Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Toronto Municipal Stuff

Well, I have been quiet today. A little tired and doing some wool gathering. Two articles from the Toronto Sun today. One about a Smitherman, not the mayoral candidate, and a good transit plan from Rob Ford.

First the other Smitherman

Smitherman's brother backs Ford for mayor:

If there wasn’t a family feud before, there might be one now.

Arthur Smitherman — the older brother of mayoral candidate, George — is running for a Toronto city council seat and has thrown his support behind his brother’s main rival, Councillor Rob Ford.

“I have no axe to grind here, I just don’t appreciate left-thinking political philosophy,” Smitherman said Tuesday. “No, I don’t (support George), I’m supporting Rob Ford.”

Smitherman, 54, registered to run last week against incumbent Councillor Anthony Perruzza in York West (Ward 8).

The big rig driver said he has had an interest in politics for some time; he had lived in the Jane St.-Finch Ave. area ward for four years but recently moved elsewhere in the city.

“I sense that this is good timing, I think that people are getting very apathetic with the news they are hearing and they are getting sick of it,” he said. “I’m registered (to run), I’m very serious, I have very good demographics in Ward 8 that are suitable for me ... I feel like I’m identifying with the people.”

The elder Smitherman feels he has something to give Toronto.[SNIP]

Ahhh family. I hope Arthur Smitherman does well in is election bid. Council needs many more conservatives on it.

Next, Rob Ford unveiled his transportation plan for the city of Toronto.

Ford vows subways over streetcars:

Mayoral candidate Rob Ford promises to build a 12-km Sheppard subway and link the Bloor-Danforth line to Scarborough Town Centre by 2015.

Cost of the expansion will be $4 billion. Ford said he plans to work with the province to reallocate money already on the table for the Toronto Transit Commission in the Transit City plan.

The difference, he said, could be paid for through selling development rights along the subway corridor to the private sector.

Ford also vows to end what he calls City Hall's "war on the car" by removing some downtown streetcar lines and replacing them with buses, eliminating $250 million in road repair backlogs by 2014 and spending another $400 million in "critical road improvements", which aren't specified.

"It's time to get traffic moving and connect to connect people with jobs," said Ford in a press release issued Wednesday. "For years, City Hall has tackled gridlock by declaring war on cars in Toronto - the city has eliminated lanes from busy roadways, increased parking charges, ignored roadway repairs and generally made life miserable for all commuters."[SNIP]

Lots of good ideas in there. Finish the Sheppard line and remove it as a joke it's become. Removing streetcars from a good number of downtown streets is a great idea. People who think that they are a great idea should see what happens in intersections in the middle of snow storms. Or rush hour traffic. Oh and here's some free advice for Rob Ford. If the Sheppard line is completed, don't sell off all the digging equipment. If we keep it, we can plan subways along more corridors and won't have to shell out those big bucks every time.

Yeah, after the Sheppard line was completed, the city council and the TTC sold off the construction equipment. Nice bits of future thinking there morons.

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