Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's About Personal Choice!

I will start with a quote from C.S. Lewis:

Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.

The tyranny of the good has been creeping into our lives for years. They all start usually with a statement, "It's good for you", or "Think of the children". Ideas like this get my goat and infuriate me. Politicians our bereaucrats think that I don't have a head on my shoulders and can't make the "right" choices about anything. They have to legislate it so I will have no choice at all.

Well, things have taken a small change here in Toronto with the election of Rob Ford as mayor and a more conservative council.

Good Bye Socialist City Hall:

by Sue-Ann Levy

He made my day.

Coun. Doug Ford didn’t mince any words Tuesday when he informed his leftist colleagues on council that their bid to ban unhealthy drinks and bottled water was “socialism at its best.

“Down here we have the mentality (that) government knows best,” he told government management committee. “We think we can dictate to the people of Toronto what we should be giving to their kids.”

Shortly after Ford’s self-professed rant, some six years of so-called meddling into our lives by our former Mayor ‘Dad’ Miller and the socialist drink police on council went down the drain.

A move by the socialist drink police to mandate that only 100% healthy drinks be available in all vending machines in city rec facilities, hockey arenas and community centres by November of 2015?

Done like dinner, assuming council also approves the move on April 12.

If committee chairman Paul Ainslie has his way, the bottled water ban in all city facilities will also be lifted before too long.

Take that you public health drink dictators who declared city vending machines should only contain 2% milk, soy milk and 100% healthy juice products by 2015 — even if those so-called juices are loaded with sugar and calories.

Take that you socialist soy latte sippers, who appeared not to care one bit about the revenues the city would forego if they banned the more than 80% of the drinks purchased in vending machines — namely sodas, sports drinks and bottled water.

In fact, parks and recreation general manager Brenda Patterson said they’d run the risk of losing 50 to 70% of the revenues which go towards operating expenses for her department, meaning a need for higher user fees, more taxes and service level reductions. She also noted the potential impact on the $80,000 in sponsorships the city gets from its current provider, PepsiCo Food Service.[SNIP]

Finally some common sense is rising out of the quagmire of City Hall here in Toronto. A politician that realizes that most of us are adults and can make our own decisions. I am sure there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth by the socialists left in the building. It's too be expected. Still, it's nice to see changes for our good.

We still have to see more though. Removal of petty regulations that govern how we get to live would be wonderful. Just think three and a half more years of this roll back of horrible regulations.

Kudos to Doug Ford.

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