Thursday, September 2, 2010

Free Speech Author Against New News Channel

Well, what can I say? It appears Canadian author Margaret Atwood is vehemently opposed to a new "right wing" news channel. The irony abounds.

Margaret Atwood takes on ‘Fox News North’:

Jane Taber

Margaret Atwood is criticizing Stephen Harper over what she sees as his dictatorial approach to regulating the airwaves.

The literary icon has signed an online petition aimed at keeping a “Fox News North” channel off the air in Canada. But it’s not the idea of a right-wing television station she’s objecting to. Rather, the prolific and celebrated writer doesn’t like the Prime Minister’s style of governing.

“Of course Fox & Co. can set up a channel or whatever they want to do, if it's legal etc.,” she told The Globe and Mail in an email. “But it shouldn't happen this way. It's like the head-of-census affair – gov't direct meddling in affairs that are supposed to be arm's length – so do what they say or they fire you.

“It's part of the ‘I make the rules around here,’ Harper-is-a-king thing,” she wrote.

Her involvement sparked a debate on Twitter with conservative blogger Stephen Taylor and Sun Media’s Ottawa bureau chief, David Akin, Tuesday night. Both men say she is accusing the Sun – which is seeking to launch a right-wing TV channel – of “hate speech.” [snip]

Ahhh, that whole "hate speech" canard. It seems that if a news channel isn't to a left wingers liking it's all about hate. Margaret Atwood's big novel was "The Handmaidens Tale". Where she paints fundamental Christians as a Taliban like regime in the future. Now she's attacking a Conservative government and a news channel that is trying to get started.

When she was asked about CBC (Canada Broadcasting Corporation), which is directly funded by the government of Canada, here's what she had to say...
Like many Tories, Mr. Taylor also takes issue with the government funding of the CBC. As such, he asked Ms. Atwood: “Is the CBC and its compulsory funding essential to ‘free speech’ or against it in your view?”

But the author held her own, firing back with a quip about Munir Sheikh, who resigned as head of Statistics Canada over the government’s changes to the census.

“Naughty Stephen,” she said. “We're not talking about the CBC but about the coercion of an arm's length person, like Census head.”

So I guess she's okay with a left wing propaganda arm directly funded by the federal government then? Of course she is. It makes her feel good since it gives her good media reviews and fawning interviews.

One of the issues that she raises, out of misinformation I believe, is that the new SunTV will be funded out of the CRTC cable fees. I have to shake my head at that. I decided to check what I got in a basic cable package. For Basic Cable at $31.49/month (plus HST), the only full time news channels I get is CBC News Network and CP24. If I want more news networks like CTV news, CNN, or even Fox News, I have to pay more. Actually if I want to get Fox News, I have to get the "News Package" for an extra $4.99/month(plus taxes).

Personally I think Atwood is full of it and needs to get off her soap box. Then again this is Canada. The Nanny State is in charge and freedom of speech can be curtailed just by yelling "HATE SPEECH" loud enough and often enough.

We NEED SunTV more then ever to get a balanced perspective of the world around us. I hope the petition bombs and the hearings which are slated to start on November 19th give the new channel clear sailing.

Oh and BTW, the comment section in the Globe is a sewer. Very enlightening to be sure in the leftist state of mind.


Well, well, well, well, it appears there's a campaign that's been launched against SunTV from the U.S.A.!

Anti-Sun TV News campaign in U.S.:

By BRIAN LILLEY, QMI Agency Parliamentary Bureau
OTTAWA - A far left-wing American lobby group funded by U.S. billionaire George Soros wants you to be scared, very scared. There might soon be more competition in the world of TV news.

A group called operating out of New York City is warning their supporters that SUN TV News Channel, which has yet to launch, will bring “American-style hate media onto our airwaves.” Odd, I didn’t realize that Manhattan was part of Canada.

Proof that this outfit and campaign is being run out of New York can be seen in the e-mail they are sending to their Canadian supporters and anyone who signs the petition. In the e-mail, Avaaz refers to Sun Media as Suncor.

Suncor of course does not own this newspaper nor are they applying for a TV Licence; they are an oil and gas company based in Calgary.

But obviously this American outfit knows what is best for Canadians.[snip]

Would it be too much to tell these morons where to go? I mean, we got enough of our own leftist rabble rousers up here as it is. We don't need to go importing more loony ideas from the States.


  1. Somewhere a pig is walking on two legs.

  2. Lame dodge on the CBC question.

    The only thing more annoying than the liberals in the USA who 'threatened' to leave over the last decade are the ones who made their way up to north of the border....

    Sorry about that, Canada.