch more tax.

Here's what's got me going on this.

Ontario will benefit if B.C. kills HST: McGuinty

Dalton McGuinty says Ontario will benefit if British Columbia decides to kill its controversial harmonized sales tax.

He says it will give Ontario — which also implemented the HST on July 1 — a competitive advantage.

His comments come after the B.C. government promised to scrap the unpopular HST if a majority of people in that province vote to repeal it.

B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell says he’ll forego official rules and turn next September’s referendum into an election-style simple majority vote on the future of the tax.

That vote will happen during Ontario’s next provincial election campaign, which McGuinty says will be Ontario’s referendum on the HST.

Many Ontario residents have voiced their dissatisfaction with the tax, but there’s been no movement like the one in B.C. to get rid of it.

So, a higher taxed province will have a competitive edge over one with a lower tax? I think he lives through the looking glass and has tea with the Red Queen and White Knight.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ism, A video story.

Okay, I don't have the embed code available at hand. When I get around to it at home I will do it up properly. Until then, I believe this video on "Ism's" should be required viewing by everyone. The stealth of socialism can lead to dangerous things.


Okay, finally remembered to get the embed code...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 I Remember

As I sit here thinking, it's been nine years since it happened. Things changed on that day. A lot of us were scared, stunned and shocked about the event that happened. Where was I? Well that's a story and a half.

September 11th 2001, 9AM approximately. I was up visiting my father and his girlfriend. I had been up there for a couple days already relaxing and enjoying some vacation time that I was long over due. That morning we were sitting down to breakfast listening to the radio. Half way through our morning meal an announcer came over with a breaking news flash that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. No details at the time. Just the basic information. Me with my knowledge of planes and flying, thought it was a small plane and an accident.

I finished my meal and went into the living room to turn on the t.v. to get an update to the story. Boy, what an update I got. Just after I tuned into a news station, seeing the smoke billowing from the first building hit, I saw the second plane fly into the other tower. I was riveted to the couch and didn't move for the rest of the morning. My father and his girlfriend moved in and out of the living room while I sat there glued to the t.v. watching the horror that was being perpetrated upon the United States of America.

I saw both towers fall. I remember the panic and all the fear coming from the talking heads. Tales of missing flights, unreported crashes, it was insanity. Pictures from the Pentagon from the plane hitting the outermost ring. I found myself wrapped in a comforter because I was cold. the day was gorgeous out. A balmy 22 degrees celsius for the time of year and location. I had to curl up in a blanket because I was cold. Thinking back now, I was undergoing shock.

I watched as different nations spoke up and said their piece. I remember seeing a clip on CNN of Palestinians dancing in the street and cheering. I seethed at that. The calls of sympathy and nations standing with the U.S.A. though assauged my soul. Still, I cried. I cried for the lost souls in the WTC, the planes, and all those that also died that day.

The airways were shut down over North America. Funny, the quiet, and empty skies were something to see. No contrails, no sounds of jets. Nothing. North America was quiet in mourning.

There is so much that has changed since that day. I stood up and started learning and paying attention. I will admit that I have gone down some wrong roads. I was almost a Troofer(some one that believes that 9/11 was a conspiracy of the U.S. government), but I managed to avoid a cranial rectal inversion. I learned about our enemies. Or I should say, I relearned. They are out there waiting for us to go back to sleep.

I just have one thing to say. REMEMBER!!! NEVER FORGET, NEVER FORGIVE!!!

Watch, listen, remember.....


These are the people that celebrated....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

TEA, Parties, and Mixing the Two

Well, today started off fairly quiet. I didn't see anything that got my spleen outraged. I did run across a editorial from someone living in La Belle Province. Yep Quebec. I will link it here and give you a teaser first.

Time for a real debate in Quebec:


Last week, five of my friends and I decided enough is enough.

After 50 years of endless constitutional debate in Quebec, where every single election at every level is an excuse for a fight between the Yes and the No camps, we decided there needs to be a real debate during the next elections, between those who support the status quo of a big government and those who want it to go on a diet.

We launched a grassroots movement: Reseau Liberte-Quebec (Quebec Freedom Network). The media have already dubbed us the Quebec Tea Party without a social conservative wing. It’s not that we hate so-cons in Quebec, it’s just that our religious background is different.

Even if over 80% of Quebecers are Catholic, our attendance in church is much poorer than anywhere else in North America and, not surprisingly, we are much more liberal on social issues.

The stirring of Quebec’s right comes from fiscal conservatism, from those of us looking for more individual freedom and personal responsibility. It’s our own Quebecer version of the Unite the Right movement!

Quebec has always lagged behind when it comes to public indebtedness, high taxes and state interventionism. We believe it’s more than time that we promote change and recover common sense.

One of the big problems in Quebec is that, for years, when you attacked the increase in the involvement of the state in our economy, you were told you hated Quebec. A few months ago, when Conservative MP Maxime Bernier made a speech about the importance of reducing the size and role of government, Raymond Bachand, the Liberal Finance Minister, accused him of Quebec bashing.[SNIP]

Quebec isn't the only location where people are starting to re-think their political ideas. Big government isn't working. More and more people are seeing their hard earned income disappear into the ether that is called provincial, or federal, budgets. All levels of government are running huge deficits and delivering what seems to be less and less services.

In fact there's another person who has started up a Tea Party Movement here in Canada. We are using the acronym Taxed Enough Already.

Is the Tea Party Canada-bound?:
By BRIAN LILLEY, Parliamentary Bureau
OTTAWA - Are Canadians getting fed up with government regulations, rules and taxes? The man behind an attempt to start a Tea Party movement in Canada hopes so.

This past weekend hundreds of thousands of Americans flocked to Washington for a rally about taking back their country. They came to hear speakers such as Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, and although not explicitly a Tea Party event, the crowd drew many from the movement that calls for government to get government off the backs of hard working people.

Andrew Lawton wants to bring that spirit to Canada.

Lawton, a conservative-leaning activist from London, Ont., is one of the organizers behind an online attempt to start a Tea Party movement in Canada.

Starting with a Facebook group, Lawton says there are plans for rallies this fall in Ottawa and Quebec City. Other cities may be added.

There are differences between the two countries Lawton acknowledges but adds the basis of the movement is the same.

“The issues differ but the ideology stays the same. Advocating for smaller government, freedom and letting people live their own lives.”

“One person came up to me recently and said that freedom is an American value,” said Lawton. “That’s not true. It’s an attitude I want to change.” [SNIP]

The patience of Canadians is running out. There was a lot of talk about this in the right wing blogosphere about this. Some for it, some against it, some comparing this movement to what happened in the early 90's when the conservative vote was split between the Reform Party and the Progressive Conservatives.

I see this new movement that is stirring in Canada as a political view rather then a party. If more Canadians stand up and voice their opinions, be it in blogs like this, letters to the editor, or at the ballot box, we actually may see a change coming.

As we look upon the wastes of government spending started by Liberal governments and policies, we are sickened by what was promised and what hasn't been delivered. Canadians have been branded as polite people. There comes a time though when politeness is stretched to the breaking point and the people rise up enmass and say "ENOUGH!!"

We will have to see what happens and where this goes. If the timings are right I will be going out to make my voice heard in as many ways as possible. No more muttering into my Timmies coffee mug!*

*a line I heard from a great blogger Kathy Shaidle in a talk she gave a few months ago.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Toronto Municipal Stuff

Well, I have been quiet today. A little tired and doing some wool gathering. Two articles from the Toronto Sun today. One about a Smitherman, not the mayoral candidate, and a good transit plan from Rob Ford.

First the other Smitherman

Smitherman's brother backs Ford for mayor:

If there wasn’t a family feud before, there might be one now.

Arthur Smitherman — the older brother of mayoral candidate, George — is running for a Toronto city council seat and has thrown his support behind his brother’s main rival, Councillor Rob Ford.

“I have no axe to grind here, I just don’t appreciate left-thinking political philosophy,” Smitherman said Tuesday. “No, I don’t (support George), I’m supporting Rob Ford.”

Smitherman, 54, registered to run last week against incumbent Councillor Anthony Perruzza in York West (Ward 8).

The big rig driver said he has had an interest in politics for some time; he had lived in the Jane St.-Finch Ave. area ward for four years but recently moved elsewhere in the city.

“I sense that this is good timing, I think that people are getting very apathetic with the news they are hearing and they are getting sick of it,” he said. “I’m registered (to run), I’m very serious, I have very good demographics in Ward 8 that are suitable for me ... I feel like I’m identifying with the people.”

The elder Smitherman feels he has something to give Toronto.[SNIP]

Ahhh family. I hope Arthur Smitherman does well in is election bid. Council needs many more conservatives on it.

Next, Rob Ford unveiled his transportation plan for the city of Toronto.

Ford vows subways over streetcars:

Mayoral candidate Rob Ford promises to build a 12-km Sheppard subway and link the Bloor-Danforth line to Scarborough Town Centre by 2015.

Cost of the expansion will be $4 billion. Ford said he plans to work with the province to reallocate money already on the table for the Toronto Transit Commission in the Transit City plan.

The difference, he said, could be paid for through selling development rights along the subway corridor to the private sector.

Ford also vows to end what he calls City Hall's "war on the car" by removing some downtown streetcar lines and replacing them with buses, eliminating $250 million in road repair backlogs by 2014 and spending another $400 million in "critical road improvements", which aren't specified.

"It's time to get traffic moving and connect to connect people with jobs," said Ford in a press release issued Wednesday. "For years, City Hall has tackled gridlock by declaring war on cars in Toronto - the city has eliminated lanes from busy roadways, increased parking charges, ignored roadway repairs and generally made life miserable for all commuters."[SNIP]

Lots of good ideas in there. Finish the Sheppard line and remove it as a joke it's become. Removing streetcars from a good number of downtown streets is a great idea. People who think that they are a great idea should see what happens in intersections in the middle of snow storms. Or rush hour traffic. Oh and here's some free advice for Rob Ford. If the Sheppard line is completed, don't sell off all the digging equipment. If we keep it, we can plan subways along more corridors and won't have to shell out those big bucks every time.

Yeah, after the Sheppard line was completed, the city council and the TTC sold off the construction equipment. Nice bits of future thinking there morons.

Let the Whining Begin

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since the alleged terrorists were arrested in Ottawa, and now CAIR-CAN has decided that the need to put a spin on the news.

Muslims concerned about image following arrests:

The Ottawa Muslim community has made great strides in establishing itself as an integrated and understood part of the city's fabric but recent high-profile arrests threaten to hinder that progress, say some Muslim leaders.

That was the impetus of a grassroots meeting Monday to discuss how to further establish trust and promote understanding about city Muslims.

Ihsaan Gardee, executive director of the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN), said it was a meeting of minds to discuss the implications of the arrests.

I don't know about you, but anytime I hear the acronym CAIR, by BS detector pegs all the way to the right. Why do you ask? Well lets look at these lines and statements...

Gardee said it's a growing concern to ensure that people are able to understand the difference between the few and the many.

"People have expressed a lot of support, saying that they recognize these are charges against individuals and not against a community or faith group, but there's natural concern about how the community would be perceived."

Another Muslim leader agreed that some now view the community in a different light because of the arrests.

"There are suspicions of the community," said Salah Basalamah, spokesperson for the organization Muslim Presence.

I am sorry, but when you get members from a particular "community" that are constantly arrested for plotting terrorists acts, of course the public is going to start giving them the stink eye. Let's see here, how many stories about terrorist acts involve any other group of people? Quick Captain to the google search...
Okay, after a little sifting I ran across only one mention of Sikhs, which were responsible for the Air India bombing. That was years ago and the condemnation from the Sikh community was deafening.

Here's the search string I used if you want to have a gander yourself. CAIR US and CAIR CAN seem to be worried about image. Very rarely do they speak out against islamic terrorists. People may be worried about the muslim community. From a lot of stuff I have seen here and there, should we be? Or the question should be, are we worried enough?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Catch and Release? Great for fish, not so for pirates

Well it's Tuesday and there's more insanity out there.

Pirate release policy troubled Ottawa:

By Murray Brewster, The Canadian Press

OTTAWA - Ottawa was so embarrassed by the "catch-and-release conundrum" involving Somali pirates last year that it ordered the navy not to take any prisoners unless they had an iron-clad case that would stand up in court, say federal documents.

The policy change happened in the spring of last year and meant sailors would stand aside unless they actually saw the "commission of an act of piracy, or armed robbery generally defined as illegal use of violence" on the high seas.

At the time, the frigate HMCS Winnipeg was patrolling the northwest Indian Ocean as part of a NATO anti-piracy operation.

"Only in situations where HMCS Winnipeg apprehends persons during its current anti-piracy operations and where it believes that sufficient evidence exists that could lead to a prosecutable case" would prisoners be taken, said a May 29, 2009 letter asking Defence Minister Peter MacKay to approve the new policy.

"In cases where HMCS Winnipeg has reasonable grounds to suspect that persons encountered at sea are involved in piracy but where no evidence exists to prove an act of piracy was committed, the expectation is that no detainees would be taken."

The documents were obtained by The Canadian Press under the access to information law.[SNIP]

It's sad isn't it? We are more worried about evidence to prosecute crimes then we are about safety at sea. Why should we be worrying about enough evidence to prosecute? After all we know that most of these pirates will lie their asses off about their activities. Small boats miles from shore, over the horizon actually aren't just fishing.

Well fishing for fish that is. There are so many pirates from that area of Africa that I would be shocked to find that there are still fisherman launching their boats. Most of the people that have heard about the lucrative money that can be gotten from piracy toss their nets aside, pick up RPG's and rifles to look for the good life. In fact, in Somalia there are Pirate Exchanges where people can buy shares in upcoming ventures.

The trouble is that the west has gotten soft this way. We try to extend our legal rights to terrorists and pirates. We should be extending the laws of the seas to these pirates. Usually in the past that meant a short shipboard trial and then a short drop. Until navies and governments of the world start enforcing this, all the pirates will continue with their actions knowing that they just have to toss all their weapons overboard and lie through their teeth. With no consequences they will continue on with their new way of life.

Monday, September 6, 2010

There's No Fun In Toronto!

Or that's what one columnist would want when he's done banning all the neat stuff:

Fiorito: It’s time we killed the air show

(I am copying the entire article for your seething needs)
On Saturday in Parkdale, high winds accomplished what common sense could not.

The air show was grounded.

But it was business as usual afterwards, and there is no sweet way to say this: The sound of warplanes over this city is the sound of death.

It’s time we killed the air show.

Canada has no need of American fighter jets, nor do we need to thump our chests on a holiday weekend best suited to the quiet appreciation of the corn dog.

We are not at risk of invasion.

Even if we were, our enemies — if we actually have any, and if they are intent on taking us by force — are certainly not going to be deterred by a yearly show of military might above the rooftops of the west end.

Maybe you like the air show. I understand that some people prefer vicarious thrills; even I am not immune to the naked charms of roaring, throbbing, rivet-rattling power.

Those things have their place.

That place ain’t here.

Unless, of course, you think it is useful and instructive to remind your neighbours, many of whom come from war-torn countries — Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq — that they are lucky to live in Toronto, except when the jet fighters are in town.

You may disagree. You may also wish to equate your love for high-speed stunts and flybys with support for the troops; sorry, that stale stuff is the refuge of scoundrels.

But even if you think we were saved by the warriors of a generation ago — and my father, and three of his brothers served, and two were wounded, and one died as a result of his wounds — then surely what they saved was my right to an opinion.

The air show is a dodo.

You remain free to disagree. You may even believe that the trump card is the bravery and the skill of the pilots. Let me remind you that the pilot whose warplane crashed at the air show in Alberta a month or so ago was also brave and highly skilled. I’m glad he’s safe, but his big expensive ball of flaming wreckage advanced no one’s cause, nor did it make us safer.

The reverse is true.

The reason the big fighter planes — and the little crop dusters — restrict their stunts to the air space above the lake is precisely because of the risk of fireballs. Go slip the surly bonds of earth and touch the face of God someplace else.

Because even if the air show stunts take place over water, the planes turn swift and low over our rooftops, loud enough to rattle windows, wake babies, disturb the elderly, frighten dogs, prevent shift workers from knitting up the ravelled sleeve of care, and cause the sick at St. Joe’s to roll over in their beds of pain.

Such is the price of your thrill.

Let me remind you that the Indy races, held on the grounds of the Ex, are also a thing of the past; performance car races serve no useful purpose unless it is to wreck machinery, ruin eardrums and waste fossil fuel.

Let’s kill two birds with one stone:

I say we replace the air show — and the Indy race — with the biggest, fastest, most technologically advanced electric car race in the world, with huge prizes and glorious honour for the winners.

Let us hold that race — did I mention it would be fast? And thrilling? And quiet? — on the last weekend of the CNE. Because we do not need to bask in the militarism of the past; we need to marvel at the possibility of the future.

Joe Fiorito appears Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Sounds of death? This idiot just doesn't get it. Too noisy? Come on, I have had to deal with more noise just from rush hour traffic or construction. This guy thinks that anything neat noisy and laced with testosterone is for the past. Then again what can I expect from the ever growing metrosexuality of the Toronto (Red) Star?

Most airshows have a military component to them. Not all of the displays are military in nature. There are a lot of civilian stunt pilots that live for the thrill of performing.

I was disappointed on the Saturday show cancellation. I was understanding though considering the weather conditions. I do know that looking over the line up for the Canadian International Air Show, it seemed rather sparse for the BIG air show in Ontario.

I guess there are too many regulations and complaints from the no-joys here in Toronto. I mean these people are terrified of close formation jets flying over the downtown core? Give me a break! I pet some of these namby, pampby meterosexuals fudge their huggies if a car back fires anywhere near them.

I look at air shows as pure enjoyment. Where pilots get a chance to show off their years of skill in pure exultation of the power of man over nature. "Death" defying stunts of daring do that the crowds oooh and ahhhh over. The stunts appear to us the ground based observer to be risky. And yes sometimes they are. It takes great skill for the pilots to make it seem effortless and risky. They train for years, and years at great heights to eventually bring the experience to the masses.

If the Air Show ever gets canned I think there will be a lot of disappointed people. Me for one as well. The memories I had of watching wide eyed, and mouth opened in awe of these Paladins of Steel and Air.

Joe Fiorito should find a nice safe location and wrap himself in cotton batting for protection. Oh, and that idea about an electric car race? How boring can you get?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Free Speech Author Against New News Channel

Well, what can I say? It appears Canadian author Margaret Atwood is vehemently opposed to a new "right wing" news channel. The irony abounds.

Margaret Atwood takes on ‘Fox News North’:

Jane Taber

Margaret Atwood is criticizing Stephen Harper over what she sees as his dictatorial approach to regulating the airwaves.

The literary icon has signed an online petition aimed at keeping a “Fox News North” channel off the air in Canada. But it’s not the idea of a right-wing television station she’s objecting to. Rather, the prolific and celebrated writer doesn’t like the Prime Minister’s style of governing.

“Of course Fox & Co. can set up a channel or whatever they want to do, if it's legal etc.,” she told The Globe and Mail in an email. “But it shouldn't happen this way. It's like the head-of-census affair – gov't direct meddling in affairs that are supposed to be arm's length – so do what they say or they fire you.

“It's part of the ‘I make the rules around here,’ Harper-is-a-king thing,” she wrote.

Her involvement sparked a debate on Twitter with conservative blogger Stephen Taylor and Sun Media’s Ottawa bureau chief, David Akin, Tuesday night. Both men say she is accusing the Sun – which is seeking to launch a right-wing TV channel – of “hate speech.” [snip]

Ahhh, that whole "hate speech" canard. It seems that if a news channel isn't to a left wingers liking it's all about hate. Margaret Atwood's big novel was "The Handmaidens Tale". Where she paints fundamental Christians as a Taliban like regime in the future. Now she's attacking a Conservative government and a news channel that is trying to get started.

When she was asked about CBC (Canada Broadcasting Corporation), which is directly funded by the government of Canada, here's what she had to say...
Like many Tories, Mr. Taylor also takes issue with the government funding of the CBC. As such, he asked Ms. Atwood: “Is the CBC and its compulsory funding essential to ‘free speech’ or against it in your view?”

But the author held her own, firing back with a quip about Munir Sheikh, who resigned as head of Statistics Canada over the government’s changes to the census.

“Naughty Stephen,” she said. “We're not talking about the CBC but about the coercion of an arm's length person, like Census head.”

So I guess she's okay with a left wing propaganda arm directly funded by the federal government then? Of course she is. It makes her feel good since it gives her good media reviews and fawning interviews.

One of the issues that she raises, out of misinformation I believe, is that the new SunTV will be funded out of the CRTC cable fees. I have to shake my head at that. I decided to check what I got in a basic cable package. For Basic Cable at $31.49/month (plus HST), the only full time news channels I get is CBC News Network and CP24. If I want more news networks like CTV news, CNN, or even Fox News, I have to pay more. Actually if I want to get Fox News, I have to get the "News Package" for an extra $4.99/month(plus taxes).

Personally I think Atwood is full of it and needs to get off her soap box. Then again this is Canada. The Nanny State is in charge and freedom of speech can be curtailed just by yelling "HATE SPEECH" loud enough and often enough.

We NEED SunTV more then ever to get a balanced perspective of the world around us. I hope the petition bombs and the hearings which are slated to start on November 19th give the new channel clear sailing.

Oh and BTW, the comment section in the Globe is a sewer. Very enlightening to be sure in the leftist state of mind.


Well, well, well, well, it appears there's a campaign that's been launched against SunTV from the U.S.A.!

Anti-Sun TV News campaign in U.S.:

By BRIAN LILLEY, QMI Agency Parliamentary Bureau
OTTAWA - A far left-wing American lobby group funded by U.S. billionaire George Soros wants you to be scared, very scared. There might soon be more competition in the world of TV news.

A group called operating out of New York City is warning their supporters that SUN TV News Channel, which has yet to launch, will bring “American-style hate media onto our airwaves.” Odd, I didn’t realize that Manhattan was part of Canada.

Proof that this outfit and campaign is being run out of New York can be seen in the e-mail they are sending to their Canadian supporters and anyone who signs the petition. In the e-mail, Avaaz refers to Sun Media as Suncor.

Suncor of course does not own this newspaper nor are they applying for a TV Licence; they are an oil and gas company based in Calgary.

But obviously this American outfit knows what is best for Canadians.[snip]

Would it be too much to tell these morons where to go? I mean, we got enough of our own leftist rabble rousers up here as it is. We don't need to go importing more loony ideas from the States.

Conservatives and Liberals: Back to the F-35 Again

Well I talked about the whole F-35 purchase issue over a month ago. It looks like it's back in the news again. Same old same old. Conservatives for it, leftists against it. Seems that the (dis)loyal opposition are starting to get their talking points in order.

Tories-Liberals strafe each other over jets:

Thu Sep 2, 12:40 AM

By Murray Brewster, The Canadian Press

OTTAWA - The economic and diplomatic strings attached to Ottawa's multi-billion dollar deal to buy the F-35 stealth fighters would make it extremely painful — if not impossible — for a future government to unravel or cut, senior Conservatives insisted Wednesday.

Unlike the EH-101 helicopter deal axed in the mid-1990s by Jean Chretien's Liberal government, the pending agreement to purchase 65 new interceptors for the air force is a more complex arrangement that carries important risks to Canadian industry and the country's standing among allies.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the Opposition Liberals understand the significance and the nuances of the plans almost as much as the government.

"I don't understand why the Opposition is playing political games with this," Harper said at an aerospace announcement in Montreal.

"It was the Liberal government that in 2002 committed Canada to the development of this aircraft."

The announcement Wednesday saw the federal government pour $467 million into the country's current fleet of CF-18 jets to keep them flying until 2017.

When Chretien cancelled the $4.8-billion replacement for the air force's geriatric Sea Kings in 1994, he ripped up one contract with European Helicopter Industries Ltd, an Anglo-Italian consortium. It cost taxpayers $500 million in cancellation fees.

Tearing up — or putting on hold — the F-35 Lightning II plan would be far more costly.

It could endanger Canadian defence contractors, who've already won $375 million worth of work on the planes, anger allied nations already committed to buying the planes and waste hundreds of millions of dollars under existing agreements signed as far back as 1997.[snip]

The article goes into further details about how it is extremely difficult to cancel this purchase contract. Of course there is still a lot of screaming and yelling about the costs and lack of putting this purchase up for tender.

I also like how the Liberals were responsible for the original set up. Seems they are only against a good idea if they didn't come up with it in the first place.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Latest In the MV Sun Sea Saga: Terrorists Aboard?

Well this shouldn't come as a surprise to most people:

Dozens of Tamil migrants segregated:

Police checking for links to Tigers, paramilitary, crimes against humanity

By TOM GODFREY, Toronto Sun

More than three dozen Tamil migrants have been segregated from 492 others who arrived by boat for questioning by police on suspicion of being linked to the Tamil Tigers, or other inadmissible groups, including war criminals.

Those held in “segregation” at Fraser Regional Correctional Centre, in B.C., include the skipper of the MV Sun Sea, Kamalraj Kandasamy, a.k.a “Captain Vinod,” his 24-man crew and about a dozen migrants who arrived Aug. 13 off the coast of B.C. after a 90-day trip from Thailand.

Police said the suspects are being interviewed and undergoing extensive background checks by the RCMP, CSIS and Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) on suspicion of alien smuggling, being members of the Tamil Tigers terrorist group, a Sri Lankan paramilitary group or for taking part in crimes against humanity.

Police said several men were moved to a segregation unit because they were “threatening or intimidating” other migrants.

Yep, that last sentence is the red flag the police and immigration authorities were looking for. One of the modus operandi of the LTTE is "threatening or intimidating" their fellow tamils. There were stories here in Toronto about the local branch of the LTTE, before the Conservatives labeled them a terrorist organization, shaking down tamil workers and store owners for "donations" to fund the civil war in Sri Lanka. Mafia thug style requests (nice store/business/job you got here, be a real shame if something happened to it...).

Anyway, of the three dozen or so segregated? The entire crew of the MV Sun Sea. They are currently being investigated as LTTE (Tamil Tigers), human smugglers, and weapon smugglers. Where were they getting weapons from? North Korea. Yep, one of the three "Axis of Evil" nations labeled by George W. Bush.

Of course some people are still in denial:

He denied allegations by the Public Safety Minister Vic Toews that members of the Tamil Tigers were among the group, who paid up to $50,000 for the smuggling trip.

“I guess federal officials want to know more about some people,” Poopalapillai said. “There are no terrorists on board the ship.”

Oh right, one persons terrorist is another persons freedom fighter. Right Poopalapillai? I wonder who the muslim terrorists learned about the suicide bombing explosive vest trick from? That's right, LTTE who employed it early on in their campaign of terror. They were kind enough as well to actually show other terrorists how to build them properly.

There's more details in the article. I can't wait until we get even more info about these illegal immigrants and queue jumpers.