Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas. NOT!

Okay, it's been a few weeks since I have done anything on this blog. Christmas spirit, laziness, you pick the excuse. I just had to comment on this story though that I found this morning

Take down decorations: Canada Post

MONTREAL – Canada Post is threatening to suspend mail delivery to those with Christmas garlands adorning handrails leading to their homes.

"It's moronic. They are stupid," said St-Hubert resident Ghislaine St-Pierre. "I've been putting the garlands up for five years and they have never said anything. My entrance way is always clear."

St-Pierre, like many of her neighbours on Montreal's south shore, received a Canada Post notice a few days ago that the garlands shouldn't be on the outdoor staircase.

Canada Post argues the festive decorations are a hazard to its employees.

Garlands, lights and other Christmas ornaments installed on stairs make it difficult for mail carriers to hold the handrails and climb the steps, says the Crown corporation.

"Four years ago, a mail carrier got her finger caught in a garland and almost had her finger ripped off," said Canada Post spokesperson Christiane Ouimet.

But St-Pierre says there is no way she's taking down her decorations.

"If they aren't happy, they can keep my mail until Jan. 2," she said.

One of her neighbours, Jean Boisvert, said Canada Post's request are bordering on harassment. [SNIP]

Canada Post, your tax dollars at work. Or not at work as the case may be. This complaint and issue is moronic. The way these letter carriers complain is inane. I know that they do have issues in the winter with walkways that aren't cleared or salted properly, and they are correct to not deliver to such houses. But to say that a hand rail is an issue because it's covered with lights and garlands at Christmas? I almost think that a letter carrier is having other issues.

Of course the Crown Corporation tries to defend this "threat":

Ouimet said that the majority of accidents for mail carriers happen on stairs.

"Last year, we had 586 accidents or falls in Quebec and in 80 % of those cases it happened on stairs or cluttered walkways," said Ouimet.

Yes that is true. What he neglects to mention is that probably most of those accidents happen when a letter carrier is walking on icy stairs. Anyway. Merry Christmas and keep those garlands up.

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