Thursday, September 9, 2010

TEA, Parties, and Mixing the Two

Well, today started off fairly quiet. I didn't see anything that got my spleen outraged. I did run across a editorial from someone living in La Belle Province. Yep Quebec. I will link it here and give you a teaser first.

Time for a real debate in Quebec:


Last week, five of my friends and I decided enough is enough.

After 50 years of endless constitutional debate in Quebec, where every single election at every level is an excuse for a fight between the Yes and the No camps, we decided there needs to be a real debate during the next elections, between those who support the status quo of a big government and those who want it to go on a diet.

We launched a grassroots movement: Reseau Liberte-Quebec (Quebec Freedom Network). The media have already dubbed us the Quebec Tea Party without a social conservative wing. It’s not that we hate so-cons in Quebec, it’s just that our religious background is different.

Even if over 80% of Quebecers are Catholic, our attendance in church is much poorer than anywhere else in North America and, not surprisingly, we are much more liberal on social issues.

The stirring of Quebec’s right comes from fiscal conservatism, from those of us looking for more individual freedom and personal responsibility. It’s our own Quebecer version of the Unite the Right movement!

Quebec has always lagged behind when it comes to public indebtedness, high taxes and state interventionism. We believe it’s more than time that we promote change and recover common sense.

One of the big problems in Quebec is that, for years, when you attacked the increase in the involvement of the state in our economy, you were told you hated Quebec. A few months ago, when Conservative MP Maxime Bernier made a speech about the importance of reducing the size and role of government, Raymond Bachand, the Liberal Finance Minister, accused him of Quebec bashing.[SNIP]

Quebec isn't the only location where people are starting to re-think their political ideas. Big government isn't working. More and more people are seeing their hard earned income disappear into the ether that is called provincial, or federal, budgets. All levels of government are running huge deficits and delivering what seems to be less and less services.

In fact there's another person who has started up a Tea Party Movement here in Canada. We are using the acronym Taxed Enough Already.

Is the Tea Party Canada-bound?:
By BRIAN LILLEY, Parliamentary Bureau
OTTAWA - Are Canadians getting fed up with government regulations, rules and taxes? The man behind an attempt to start a Tea Party movement in Canada hopes so.

This past weekend hundreds of thousands of Americans flocked to Washington for a rally about taking back their country. They came to hear speakers such as Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, and although not explicitly a Tea Party event, the crowd drew many from the movement that calls for government to get government off the backs of hard working people.

Andrew Lawton wants to bring that spirit to Canada.

Lawton, a conservative-leaning activist from London, Ont., is one of the organizers behind an online attempt to start a Tea Party movement in Canada.

Starting with a Facebook group, Lawton says there are plans for rallies this fall in Ottawa and Quebec City. Other cities may be added.

There are differences between the two countries Lawton acknowledges but adds the basis of the movement is the same.

“The issues differ but the ideology stays the same. Advocating for smaller government, freedom and letting people live their own lives.”

“One person came up to me recently and said that freedom is an American value,” said Lawton. “That’s not true. It’s an attitude I want to change.” [SNIP]

The patience of Canadians is running out. There was a lot of talk about this in the right wing blogosphere about this. Some for it, some against it, some comparing this movement to what happened in the early 90's when the conservative vote was split between the Reform Party and the Progressive Conservatives.

I see this new movement that is stirring in Canada as a political view rather then a party. If more Canadians stand up and voice their opinions, be it in blogs like this, letters to the editor, or at the ballot box, we actually may see a change coming.

As we look upon the wastes of government spending started by Liberal governments and policies, we are sickened by what was promised and what hasn't been delivered. Canadians have been branded as polite people. There comes a time though when politeness is stretched to the breaking point and the people rise up enmass and say "ENOUGH!!"

We will have to see what happens and where this goes. If the timings are right I will be going out to make my voice heard in as many ways as possible. No more muttering into my Timmies coffee mug!*

*a line I heard from a great blogger Kathy Shaidle in a talk she gave a few months ago.

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