Thursday, January 13, 2011

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal: Touched in the Head

I know it's been awhile, lots of stuff going on and other people are doing better at this whole political thing then I am. Anyway, I open my news at the Toronto Sun and I get this nugget from our Canadian Human Rights morons.

Cop-killer's bad back gets him $9,500:

OTTAWA - The man who shot and killed Ottawa police officer David Utman in 1983 has been awarded $9,500 in compensation by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

The tribunal's website says Peter Michael Collins, 48, is due the cash from the Correctional Service of Canada because of a policy that required him to stand up and be counted by correctional officers at least once a day, known as the stand-to count procedure, even though he suffers from extreme back pain.

Collins, who represented himself, filed the complaint saying that guards at Bath Institution near Kingston, Ont., in eastern Ontario, knew of his chronic pain and waived the regulation until November 2005 "when one of the CSC's correctional officers ordered him for the first time to stand and be counted in an unsupported manner." [SNIP]

Nine thousand and five hundred dollars paid to a murderer, a cop killer, a criminal. Maybe the prison guards were a little too strict with following their rules. Maybe they could have shown a little compassion. Then again, he is a convicted cop killer.

Now what's he going to do with all that money? Personally I think it should be confiscated and paid as restitution to Constable Utmans surviving children. That would be proper justice I think.

This is what I would call "Reason # 9,500" why the CHRT's should be scrapped.

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