Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today is a BIG day.

Well it's here, the long awaited vote on the canceling of the Long Gun Registry. The pie in the sky program created by the Chretien Liberal government as a way to lower violent gun crimes. From where I sit now, 15 years later and 100 miles south of when it came into effect, I don't see a drop in gun crimes. In fact the amount of HAND gun crimes appears to have risen a fair amount. Oh, that's right. Hand guns have been restricted weapons since the 1930's.

The whole argument that's been raised now is that it's a women's safety issue. Those evil gun toting men are using their scary fire arms to keep their "wimmen" in line. Seriously, that's the whole gist of this article on one of the unknown votes from an NDP member from the prairies.

NDP MP target of women's groups on registry:

By Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press

OTTAWA - A rookie rural Manitoba MP will cast one of the most challenging votes of her young political career when the fate of the long-gun registry is decided Wednesday.

Niki Ashton is the sole New Democrat who has not publicly declared whether she's going to maintain her stand in favour of scrapping the registry. There appear to be enough opposition votes in favour of keeping the registry so even if she votes in favour of scrapping it, the bill itself will likely fail.

But that isn't stopping a group of women's advocates and politicians on both sides of the issue from imploring the 28-year-old MP who has long been an advocate on rural women's issues to think hard about her decision.

The women's groups say the registry is crucial to preventing violence and that women will die if the registry is abolished. [SNIP]

Fear mongering. It's what's on the side of the left mostly. Those evil guns are going to be used to kill the women. Therefore we most know who owns all these firearms. I don't know about you, but the minute people start restricting rights and freedoms, I get nervous.

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