Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gun Registry: The Left Starts The Spin Machine

Well, with the current death of this governments chance of canceling the LGR, left leaning writers are editorializing....

Travers: Reason barely defeats gun registry anger:

By James Travers National Affairs Columnist

Loved by some, hated by others and exaggerated by all, the gun registry has never been just about public safety. Now, in the aftermath of a rancorous Commons vote, it’s mostly about the soaring power of emotion in Canadian politics and the coming federal election.

With decisive help from Jack Layton’s NDP, Liberals rescued the registry from Conservatives last night by narrowly winning a weak argument. Backed by gun crime victims, police chiefs and metropolitan voters, Michael Ignatieff forced a nervous caucus to accept that, on balance, saving the registry Jean Chretien introduced in 1995 is worth the rural political risks.

Coming to that conclusion shouldn’t have taken so long or been that difficult. It wasn’t until this spring that Liberals finally grasped truths Conservatives have long understood. Support is increasingly measured by a party’s depth, not its width. Campaigns are won by emotion as well as reason.[snip]

So, the opposition parties "rescued" the registry from the nasty Conservatives. The way he talks you think that the registry was actually serving a valuable purpose. I still scratch my head at that one.

He goes on to spout this banal piece of opinion:
Mysteriously, they also let Harper slip the handgun hook. Conservatives are rarely forced to explain why a ruling party that makes so much of public anger at the registry is paying so little attention to the majority of Canadians who favor an outright ban on private handguns.

Last time I checked the majority of handgun crimes were committed by ILLEGAL handguns by people that were *gasp* criminals. Yes there are a few handgun crimes that are committed with registered handguns, but they are rare. Handguns are so restricted that only people that require them for other reasons i.e. target shooting competition, own them. The restrictions on owning one is so stiff that most people don't even think about it.

The handgun boogie man has been used continuously since the talk began of the LGR. It appears that 80 years of restricted access and registration with the government has done wonders for stopping crimes with them (sarcasm for those that don't get it).

Anyway Mr. Travers think that the Long Gun Registry is a good thing. The Liberals and the NDP stood up against those evil Conservatives by listening to all those victim groups that sob about how it's a good thing for law and order. Somehow I don't think so.

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