Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tories are backing a Liberal?

Well, I opened up my news links to see what was going on in the world and Toronto. The Toronto (Red) Star had an article that practically jumped out at me.

Tories Back Smitherman:

John Goddard Staff Reporter
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Former provincial Liberal cabinet minister George Smitherman, trying to stop the Rob Ford mayoral juggernaut, has attracted endorsements from high-profile Tories, including Mike Harris-era cabinet ministers.

“We’re conservatives. He’s a Liberal,” begins an open letter titled “Why We Support George” that includes the names of almost 40 provincial and federal Conservatives, including former citizenship, culture and recreation minister Isabel Basset.

She circulated the email at the request of his campaign, said Stefan Baranski, a spokesman for the candidate and former Conservative communications aide who is himself a signatory. Others include Jamie Watt, a strategist and senior Smitherman campaign adviser.

“He’s tough. But he’s fair,” says the letter also signed by former ministers Charles Harnick (attorney-general) and Dan Newman (environment). He “is the only candidate who has said it’s the mayor’s job to create the climate where businesses will thrive and jobs will be created right here,” the signatories say.[SNIP]

Okay, I was seething when I read that first part of the paragraph. What the hell are a bunch of Tories doing backing a former Liberal in a mayoral race? They appear to be trying to paint him as a fiscal conservative or something. This is a man that lost over a billion dollars while he was managing the Health Ministry trying to implement e-health. I got a kick out of this sentence though:
While Conservatives often attacked Smitherman in the Legislature over his handling of the money-burning eHealth initiative, signatories including Conservative senators Nancy Ruth and Vim Kochhar lauded his work reducing hospital wait times and cutting nearly $600 million a year from Ontario’s health budget.

Oh nice, he managed to "cut" $600 million dollars. What's the total budget of our provincial health care? This years figures say it's about $46.1 BILLION!! So if my calculating is correct, he managed to shave a whole 1.2% off the budget. Now throw in how much he bungled.....$1 billion, and..awww nevermind. This is the guy that will help save Toronto and fix it's budget?

There is a spot of good news though in the story. I was getting all fired up and ready to do a name search of all the people that signed this letter. Get the war drums fired up and ready the tar and feathers. The good news is that none of these useless idiots are currently sitting members. Now, maybe I will go hunting for that letter anyway and have it spread around. The Progressive Conservatives need to take a look at their leadership. We don't need this whole "cross the aisle" bi-partianship. Especially in our mayoral race.

I may update this later if I find the letter.

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