Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hey Mr. President! You need oil...

Then shut up about where it comes from. Yes President Obama is opening up his mouth and talking without thinking. I swear some of the stuff he says is so wrong headed it isn't funny. For example, yesterday he made some comments about Alberta's Oil Sands.

Obama questions Alberta's oilsands:

CALGARY - President Barrack Obama has waded into the murky oilsands debate, suggesting the resource is potentially "destructive."

As the U.S. government ponders approving Calgary-based TransCanada Corporation's Keystone pipeline, the U.S. president took aim at Alberta's oilsands Wednesday, saying there are many environmental questions that still need to be answered.

Referring to the oilsands as "tarsands," Obama acknowledged Canada as a friendly exporter to the U.S. but questioned how environmentally friendly the resource is.

"These tar sands, there are some environmental questions about how destructive they are, potentially, what are the dangers there, and we've got to examine all those questions," Obama

The proposed US $13 billion Keystone pipeline will extend 2,673 km from Hardisty, Alta., through Saskatchewan, Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska.

Obama's remarks came days after Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff came out swinging against the oilsands in the midst of the federal election, proposing a a national cap-and-trade scheme to reduce carbon emissions, the issue of Alberta's crude came under the spotlight again during a town hall meeting on energy in Pennsylvania.[snip]

Oil prices are rising, badly. There's a lot of unrest going on in the middle east at the moment and no matter what you think, we need oil to survive. We need oil for transportation, energy, heating, and hundreds of other applications. With the way things are going overseas we need a steady and safe supply of oil.

Unfortunately for Americans their president and Democrat party have effectively shut down almost all domestic oil exploration and drilling. They use the BP oil spill from last summer as a reason. In the meantime though the government is helping Brazil expand their offshore drilling.

What's with Obama anyway? Why does he have to attack Americas friends and allies? Face it, until a more efficient and energy dense power source comes along we are stuck with fossil fuels.

Anyway, more later on other things possibly