Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rob Ford Faces Law Suit

Well, well, well. It appears that someone is upset about Rob Ford.

Restaurant says they are being exploited by Rob Ford (Toronto[Red] Star):

Robyn Doolittle Urban Affairs Reporter
The restaurateur family caught in the middle of a divisive election issue says they are being exploited for political gain and have initiated legal action against frontrunner Rob Ford.

George Foulidis, owner of Tuggs Inc., has accused Ford of insinuating he bribed a local politician to help his family secure a 20-year exclusive vending rights contract in the Eastern Beaches.

Often using the Tuggs deal as exhibit A, Ford has propelled his campaign into the lead with promises to end the wasteful spending and backroom deals at city hall.

In the Toronto Sun, the crusading conservative said the Tuggs contract “smacks of civic corruption” and “stinks to high heaven.” Ford is quoted to have said: “it’s confidential and I wish you guys knew what happened behind closed doors.”[SNIP]

Yeah, this was a big deal. No tenders, not open to bids for other business, and this guy is being "libeled" by Rob Ford. It is interesting that the deal was so secretive. The whole deal was just revealed in last week or so.

Whiner goes on to say...
“Everything Ford has said about us is lies. He will say anything to get elected. And in an attempt to become mayor he has publicly accused my family of corruption — and he professes to stand for the small businessman,” Foulidis said.

Foulidis said picking a fight with a wealthy mayoral candidate is not something he wants to do, but his family has no choice.

“We stayed quiet initially, but this has become one of the main issues in the mayor’s race,” said Foulidis. “Rob Ford is going out of his way to say we are no good and corrupt. If we don’t come to our own defence, than reasonable people might believe it.”

At Councillor Sandra Bussin’s urging in 2006, city council controversially voted to award the contract to Tuggs without putting it to tender, against the advice of city staff.

Actually buddy, Rob Ford has been attacking Bussin and Council for going this route. It just so happened that you were the beneficiary. I bet if this was done and some one else was awarded the contract Foulidis would be screaming to the high heavens.

I have eaten at the Boardwalk Pub. It's got a great location right by the Beaches and right off the boardwalk. As well having the other concession stands up and down the area off the beach means it's a money maker in the summer. $200,000 yearly rent? For about 4 concession stands total? Something stinks.

I wonder if this suit goes to trial what the discovery process will dig up. Knowing Ford, he won't knuckle under to this attempt to muzzle him.

Here's another article from the Globe and Mail about some details of the contract.

More details from the Toronto Sun

Exit question: If a lessee low balls his figure in negotiations won't they leaser highball their's? The first offer from Tuggs was $250,000 a year....

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