Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mayoral Race Updates

Well, this week is off to an interesting start. A new poll has come out which places Rob Ford miles ahead of the other contenders.

Rob Ford opens huge lead in mayors race.

Yep, now the mud slinging is really about to begin. The trouble is, who's slinging what at who? I mean aside from Ford, all the other candidates seem to be opening up on each other. Even though they are attacking Ford, they also seem to be doing drive by smearing of their other opponents.

Candidates target Ford:

I mean, some of these candidates don't have a snow balls chance at all. Why are they even still running?

Even funnier is that the Toronto (Red) Star is starting to jump on the other candidates. Well except for Smitherman, who is their candidate that they are backing.

The Smell Test: Rossi’s Toronto Tunnel
Mafia-themed ads go over like stale cannoli

Some writers are still slamming Ford as much as possible. One of the blogs I read almost daily, Scaramouche, has a good take on Heather Mallicks recent "editorial" about Rob Ford.

I think that's enough link dumping for the mayoral race today. Time to go diving for other news and info to keep our eyes on.

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