Friday, January 21, 2011

Finally, News About MV Sun Sea

Just scanning head lines this morning and ran across this news item:

Feds link Tamil boat passengers to terrorism

OTTAWA - The Canada Border Services Agency says 15 people who arrived off Canada's west coast last summer should be booted from the country over terrorist or criminal ties.

The news comes as officials in Thailand announced they laid charges against a man they claim helped organize the ship that brought the men and nearly 500 other Sri Lankan nationals to Canada.

Thai police arrested Nadesan Jeeyananthan, a 48 year-old Sri Lankan they claim is involved in a human smuggling ring.

So far, Jeeyananthan and seven others have been charged with illegally entering Thailand, but officials

in Canada and Thailand suspect him of being the ring leader behind the MV Sun Sea that arrived off the coast of British Columbia last August.

There is also suspicion that Jeeyananthan was behind plans to organize another ship that would have attempted to bring 200 more people to Canada.

“We commend the Thai police for arresting an alleged leader within a criminal network suspected of illegally smuggling individuals to Canada,” said Chris McCluskey a spokesman for Public Safety Minister Vic Toews.

Meanwhile, the Canadian Border Services Agency has referred 15 files to the immigration and refugee board with a recommendation that their refugee claims be denied.

Government officials say that 14 of the 15 men have ties to the Tamil Tiger terrorist group, while the other has a criminal past. The Tigers are an outlawed group in Canada. [snip]

So much for all the hand wringing over these poor "refugees". I suggest reading the whole article. Things are improving in Sri Lanka, Tamil refugee claims are dropping, and things are looking up over there. The only reason we will be getting so called refugees now is as a smoke screen. Load up a lot of them and try to sneak in a few terrorists to plot and plan from a safe haven in Canada.

After all, they are looking to set up a "government in exile" somewhere. Probably here in Canada. We don't need that can of worms here, that's for sure.

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