Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Creeping Islamism

Okay, it's been a long time since I have posted anything. Been rather drained about stuff politically period. I have been trying to keep up. Today though I thought that I should spread some news around. It's big in the blogosphere and has been gaining some traction in The Toronto Sun. What's the big story? Well it so happens that in a Toronto District School Board public school, every Friday afternoon the cafeteria is turned into a "mosque" and an iman leads about 400 students in afternoon prayers.

The person that broke this story was Blazing Cat Fur over on his blog last Thursday in this post here. Sure, it sounds scary, but was it true? Well with all his readers and followers it didn't take him long to get this story confirmed.

Yesterday the Toronto Sun broke the story as well. After about many updates and blog postings by Blazing Cat Fur.

The story in yesterdays Sun:

Islamic Students pray at public school.

A North York public school has opened up its cafeteria to allow a Muslim religious leader to lead weekly prayer services for up to 400 Islamic


The Friday service, held under the leadership of a Muslim Imam, has been

staged in the cafeteria of Valley Park Middle School, on Overlea Blvd., for

about a year, said Shari Schwartz, of the Toronto District School Board.

Schwartz said the service, which is not a TDSB program, was allowed at the school following requests from the Muslim community.

“It is a safety issue,” she said on Thursday. “Students were leaving for the mosque during the day and some weren’t returning.” [SNIP]

Read the whole story, it's amazing how they justify the whole thing.

Well BCF hasn't been sitting back and doing nothing. He's been digging and searching and following up on all sorts of tips.

Meanwhile the spin in the main stream news is getting better and better. Or more ridiculous if you want.

School guidlines okay weekly prayers: Muslim leader:

Public schools have an obligation to ensure students can practice their faith, a local Muslim leader insisted Monday.

Alimamy Bangura, executive director of the Muslim Education Network, said the Valley Park Middle School’s weekly prayer sessions for Islamic students fall within Toronto District School Board guidelines.

He referred to the school board guidelines which specify the need to “take reasonable steps to provide accommodation to individual members of a religious group.”

Prayer is just one of the areas highlighted for accommodation, along with fasting, observation of religious holy days, and “modesty requirements” in physical education.

“All schools in the TDSB — high schools — are required to make provisions for prayers which makes it possible for Muslim students to pray whenever they wish,” Bangura argued.

There is no doubt that the public school system is secular, he added.

“But the students that go to these schools are not secular. They do not take off their religious garb and leave them outside the doors of the school, only to pick them up at the end of the day,” said Bangura. “They take those values with them, and I think it is to the benefit of the school, not only Muslim students.”

Okay those bolded bits up there got me seething a bit. I remember back in my day,30+ years ago when we were given Gideon New Testaments in public school. The Lords Prayer and National Anthem started every school day. Suddenly someone in the Ministry of Education decided that freedom of religion should also be freedom FROM religion. No more Lords Prayer, no more bibles given out, and slowly all Christian observances were removed from public schools. As this freedom from religion continued to grow, Christmas became "Winter Festivities" or Holiday festivities. Easter, became Spring Celebration, etcetera, etcetera....

What gives any religion the right to stamp out a space and practice their faith on public grounds DURING regular classes. What gives the muslims the right to take over space? If school children are leaving to go to the mosque, where was their parental permission slips? Why weren't they suspended for truancy when they didn't come back afterwards?

The public school system has said that all students should be free from religion while being taught. That was used to remove all of our rich heritage. Now they are bending over backwards for another religion.

If this goes on, this will be how our country dies. With a whimper.

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