Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ignatieff: Illegal Immigrants Deserve Canadian Rights

You read that right. Iggy thinks that human smugglers and immigrant queue jumpers deserve the same legal rights as the rest of us. Here's the story....

Liberals won't back human smuggling bill

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says his party will vote against the Conservatives' proposed human smuggling legislation — bill C49 — because it violates the Canadian Charter of Rights.

"We feel after much thought and reflection that this bill is in violation of the charter. Mandatory detention is just not in the Canadian tradition. We think it's not charter-proof, as a result," Ignatieff said Wednesday, after his caucus meeting.

"It's punishing the wrong people. It's punishing the victims, not the criminals."

Bill C49 would increase the minimum fines and jail terms for those caught bringing illegal aliens to Canada. However, the proposed legislation would also affect the people being smuggled — refugees could spend as much as a year in detention facilities while their claims were processed.

So the charter applies to foreign nationals that are trying to get in here illegally? I am sorry but I don't think so. They are applying our Canadian Charter of Rights to those that think they can circumvent the law. At least in the bill there was provisions to see if these queue jumpers do have a case of being refugees. Incarcerating them lets the immigration board do checks on them and keeps them close to hand in case anything turns up. The way things stand now they are released into the public, given free money, free health care, and even free housing. Some of them just drop out of site and can't be found when its discovered that they aren't refugees.

Besides the way our detention and jail system is run, I bet it's a far more comfortable environment than what they would be experiencing in most countries these people come from.

Iggy is just trying to portray the Conservative government as anti-immigration again. Never mind the fact that the governments job and responsibility is to protect our nations sovereignty and borders. I hope Iggy campaigns on this and if there is an election called goes down in resounding defeat.

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