Friday, October 29, 2010

The Globe and Mail Tries to Define Our Future Military Role

Well, I was in a good mood this morning. It being Friday and everything. I was checking the news headlines on the way into work and the one from the Globe and Mail caught my eye.

Above the fold was this title:

"Peacekeeping: Canada and the call of the Congo"

It's a rather lengthy article, two pages, and when I went to their website I discovered it was part 6 of 6. Well I have my reading cut out for me today. Typically I don't trust much analysis that comes out of the Globe paper. There bent is decidedly left and for all that entails when it comes to our military. I will be reading the series and will try to sum up what I believe they are trying to say. Where possible I will try to hammer them with my unprofessional opinion. At least I have partial chops to know what I am talking about.

Anyway, keep your eyes open and I will get back to this article and to the rest of them either today or this weekend. Stay tuned

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