Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Am Back!

Well I have been quite here for a couple of weeks. Feelings of malaise, and other stuff mean that I haven't had much to say. Besides other people I have stumbled upon have said things much better. Today is just going to be a link and minor comment day since I need to get back in the grove a bit. So lets get at it.

WikiLeaks spills Canadian terror details (from the Toronto Sun)
This whole WikiLeaks scandal is hilarious in one sense. Julian Assange thought he would be revealing horrible secrets of the United States of America. Big Epic Fail to him. The best part about this documentation is showing how much Canada's intelligence is on top of current terrorist threats. And yes I did have an idea about the Hezbollah presence here in Canada. See my Gaza Flotilla pictures and posts for the documentation.

Speaking of Julian Assange:
WikiLeaks founder again appeals Swedish detention order

Apparently he's wanted for investigation in a couple of sex crimes in Sweden. Nice guy there isn't he.

Back to Canada:
Federal Tories take 2 byelections, Liberals 1

This will make the leftist parties here tremble in worry about calling another election anytime soon. Cheers!

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