Friday, October 29, 2010

The Globe and Mail Tries to Define Our Future Military Role

Well, I was in a good mood this morning. It being Friday and everything. I was checking the news headlines on the way into work and the one from the Globe and Mail caught my eye.

Above the fold was this title:

"Peacekeeping: Canada and the call of the Congo"

It's a rather lengthy article, two pages, and when I went to their website I discovered it was part 6 of 6. Well I have my reading cut out for me today. Typically I don't trust much analysis that comes out of the Globe paper. There bent is decidedly left and for all that entails when it comes to our military. I will be reading the series and will try to sum up what I believe they are trying to say. Where possible I will try to hammer them with my unprofessional opinion. At least I have partial chops to know what I am talking about.

Anyway, keep your eyes open and I will get back to this article and to the rest of them either today or this weekend. Stay tuned

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Conservative Blogger Needs Our Help

Well, I got up this morning and checked my blog feed. I first stumbled across this post at "Lumpy, Grumpy, and Frumpy", and then followed it to it's source.
Apparently the blogger "Blazing Catfur" is being sued by Richard Warman, a leading Human Rights activist. Apparently he doesn't like what some people are saying about his work and ethics.
Lawsuits are expensive, especially if you have to defend yourself against people like this.

One tool the left likes using is lawsuits to shut up their opposition. When was the last time you saw a undeserved lawsuit from a conservative or right wing person? Anyway. Those that can please donate what you can.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Those whom live in glass houses....

Well, it appears that the hate just keeps on coming. One of our Liberal members of provincial parliament had an interesting tweet following the municipal election here in Toronto.

Blazing Catfur has the screen caps of the tweets.

As well there's this story in the National Post that covers the tweets, and the "apology" from Minister Glen Murray.

Minister apologizes for 'bigotry' tweet

HT: to Blazing Catfur for the screen caps of the twitter posts done by Glen Murray

An Ontario Liberal Cabinet minister is facing calls for his resignation after he took aim at Toronto's mayor-elect Rob Ford, Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, using the social networking site Twitter to accuse them of bigotry.

In an apparent response to an anti-gay ad targeting mayoral candidate George Smitherman broadcast on Tamil radio last weekend, Glenn Murray, Ontario's Research and Innovation Minister and former mayor of Winnipeg, tweeted: "If u vote Ford u r voting for bigotry."

He then goes on to criticize the provincial Opposition leader and the Prime Minister: "Ford, Hudak and Harper use fear tactics against Tamils and gay men. I am proud of the Tamil and gay Canadians I represent."

The openly gay Mr. Murray also retweeted a message from another Twitter account that said: "ford, hudak and harper -- the trifecta of republican-style, right wing ignorance and bigotry."

Mr. Ford, who spent his first day as mayor-elect coaching football at Don Bosco Secondary School, responded: "Those pathetic comments aren't worth a response." [SNIP]

Interesting how he calls Ford and all conservatives bigoted and ignorant right? Well here's his apology:
By yesterday afternoon, Mr. Murray, in Quebec City for a conference, had issued a statement apologizing for his comments.

"I do not believe Rob Ford or Stephen Harper or Tim Hudak are bigots. I regret tweeting a message that said otherwise, and am sorry I did that," he wrote, before quickly adding, "I do challenge Tim Hudak to condemn strongly the hateful campaigning deployed in Toronto and to root out any of those working in his ranks who would try to exploit hatred with smear tactics."

Read more:

Interesting that he states that the conservatives should stop all the hatred and smear tactics. Lets look at some interesting articles, posts and comments from the liberal side of the equation.....

Slandering Ford with Photoshop.

Ford courts the xenophobic vote (from Toronto's far left Now Magazine)
Globe’s Marche uses “fat” 17 times in Rob Ford column.
This blog as the full article that was pulled by the Globe and Mail.

You can also search the Toronto Star archive for Rob Ford in the opinion section to see what their people think.

Now let me see what I can pull up for George Smitherman.

Hmmmm, interesting. I hereby declare MPP Glen Murray to be talking out his backside. It's obvious that there were more slanders from the left against the right. This is something you see very often in politics lately. For some reason the left wingers always accuse the right wingers of tactics that they are using. Isn't this called "projection"?

There's many more cases I could bring up after a little research about this subject, not just the mayoral race slanders, until the time really calls for it I will be doing research and saving links to open up the guns on the lying left.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Warren Kinsella: Out of Touch and Dated?

Last night was a big win for the people and conservatives of Toronto. Rob Ford after a long fight, and much mud slinging at him, won a very convincing victory over his rivals.

So today drinking my coffee, scanning the news and editorials I ran across Warren Kinsellas pieces in the Toronto Sun. Mr. Kinsella worked for Jean Chretien and other Liberal party members. He's been a strategist for many Leaders and ran for office once unsuccessfully. Unfortunately most are starting to realize that he's past his due date.

Reading his two commentaries this morning I am bound to agree. Let's look at them and see.

Stuck in the minority mentality

Was Jean Chretien the last majority prime minister?

On Oct. 25, 1993, historians will recall, Chretien did what no one else had ever done before – he reduced the once-great Conservative Party of Canada to two seats. All that remained, 17 years ago, was Jean Charest in Quebec, and Elsie Wayne in New Brunswick. Every other Tory, including then-leader Kim Campbell, was wiped out.

The Conservatives’ fall was stunning. That was particularly the case for Campbell – who, just a few weeks earlier, had been the most popular prime minister in the history of polling.

The lessons of Oct. 25, 1993 are two-fold. One, the current “anti-incumbent” mood ain’t anything new. Every so often, the people get fed up with what they’ve got, and they opt for change in a big way.

Chretien – for whom I worked, full disclosure, and whom I still admire a great deal – benefitted from a fractured conservative movement, to be sure. He also was a far more adept politician than his main opponent – and, throughout his lengthy political career, he had certainly benefitted from being consistently underestimated.

But, to many voters, Chretien represented change from the old way of doing things. That was the main reason he won so big 17 years ago.

The second lesson of that historic night is this: As long as the Bloc Qu├ębecois exists – and as long as vote-rich Ontario remains split between Tories, Grits and New Democrats – no party will be able to win a majority in the House of Commons.[SNIP]

He almost got it there, almost. The major reason that the Progressive Conservative party got dumped so badly was the conservative vote split that happened when the Reform party got started. I looked at all the vote data for the next couple of elections across much of Ontario after a Federal vote. In quite a few ridings the conservative vote out numbered the Liberal vote. But since the vote was split between two parties it enabled the Liberals to have monster majorities.

Now the Quebec situation. Most people forget that Lucien Bouchard, the Federal Separtist party founder and leader, was originally in the PC camp. When the Meech Lake Accord fell apart, because Quebec didn't get what they wanted as usual, Bouchard took a bunch of like minded individuals from the PC's and formed their own party. At the time, seperatist fervor was running high in Quebec so any seats that would have gone conservative, precious few, went to the Bloc Quebecois. As well, a lot of Liberal seats were lost to the Bloc as well.

It used to be the case that a majority government here in Canada required a large following in Ontario and Quebec. All other provinces were just the gravy. Since 1993 with the forming of the Bloc Quebecois and the splitting of the Conservative party, election dynamics changed.

Now with a resurgence Conservative party things are looking different. The Bloc are still fairly strong in Quebec, after all they are looking after their provinces self interest, and can and do play king maker. A lot of Canadians are getting irate at this.

In Ontario, most of the rural ridings are Conservative in orientation, which means that Toronto, with a large population and ridings, plays king maker or denier. So this leads to the next commentary by Mr. Kinsella.

Election night winners and losers: Kinsella

Ford simply doesn’t have enough votes at council to do even half of what he promised

Here’s what a Rob Ford victory is going to mean for different political players.

Ford ran a disciplined and organized campaign and he stuck to a simple message. George Smitherman didn’t.

But what of others? Who benefits from a Ford win? Who doesn’t?

n Dalton McGuinty — winner: Yes, you read that right. Ontario’s Liberal Premier wins because Ford will provide a living, breathing example of what will happen if Conservative Leader Tim Hudak somehow ekes out victory in next October’s provincial contest.

I anticipate Ford will be who he has always been: A politician whose mouth gets him into lots of trouble — and a politician who has a chronic inability to get along with others. “Gridlock” isn’t a word that was invented in Toronto, but gridlock is what all of us will shortly be experiencing with Ford at the helm: He simply doesn’t have enough votes at council to do even half of what he promised.

So who will step in to end the inevitable labour strife, and the gridlock? Dalton McGuinty, that’s who.

n Tim Hudak — loser: Hudak is a lifetime politician — he’s been in politics since he was in his 20s, in fact — and he therefore can be expected to know a thing or two about The Game.

Hudak knows, for example, that we have a national memory of about five minutes. He also knows fear-mongering about the Mike Harris era is pretty tough do, because a huge number of new voters were in nappies when Harris was in power.

Hudak knows, therefore, that every mistake Rob Ford makes — and he’ll make plenty — will be laid at the Ontario Tory leader’s doorstep.

n Rob Ford — winner today, but not everyday: Here’s the paradox about the Etobicoke-based mayor-elect: The very thing that won him the mayor’s chair is the same thing that will sink him.

For a decade, Ford’s brand has been that of the angry, fed-up City Council outsider — the guy who refuses to go along with the rest of council.

That “outsider” reputation obviously didn’t hurt him on Election Day. But it will hinder him in the months ahead — too many councillors just don’t like him. And the mayor always needs council to implement his agenda.

—Kinsella, an election advisor to Dalton McGuinty, blogs at

It seems like a lot of sour grapes. Mr. Kinsella seems to think that a conservative win in Toronto will lead to a Liberal win all over. I don't think he really understands what happened last night. A municipal populace was finally fed up with a tax and spend government and decided to go with someone that promised LESS spending all the way around. A lot of the councillors that said they would fight him tooth and nail are no longer in office, some retired, some lost. It still won't be an easy road ahead for Ford, but at least he won't be cut off at the knees from day one.

One point of fact here as well. Kinsella was the campaign manager for Rocco Rossi near the end of his run. He took dismal numbers and ran then even further into the ground.

We shall see what happens next. Personally I think Kinsella is wrong on numerous counts. There's a strong conservative feeling rising in most Canadians, and the Liberals and other left wing parties aren't going to be able to stand against them.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Good News!!!

Two good news stories today. First off:

Toronto 18 ringleader gets 16 years in prison
By Linda Nguyen

BRAMPTON, Ont. — The ringleader of the Toronto 18 terrorist group has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for masterminding plans to storm Parliament and to detonate bombs in and around Toronto, a judge ruled Monday morning.

Fahim Ahmad will serve a total of eight years, three months because of time already served.

Ahmad pleaded guilty in May to participating in a terrorist group, importing firearms and instructing others to carry out activities for the benefit of a terrorist group.

The group, known as the Toronto 18 because of the number of its members, was dismantled in 2006.

Evidence has shown that Ahmad arranged terrorist training camps, created propaganda videos and helped the group acquire weapons.

Last month, in a rambling, six-page letter to the court, Ahmad said he had fallen into a “fantasy world” when he plotted to devastate Canadian infrastructure with a series of attacks.

Ahmad also placed the blame on a host of external sources, from his parents, to religious leaders, to anonymous people he met online.

Ahmad, who has been in custody since June 2006, faced a maximum sentence of life in prison.

He is eligible for parole in three years, 6 1/2 months.

The Crown had for an 18-year jail term, citing mitigating factors, such as his youth and apparent remorse.

The defence had asked for a sentence of 10 to 12 years, with lawyer Dennis Edney painting his client as a self-aggrandizing talker who lacked both the means and the will power to carry out his scheme.

Read more:

Unfortunately with the whole time served mess that most judges go with, he will only serve maximum 8 years in federal prison.

Now the next good news story:

Khadr pleads guilty to all charges.

Jane Sutton and Janice Tibbets, Postmedia News with files from Reuters · Monday, Oct. 25, 2010

GUANTANAMO BAY U.S. NAVAL BASE, Cuba — Canadian terrorist Omar Khadr pleaded guilty on Monday to all five charges against him in the U.S. war crimes tribunal at the Guantanamo Bay naval base in a deal that could send him back to Canada to serve the rest of his sentence in a year.

Khadr, who was captured in Afghanistan at age 15 and is now 24, admitted he conspired with al-Qaeda and killed a U.S. soldier with a grenade in Afghanistan.

Terms of the Toronto native’s plea deal were not immediately disclosed, but lawyers had reportedly discussed an eight-year cap on his total sentence.

The United States agreed to support Khadr’s request to return to Canada in one year to serve the rest of his sentence there, Khadr’s lawyers told the court.

They said U.S. and Canadian officials had exchanged diplomatic notes, but that his return would ultimately be up to the Canadian government.

Vancouver lawyer John Conroy, who specializes in offender transfers, said that Khadr cannot officially apply for a transfer to Canada until after he is sentenced. The federal government then would have to show that Khadr is a “threat to the security of Canada” to deny him a transfer to a Canadian prison once it has been approved by the United States.[SNIP]

Read more:

So that's two terrorists now. Of course the blame game will start up with both guilty parties throwing around accusations that they were led astray by other people. Or that they aren't really guilty of the charges. In the case of Khadr, I hope the Federal Government says, "nope, don't want him, you keep him."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TTC Special Constables to become Security Guards

Well, it's been a little while since I posted anything. This story I ran across today grabbed my attention.

Police to end TTC ‘special constable’ program

There will be more security on the TTC next year but fewer officers endowed with the power to use force and detain suspected criminals, drunks or people with mental health issues.

Despite objections from the TTC, the Toronto Police Services Board is expected to vote Thursday to terminate the TTC’s special constable program in favour of doubling the police transit patrol unit to 80 officers.

The TTC’s own force of about 120 transit officers, without special constable powers, will be reduced to about 100 security officers, who would be confined mostly to fare and bylaw enforcement.

“The public will get high visibility, greater resources in terms of dealing with public safety, as well as a group of people who will be publicly accountable,” said police board chair Alok Mukherjee.

Special constables, he said, are not governed by the Police Services Act, the SIU (Special Investigations Unit) or the Office of the Independent Police Review Director.

TTC officials say, however, that special constables are accountable to the police service. Complaints about them go to Toronto Police, who can follow up on a complaint or send it back to be dealt with by the TTC. [SNIP]

Does anyone see anything wrong with this article, or the current description of the "Special Constables"? They can make arrests like police officers, do similar duties of police officers on TTC property, but they AREN'T governed by the Police Services Act. I am surprised that this has been going on like this.

Some of the complaints about the downgrade of their status are bogus in my books. They still retain the right to arrest people under the Trespass to Property act, like all security guards do. They still maintain a role of security on TTC property. Now they will just have to wait for police to take suspects off their hands.

As well, they won't be armed with "pepper foam", whatever the heck that stuff is. The part that got my attention was their wages compared with police officers here in Toronto:


• Earn $65,374 to $81,682, working through a six-year pay grid.


• Earn $50,558 (cadet in training) to $81,046 (first class constable) working through a five-year pay grid.

So a TTC union member as a special constable makes more than a member of the Toronto Police force. Sure they will say their job is dangerous, but for some reason I don't think it's as dangerous as a police officer.

And people wonder why the TTC costs so much to ride? Sure there are only 120 Special Constables at the moment. I am willing to bet though that the rest of the TTC employees wages aren't far off from that scale.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Khadr Plea Deal in the Making?

WTF???!!??? is all I can say at this time. Stumbled across this story earlier this morning and I will probably be seething for the rest of the day. From The Globe and Mail:

Plea deal, repatriation possible for Khadr

Omar Khadr could be repatriated to Canada as part of a plea deal that would allow the Obama administration to avoid the international notoriety of a Guantanamo Bay war crimes trial of a child soldier.

“We can confirm that there is a potential deal in the works,” said Nate Whitling, one of Mr. Khadr’s Canadian lawyers. He declined to discuss specifics. No deal has yet been concluded but the shape of one – Omar Khadr pleading guilty to some or all of the war crimes charges, including murder and terrorism, in exchange for a reduced sentence and the option of serving at least some of it in Canada – has emerged.

Late Thursday, after a conference call with prosecutors and defence lawyers, Colonel Patrick Parrish, the military judge, postponed the long-delayed trial. Instead of military transports flying more than 100 witnesses, lawyers, journalists and human rights observers to Guantanamo Bay Friday for what was expected to be a four-week trial, a short sentencing session is now expected to begin Oct. 25.

The military's convening authority formally signed off on a plea deal Wednesday morning, The Globe has learned. This means that, while Mr. Khadr can change his mind, the plea deal is nearly complete. [snip]

So much for Omar's vow not to accept any plea deal. The rest of the article goes on and on about how he's been the only captured terrorist that's been charged with murder on the battlefield. I think the only reason that's the case is probably because Omar has been the only one captured alive. Most of those terrorists meet a short brutal end.

It is the Globe and Mail, so it tends to spin the whole Guantanamo Bay detention story like it's this horrible place and practice.

I still am reeling about this. No Khadr trial, and he may be released into Canadian Custody.

Well maybe his family will finally get a chance to visit him...

In Toronto, the Khadr family, who like all families of Guantanamo detainees have been denied any chance to visit, refused to comment on whether he might be coming home. “We’re not giving anything to any reporters,” said a woman who answered the phone at the Khadr residence. “We haven't even had a chance to speak with a lawyer yet.”

Yeah the family has been denied permission. Now if they were allowed to visit, who would pay for it? I mean practically the whole damn family lives on government handouts.

More stuff from the past here:

Those Wacky Khadr's

The Omar Khadr Trial

Omar Khadr: Damages From Lawsuit?

Friday, October 8, 2010

James Hansen...Forecasting Doom, Again

I have been slacking off this week, but this story just cried for attention. James Hansen came to Canada to vilify and attack the Alberta Oil Sands project. It appears they aren't doing the right thing by shutting down or installing carbon capture technology. I think this whole AGW scam is about to be done in though.

Oilsands expansion 'fool's gold,' scientist warns

By Sheila Pratt

EDMONTON — Expansion of Alberta's oilsands must be avoided if the world is going to avoid disastrous effects of climate change, says one of the world's leading climate scientists.

James Hansen, of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, travelled from New York to appear Tuesday at the Energy Resources Conservation Board hearing into the proposed Total Joslyn North mine near Fort McMurray. The open-pit mine is slated to produce 100,000 barrels a day.

The Joslyn project is the first new oilsands megaproject to seek approval in several years. An upgrader near Fort Saskatchewan to serve the mine was approved last month.

Hansen said he chose to come to the hearing because stopping expansion of the oilsands is critical in the battle against global warming.

"To achieve a safe level of carbon emissions, we cannot have more coal-fired plants, no more oilsands or shale oil," he told the hearing.

"Of course we need energy, and this looks like a gold mine. But it's fool's gold." [SNIP]

I have to stop right there. Yes we need more energy. Every time you turn around though useful idiots are blocking new power stations, fighting against alternate forms of energy, nuclear is a big example, and other "green" projects.

All of this to stop "Global Warming". I have come to despise that phrase, and cringe whenever some idiot starts arguing about how mankind is going to doom the earth. I still say all this AGW garbage is sheer hubris.

Anyway, first mini rant done, back to the article:

Hansen told the panel a scientific paper he wrote in 1981 accurately predicted the melting of ice in the Northwest Passage that began in the past decade.

At this point, carbon in the atmosphere is 389 parts per million, while the safe level is 350 ppm, he says. To get to the lower level, the world has to phase out fossil fuel and look to nuclear and renewable energy, Hansen said.

"Otherwise we're going to hand our children and grandchildren a situation that is out of control."[SNIP]

Hansen is full of himself. He's been predicting doom and gloom for decades. A quick question I have though, is how does he know that 350 ppm of carbon dioxide is a safe amount? There's so much out there about all this AGW junk science it's hard to keep up. Yes I am an official denier. I don't deny climate change. It does happen naturally. History is full of tales of cold winters, and warm winters. What is a normal climate for our world anyway.

Anyway, enough about Hansens doom and gloom about the "overheating" world. I ran across this article the other day from a Russian news service. I don't know how much stock to put into it but it's funny in a strange short of way.

Scientists: Winter could be the coldest Europe has seen in the last 1,000 years:

CLEVELAND - If you are planning a trip to Europe this winter, better pack the winter woolies. Several scientists there say this winter could be the coldest Europe has seen in the last 1,000 years.

Why this dire prediction? Polish scientists say the coming cold is connected to the speed of the Gulf Stream. That's the warm current of water that travels from the Tropical Atlantic up along the US East Coast and over to Europe. the Gulf Stream effectively brings warmer temperatures to Europe, especially during the cold season. Figure 1 photo shows an active Gulf stream back in 2009. Note the active streams of warmer water (reds and yellow streaks) moving northeast thru the Atlantic Ocean. Figure 2 shows the active warm water streams as of September 1st, 2010. they are substantially weaker!

The Gulf Stream has really slowed down in the past two years. Its now moving at just half the speed it was just a couple of years ago. The scientists believe that this means the stream will not be able to add that extra heat to the European Countryside and compensate for the cold, Arctic winds. These scientists also believe, when the Gulf Stream stops completely, a new Ice Age will begin in Europe...[SNIP]
Click through for the image they are talking about.

I don't know about you folks, isn't a warmer world a better world?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Juxtapostioning: Two Stories, Same Theme

No comment from me at this time. Just two similar stories from differing areas.

Story one:

Man charged for burning, urinating on Qur'an

STRASBOURG - A blogger who filmed himself burning the Qur'an and urinating on it to put out the flames is to appear in court in eastern France, charged with incitement to religious hatred, legal sources said on Tuesday.

Threats in September by a Florida preacher to hold a high-profile protest burning of the Qur'an sparked global outrage among Muslims, and triggered violent protests in Afghanistan in which one protester was shot dead.[SNIP]

Story Two:

Muslims burn Bibles in protest
LILONGWE - Muslims in southern Malawi have been burning Bibles in protest against their distribution in Islamic schools by Gideon’s International, a senior Muslim Association of Malawi official said on Tuesday.

“That annoyed some parents and other leaders who have resorted to burning the holy books ... in protest,” Sheikh Imran Sharif, the association’s secretary general, told Reuters.

He said the burning of Bibles was carried out by a few Muslim fanatics and the association has ordered them to stop.

Malawi has 1.7 million Muslims, mostly living in the south of the country, that has a population of about 15 million.

The Muslim protest has been widely criticised in secular Malawi, which has had little religious friction.

Reverend McDonald Kadawati, a leading Christian clergyman asked Muslim leaders to ask followers to stop burning Bibles.

“This is a sad case of religious intolerance and we condemn it in all uncertain terms,” Kadawati said. He called on police to arrest those involved.

Inspector General of Police Peter Mukhito said police have launched an investigation but did not say how many Bibles have been burnt.

Gideon’s International, which is dedicated to providing copies of the Bible to people around the globe, said on its Website it has distributed about 90 million Bibles in 22 countries in eastern Africa.[SNIP]

See a difference? Read both stories and you will.