Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Conservatives Win A Majority Government. So Now What?

It's been a little over twelve hours since the Federal election was called for the Conservative Party of Canada as a Majority. Spirits are running high from coast to coast in all conservative jurisdictions. The first battle has been won, now we must continue on the path of fighting for our country.

There are many dreams that some of my fellows are revelling in, like pruning back funding for the CBC, neutering the Canadian Human Rights Commissions, and so forth. Some things are feasible, while others may just be pipe dreams. We shall see which way Stephen Harper goes in the years to come. In the meantime lets look at what happened here in Canada.

One of the big things in the run up to the election was the rising support of the New Democrat Party. People were elated and worried about how it would change the landscape of the Canadian Politic. Well now we know. The NDP has won a historic number of seats making them the Official Opposition party in Ottawa, they won their normal strongholds and made massive gains in Quebec. Those massive gains were made at the expense of the Bloc Quebecois. It's going to be interesting to see how Jack Layton runs his caucus and deals with all these freshmen M.P.s from Quebec. The NDP has been a mixed bag of leftist ideologies and attitudes even when they only had 37 seats in the last session of parliament. I am looking forward to the shenanigans that are going to be going on in the next four years. I just have to say to Jack, good luck. You are going to need it. Oh, one thing more for the NDP. They may be the official opposition now. With the Conservative majority, they will have even less influence in government then when they had less seats in the last parliament. Harper won't have to appease them any more with any of his legislation.

Now the Bloc Quebecois. I have called them the traitor party for quite some time. Why? Because their only goal was causing the separation of Quebec from the rest of Canada. They got their start in the election that followed after Mulroney's Progressive Conservatives last majority and were part of the political landscape in Ottawa since 1993. Well no more. They still have four seats, but they need twelve in order to have official party recognition. Most of their loses were to the NDP as I said before. Why was this? Well, possibly most Quebecers were finally sick of all the separatist talk and just want to move on as a province of Canada. Or, they were fed up with having minimal voices in the federal parliament in Ottawa. Time will show how things turn out. Especially in the next federal election or possibly by elections. Another indicator will be the provincial election next year. If the Parti Quebecois (another separatist party) continues to hold on to their seats or make any gains, then the BQ may make a return in 2015. Until then, farewell Giles Duceppe. I won't be missing you and your party on the federal scene.

Now on to the Liberal Party of Canada. The Liberals have been called "The Natural Governing Party" of Canada. Whether this conceit damaged their chances or just the tides of time, we shall see. The Liberals have gone from the highs of the Chretien Majorities down to a historic low of only 33 seats. Their worst showing since the founding of Canada in 1867. Yes the Liberal party is officially the oldest party in Canada. What caused this crash of support? Many fingers will be pointing the blame at Michael Igantieff, the current leader of the party. The Liberals have been on a decline for quite awhile. Perhaps they have lost their message, or they have moved a little too far to the left for most people. Needless to say that the scandals from the Chretien era still haunt them. It doesn't help that the Liberal Party of Ontario aided in their defeat. McGuinty's leadership has tended to anger a lot of people and that anger might have been transferred to the federal party. In the city of Toronto, long considered a Liberal stronghold, they went to a crashing defeat. Even Ignatieff lost his seat in the election to a Conservative. As of this morning he has tendered his resignation and will only stay on long enough for a leadership convention. I hope the man fades back into obscurity and doesn't bother with Canadian politics anymore. Another thing, people are saying that this is the death and end of the Liberal party. I don't think so. This is just a major setback. With the right message, and right leader they will be back again. It just might take a couple elections. They will be around for years to come.

Like I said, the big winner of the day was Stephen Harpers Conservatives. They have a strong majority that will stand until the next election. There will be some things that they can do immeditately to impress their base. Like finally getting rid of the long gun registry that has vexed many a legal rifle owner and many rural people. The Conservatives no longer have to appease the opposition parties to pass budgets or legislation. We may actually get some law and order legislation with teeth, and fiscally responsible budgets that will start reducing our national deficits.

I know that there will be a lot of screaming about Harpers "hidden agenda" his ties to corporations, and how the right wing will make this country worse. I don't care. I have seen my country slowly degrade under Liberal policies and Liberal governments. It's about time we turned to the right and tried to repair some of the damage caused by rampant spending and "social dreams".

One more thing. Just because the Conservatives are strong in Ottawa, doesn't mean I won't stop watching. I will hold them to the same standards as I hold the left. If they screw up....I am here, still watching.

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  1. RIght now, I'd say savor it and then look upon your neighbors to the south (IE US) as a cautionary example about handing over power to charismatic tax and spend big gov't is the answer to everything types...